Sacred WheelOn December 21st we experienced the turning of the wheel at the time of the Solstice and honored the lessons and gifts that 2021 brought to each of us.  Opportunities for growth and change in the Year of Emergence.  For those who follow the old traditions of the earth religion, we welcomed in the new cycle of energy that 2022 gifts.

The White Rose

I wanted to share energetically the significance of 2022 – The Year of the White Rose Heart Opening.  A year that awakens the memory of the seed we carry in our spiritual heart.  The frequencies of love, harmony, inner peace, and union.  An ancient remembrance is stirring.  The rose is symbolic of the qualities we need to express out to the world.  Qualities of compassion, kindness, inner beauty, gentleness, self-love, self-awareness and self-care.

As we complete the cycle of 2021 it required the process of creative deconstruction.  To say that process is complete would be a false statement as it will continue depending on the willingness to make the deep dive into self.  For those who did, we will begin to feel the creative construction process.  We must each build a solid foundation for the self with focus on self-care, self-love and self-awareness. It is a powerful year for the divine feminine energy to shine out into the world as the re-awakening of the Goddess continues to be felt. To carry this energy, you don’t need to be a woman.  Both men and women, male and female, can embody this sacred power.

Self nurturing of the mind, body and soul will be key to creating a more harmonious experience,  A powerful lesson I have learned from the natural world is DO NOT let a busy life take away your sense of inner peace,  Slow down, bring more balance into your life and allow yourself to receive.  This is not a year to rush but it is a year to move forward, slowly with focused intention and purpose.


2022 will create further opportunity for each of us to master the art being.  In the BEING, a non reactive state of the now…you open to the flow of the universe as you align with magick and miracles, that we often miss when we are in a state of constant doing,  My earthwalk has taught me to slow down, go within when faced with challenges and struggles.  There is always a solution to the seemingly impossible.  We may not know the answer but our heart does,


The numerology of a “6” year is the embodiment of the heart, considered to be the most nurturing of all numbers.   It represents unconditional love and carries an energy of support, inspiration, and healing. It is a powerful force of compassion and empathy as it brings into our energy field a warm light and beacon of hope.  We will each be asked to use our heart and soul to be of service to others.  Our intention this year is to manifest the qualities of the “6” vibration and shine that heart light out into the world.  We will continue to deal with the ego mind which is a creature of habit and creates a reaction to external influences and fear narratives. Things that happen in the external world can impact us, but the real impact is if they inspire us to go within and regularly work on letting go of the ego.

“6” represents the balance between the earthly and spiritual realms. We will have the ability to rise above the chaos of the 3D fear and false narratives by maintaining a practice of mindful meditation.  Six brings an increase in our intuitive and clairvoyant abilities, thus the meaning of a sixth sense.  You cannot experience this through the ego mind, it must be through the lens of the heart.   Six carries the vibration of the caretaker, a person who nurtures and compassionately serves others.  As we experience the reawakening of the sacred feminine energy across the globe, we will be asked to be better caretakers of the sacred blue.  We need to cosmically level up to be the full expression of our divine, sovereign selves.  If the human species wants to survive, we will need to adopt a radically different way of thinking. We absolutely must stop promoting fear, hatred, and the though, them against us.  Find your tribe and join with others in sacred gatherings to strengthen your heart awakening and nurture your soul.

angelic realm

2022 as an angel number is 222.  This is a number that brings peace and harmony at the darkest of times when we need more light.   It brings compassion, empathy and protection.  There will be those who step forward to be a voice for those who have none.  This is not a perfect world, but we can strive to create a reality of kindness, gentleness, and compassion as we hold that vibration by not succumbing to negative talk, and the continuous flow of fear based information and narratives.

The number 22 is a “master builder” in numerology, meaning it’s associated with building a base or structure. The focus of this coming year will be about creative construction and rebuilding our lives carrying the wisdom that the pandemic gifted us.   Finding Balance and creating boundaries so our light can shine forward will be the focus.  I make no predictions for 2022, all will be dependent on the reality the collective consciousness chooses to create.  I do hold hope and faith that as more and more awaken we can collectively raise the vibration within ourselves to create the reality we desire.  To truly be of service take a deep look at who you allow into your sacred space.  Keep your sanctuary clear of negativity, fear and toxic energy.  Find your truth and build upon that.

Water Tiger

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger which will officially start on February 1st of 2022, with the new moon in Aquarius.  The year of the water dragon will be a year of great change.  Water amplifies the energy of flow and the ability to be receptive. This can only take place when one has an open and receptive heart. January, February and March will be opportune months to begin new projects and endeavors as well as make career shifts and changes.  A time to really listen to your heart and ask if you are in the right work or service that allows the gifts you have carried into this lifetime to shine.  A time to examine your relationship with abundance and money.  Money is symbolized with water.  What are your beliefs?  Are your thoughts in alignment with abundance consciousness or lack consciousness?  In the energy of water whatever you speak or think will flow to you.  It is important to focus on gratitude for all that you have and reexamine your priorities.  The pandemic brought into the global consciousness the awareness that we as a global community, are out of balance with our concept of money and power.  This is a year where we each choose to create a new reality.  Cats are always considered to be representative of the divine feminine and this is the year she invites you to step into your full power with the influence of the Tiger. The primary meaning of the tiger spirit animal is willpower, personal strength and courage to be all you were born to be.  This continues the theme of empowering the Divine Feminine.

We all have our missteps, choices we made, relationships we may regret, opportunities we feel we lost.  We need to remember to reconnect to our own mystical center and true sense of self.  There is no movement other than forward so there is no need to revisit the past.  From destruction the particles of starlight that remain become the platform for a new reality.  I am ready for that new vision to manifest.

For those who desire a navigational map to serve as a tool for the coming year I continue to offer Soul Life Readings.  If you would like to schedule a session, please contact me directly at [email protected].  If you would like an astrological overview as how the planets align with your birth chart in 2022, I highly recommend scheduling an overview with Natasha at [email protected].

Wishing you inner peace, clear focus and an open heart.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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