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Both eastern and western mystic traditions recognize that the health and vitality of the physical body are a direct manifestation of the” higher” etheric vehicle. “As above so below “One of the most important elements of the etheric body is its own particular vibration. Every person’s vibration is different. The purer and more resonant the vibration of the etheric body, the stronger and more vigorous the health of the person. One of the most direct ways to effect the vibration of the etheric body is through sound vibration. This is especially true when the rate of the heart corresponds to a meditative or resting state. Using the principle of sound vibration, tuning forks, crystal singing balls and harmony balls, reinforce, and harmonize the spiritual or etheric body and promote vitality, physical health and enlightenment.

Everything has a keynote. The winds, rain, ocean waves, all the sounds of nature plus the cars, factories and the sounds of mankind along with every other sound on our planet combine to create one cumulative sound or keynote. This is the keynote of the Earth. Likewise, every planet, every person or constellation also has a keynote. The combined sounds of the corpuscles rushing through our arteries, our breathing, our hearts pumping and our metabolism create an individual’s keynote.

Each individual’s keynote is also influenced by the keynote of the astrological and planetary sign under which a soul is born. Although it manifests in matter, the keynote has a spiritual origin. Physically, the keynote emanates from the base of the skull at the medulla oblongata. The spiritual bodies become energized and aligned, which vitalizes the etheric body (which in turn causes the rejuvenation of the whole person). One of the many ways this is accomplished is by the regulation of brain chemicals like serotonin, which are related to feelings of well being and peacefulness.

Besides the sound vibration tools, White Wolf Journeys also offers high vibrational oils that assist in restoring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies creating a sense of wholeness and overall well being.

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