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Please watch my story below on the Obsidian Crystal Skull

The Story of Eb, the Crystal Skull

In May of 1999 I was a given a most powerful vision that would change my life and place my destiny clearly in my own hands. I dreamed that I walked down a pathway only to find at the end of the pathway a black skull. This made me uncomfortable and uneasy and so I turned around and chose another pathway. Only to find the black skull waiting at the end of that pathway as well. Again I turned around only to take another pathway and find the same occurrence each time. Finally I chose that pathway that was straight before me and began to move towards an incredible light. I heard someone walking behind me and as I turned to see who was there, I saw the black skull now in full skeletal form standing before me. I asked, now very irritated at being followed what this presence wanted from me. The black skull opened its mouth and spoke, “FIND ME!” It then shattered into a thousand pieces each one turning into a spider moving in all different directions. I came out of the experience confused and uncertain as to the meaning of such a powerful vision. Within days the journey began which would lead me around the world in search of my truth and without knowing, searching for the truth of the ancestors and what they had left behind.

Shortly after this vision,  a chance encounter with two Mayan Shaman who shared with me my life was about to change and the divinely orchestrated meeting of Anna Mitchell Hedges the guardian of the Mitchell Hedges crystal skull, I was guided to Teotihuacan in Mexico in August 1999. This powerful sight is home to three pyramids, which are built, in the same celestial alignment as the three Great pyramids of Egypt on the Giza plateau. After being instructed to climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun at sunset on August 12th 1999 my destiny was set in motion. Unaware that this was a significant day for the Aztec who believed this was the Day of Destiny my journey, the Mayan elders had shared with me would begin.

The next day I would find myself with an Aztec elder who had much to share with me regarding the prophecies and legends of the Day of Destiny. The native people believed that the world order was now set in motion to change on this day, clearly marked when a female from the white tribe came. The next day I would be guided to the Mexico City Archealogical Center and Museum where the Black Skull that appeared in my vision would FIND ME. There was a force literally controlling my footsteps, a voice calling me to this place to find the black skull which would later identify itself as “EB.” Weeks later I would learn that “EB” in Mayan meant transformer of the shadow into light. I was taken on an emotional journey into the darkest side of myself, which moved me to the brink of insanity. I later learned it was a Shaman Initiation. I was being tested to see if I could become the guardian of this incredible spirit of the elders, which would virtually turn my world upside down. From that moment on I would receive visions of journeys I needed to make to all corners of the world. I was to carry “EB” into the sacred sights of the ancestors to retrieve the knowledge that had been stored there in the etheric band of light that surrounds the earth known as the Cosmic Spider Web. For the last 12 years I have been guided on a journey of unbelievable power to tap into the truth of who we are and why we have come. “EB” has opened doorways and allowed me to access sights at particularly powerful times. It has also taken me to places on the planet where great atrocities have occurred to heal the land of blood spilt in violence and anger unleashed.

It has taken me to some point upon the earth that has touched into every faith, religion, culture and belief system. EB has taken me to places of unbelievable sadness where the earth has cried out in pain, the killing fields of Cambodia, battlefields across the earth, Ground Zero in New York. There is a phenomenon that occurs with the Black Skull  when it has been carried into these sights, it retrieves energetically all that has been recorded and can gain in weight anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds until the knowledge is passed on to those souls who are connected to the Cosmic spider web and are of the Rainbow tribe.

This is an ongoing journey which continues to weave the lives of thousands of people together and I have been asked by many to update those who have met EB or had the experience of traveling the sights where “EB” has been with the ongoing journey.

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