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The Story of the Andara Crystal

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Andara Crystal

The Andara crystal is a very special gift from God that holds the energy of unconditional love from the divine feminine. A stone that is very rare comes from Native American Indian land. The vibration is so high within the stone that it never needs to be cleansed because it only holds love and does not absorb negativity as it instantly transforms it. For this reason it serves as an amazing tool to heal the heart. I knew there was something magical about this stone the first time I experienced it. I was given the message to have it cut into the sacred geometric shape of the earth. This is known as Metatron’s Cube.

The first time I worked with the Andara also known as Lemurian glass, was in Glastonbury, England in 2003. I had been guided to be there for the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th and had gathered a group of 33 souls to be with me for this amazing energetic shift. On this night the six pointed Star of David was formed in the heavens signaling a time of the Divine Feminine and Divine Male being unified and the return of the Goddess energy to the earth. During a meditation I began to pass the Andara crystal from person to person, asking each one to hold the crystal over their heart center to receive the healing energies. During the meditation the energies became so strong that each person felt they were being interdimensionally shifted. At the same time the Andara simply vanished. Two days later I led my group to the top of the Sacred Tor that sits on the Mary/Michael leyline. We traversed the hill as the priestesses of ancient times had done in the past. Spiraling upward through several different tiers until we reached the top to join together and place our prayer for peace. During the meditation I heard a clear voice tell me to return to the Gardens of the Chalice Well. Each person was to find their place and sit quietly as a message would be revealed to each of them. My place was to return to the sacred well. When I approached the well I found one of my students was taking a picture for the WEBSITE standing in position behind her tripod. All of s sudden she let out a scream and I turned just in time to see something run into the bushes. I looked back at where the animal or presence had come from and there was the Andara crystal sitting on the ground near the well. I am used to items interdimensionally disappearing and returning but this was now two days later and we were two miles from the location where the Andara had disappeared. I knew then there was magic and a power in this stone like no other. When the picture was developed there was no Andara crystal in the picture as she had snapped the camera just before the Andara appeared. To further confirm this phenomenon, two other students stated they had just been sitting in the exact location where the Andara crystal now sat and it was definitely not there when they were quietly meditating nor had anyone else been in the area.

It has been an amazing personal journey for me since that day as the Andara crystal has traveled the world and been in several very powerful ceremonies. In 2004 the Andara was carried into the most sacred temple of the Maori in New Zealand known as the Temple of the Four Winds. The temple is light library built in perfect alignment with the Southern Cross and holds the ancient secrets of the first people of Lemuria. It has been carried into the underground crypt of the mysterious Roslyn Chapel in Scotland to reactivate the bloodline of the Church of the Rose on Mary’s Birthday Day in 2004. In 2005 the Andara crystal was placed on the holy of holy altars in the Temple of Isis at sunrise as the First Full Moon was descending into the Nile river giving life to the sun, symbolic of renewal and rebirth of the sacred union of Isis and Osiris and the healing of the separation wound of Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth. In October of 2006 the Andara was in a very special Pooja ceremony in India. This is a special blessing to remove all obstacles from one’s path. The priest at that ceremony held the crystal over his heart and said he had rarely felt the presence of the divine as strong as he did that evening and the crystal truly held pure love. In December of 2006 I was invited to the home of the high priest of Bali. Sitting in the presence of this man is like sitting before a true Master such as the Dalai Lama or Sai Baba. He performed a very special Balinese ceremony. Having learned of my journey from the year before, I received a special blessing and a powerful message of hope, which I was asked to share with those around the world who would cross my path.

The beginning of 2007, I was guided to carry the Andara crystal to Antarctica to place it on the ice on the New Moon alignment. My experience in Antarctica, the journey there, the first moment I stood on the crystal continent and experienced what Jacques Cousteau once described as the Last Frontier, the purest land on our planet has changed me forever. I was given an incredible gift as I stood at the doorway to another world. The light emanating from this mysterious land is held within the Mother Andara crystal. I returned from yet another journey with the Andara crystal recently in May 2007, this time to the Arctic Circle and the land of fire and ice known as Iceland. This was truly an amazing journey to complete the journey across the earth from continent to continent, the Arctic being the eighth and final continent, and all four corners of the world. As I placed the Andara on the ice, the feminine energy and then the lava, representing the male energy, I felt the spirit of the Anadara itself begin to transform as though a shape hidden within the crystal was coming to life. I have been guided to transform the cube shape into a higher frequency known as the Cube Octahedron. This amazing sacred geometric shape holds an even higher frequency that emanates the light of the Andara, the frequency of the divine love out into the world. In the cube octahedron one can untap a remembrance of a non-verbal language when verbal communication is inadequate, in other words it speaks directly to the heart the language of love. This can transcend all language barriers as we become one. The higher geometric shape allows one to see a higher spiritual perspective and allows one to move into the realm of the divine transforming the mundane and heaviness of this earth experience. It is for this reason that the High Priest of Bali and all other holy men and women who have held the crystal have reported again and again they have never felt the energy of the divine as strongly as they have with the Andara crystal.

Since my journey with the mystical Andara first began in 2003, I have had many more Andara crystals created which are now used in meditation, ceremonies and healing modalities all over the world. If you are drawn to the energy of the Andara crystal they are specially carved when an order is received and then placed in ceremony with the Mother Andara crystal to be charged with healing energies from all over the world. These amazing, sacred geometric shapes hold an even higher frequency that emanates the light of the Andara, the frequency of the divine love out into the world. There are two different sacred geometric shapes to choose from if you would like to purchase one. Please see Items for Sale for description and costs. Please allow six to eight weeks, as they are each hand carved and then placed in ceremony on a Full Moon night.

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