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About Robbyne LaPlant

Step into another world and discover how to create a new reality for yourself.   Let Robbyne help you navigate into the life you were always intended to live.   Robbyne has been described as many things, a ceremonial leader, a mystic, a spiritual counselor, a modern day shamanka, a wisdom keeper of the old lore, a healer, teacher and an alchemist.  Her style of teaching is heart-centered and focused on contact with the nature spirits and those of the unseen as well as the animal allies.  With well over thirty years of experience facilitating personal retreats, spiritual journeys, and sacred gatherings, she prefers to be known as a messenger.

She is the founder of White Wolf Journeys, an international company creating deep immersive journeys and retreats to navigate the physical landscape of sacred sites and liminal spaces on the sacred blue. By nurturing the seeds of love, compassion, and kindness through ritual and sacred ceremony, her mission has become essential in a world that is increasingly fear based, divided and struggling through turmoil.  As faith keepers, our greatest responsibility to each other is to live in joy and continue to join together with other like-minded spirits, known as the rainbow tribe. While journeying deep within your own soul story and personal landscape, Robbyne guides you to birth a new expression of yourself through ritual and magick.

Robbyne’s Quest

She has studied with Shaman, Indigenous Elders, Medicine Men, Grandmother Wisdom keepers, holy men and women of all nations who have passed on their wisdom and gifts.

Now, Robbyne wants to pass this wisdom to you.

Robbyne’s Journeys

Robbyne offers workshops, celebrations, private retreats and spiritual group journeys to assist individuals in their desire to achieve clarity, understanding, healing and direction.  Robbyne ultimately creates pathways to growth allowing individual spiritual expansion and awareness of greater potential.

About White Wolf Journeys

White Wolf Journeys began as a vision. Robbyne was called to Sedona, Arizona USA in 1994 and during a meditation, was greeted by elders from multiple international tribes.

At one point, one of the elders stepped forward and said: “It’s time for you to step into your mission. You must travel to all corners of the world, to gather the Rainbow Tribe and to Weave The Web of ancient, universal knowledge.”

Shortly after that, Robbyne had another vision where an elder came to get her and said “follow me”. He led her to the top of the mountain while carrying a long wooden staff that held a “clear quartz” crystal at it’s top. When they got to the top, he held the staff up to the stars, thereupon the stars began to spiral down into the crystal. He looked at Robbyne and said “We’re sharing the knowledge of the stars’ universal wisdom. Use it wisely and never use it for personal gain. Share it with those who find you”.

Ever since this experience, Robbyne has made it her life-purpose to travel the world, sharing the knowledge of the stars and weaving the web.

Indian Elder

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Robbyne LaPlant

A Spiritual Messenger, Counselor, Teacher And Ceremonial Leader