the year 2020

2020 is a symbol of trust. A year of focused intention to bring more kindness into all of our relationships.  As we continue our personal journey, we must remember as a spiritual being having a human experience, our true journey is to learn to let go of the ego self that creates stories distracting us from truth. 2020 is a year where we need more than ever to develop a stronger relationship with the earth and the natural world.  The environment and the care of our sacred blue needs to become our priority. When you immerse yourself in beautiful things, you manifest higher vibrations. It’s just simply the power of beauty.  Albert Einstein taught us that if we match the frequency of the reality we wish to attract, we will receive it.

2020 is a year of vulnerability.  It is vulnerable to ask for help. It is vulnerable to admit that you don’t know what to do.  It is vulnerable to even imagine evolving into something unknown. It is vulnerable to love yourself.  It is vulnerable to trust your instincts. It is vulnerable to claim strength and beauty in ways that aren’t culturally accepted.  In holding on to a more masculine understanding of strength and power it actually represses and resists a new strength that is attempting to be birthed through each of us, the more feminine strength of vulnerability.  These are the teachings of the Path of the Rose and the new foundation we can build upon as we tear apart the old worn out foundation of the male expression of strength and power.  Vulnerability is the willingness to activate the delicate and beautiful 33 petals of the mystical Avalon rose that exists within each of us.

red rose pedal

We have grand potential in 2020 and to support your journey, I wanted to share the essence of the Year.  All of the journeys, retreats, ceremonies, workshops and teachings will be the expression and activation of the 33 petals of the mystical Avalon rose as expressed in various high energy points and sacred places on our beloved sacred blue.

year of puma

2020, Known as the year of the Puma,  is a year where we need order, balance and direction, to focus on the dream we carry and a solid foundation to build upon.  If we invoke the spirit of the Puma to guide us throughout the year, we can ground the awareness and wisdom acquired in the previous year 2019.   This is key to stepping into our true purpose and destiny. The Puma is a graceful, strong, and elusive animal.  One of the big cats considered to carry the divine feminine essence.  They have a powerful presence and demand respect, possessing razor sharp insight and awareness.

In our busy and chaotic lives, we forget the value and grace that comes with stillness and introspection. The Puma inspires us to take time each day to be silent and reflect to maintain our balance. They rule with grace, but also determine the balance of life and death as they wish. The puma can be a powerful ally when one is experiencing disharmony in mind and thoughts. If you are suffering from anxiety, judgement, control issues, or stuck in the negative chatter of your mind, the puma spirit can provide support to guide you in the right direction by bringing into your awareness the steps needed to move towards your highest destiny and form.

The puma teaches us to live in the present, without internal or external limitations, a reminder that when the time is right, we must move quickly with courage and power. We need to be mindful of any tendency to lash out too quickly or act out in haste. The puma supports us in walking our path in balance as we focus on what we truly desire.  With this focused intention,  from the seemingly impossible, the possible can occur. Things that happen in the external world can impact us somewhat, but the real impact is if they inspire us to go within and regularly work on letting go of the ego.

the number 4

Numerology is a divination method using numbers that are symbols of varying vibrational patterns that form the human experience. The Chaldeans of ancient times believed all things were made of energy vibrating at varying states and modern science is just learning this concept. Numerology offers a system which allows one to understand the universe as well as personal qualities of vibrational patterns working together to represent one’s life.  It serves as an excellent navigational tool when stepping into unknown territory and a valuable companion to astrology and similar divinatory arts.  The mysteriousness behind the teachings founded by Pythagoras and his followers revolved around the idea that when considering the deepest level of our human existence, reality is essentially mathematical in nature.

2 – 0 – 2 – 0 is a 4 year.    Number 4 is the number of stability, order and foundation.  It symbolizes the earth and the relationship we as humans have with the natural world.  A year we are asked to build a strong foundation as we step into the unknown. There are four cardinal points: North – South – East –West. There are four winds. Four phases of the moon and four seasons. There are of course four elements: earth – air – fire – water.

symbol tetrad

Pythagoras identified the number 4, the Tetrad as the perfect number.  If one were to meditate on the image of the Tetrad it can quiet the mind and bring a sense of harmony during times of stress and chaos.  It is built upon the Vesica Pisces which harmonizes to opposing forces.  Male and Female, Mind and Heart, Seen and Unseen.

The Four-Leaf Clover is believed to bring good luck and riches to the finder.  Each of the four leaves symbolize something special:  Hope-Faith-Love-Luck.  This is a year to cosmic level up as we will all be challenged to let go of the past habits and things that don’t work in our life as we actively pursue our dreams. Focus on doing new things and you will succeed.

In the tarot,  the Emperor card is the 4th card and represents the divine masculine.It is a sign that you need to add more discipline to your routine in order to accomplish something. The way you organize your life influences every moment.  This card is a reminder that  you are a spiritual being that can create using your passion and emotional energy. Use your words as a leader and an authority well, remember that words can empower someone or disempower them so choose them wisely.   The Emperor stands for the concrete actions you take, the tangible results you receive, and the visible signs of success you achieve. It’s about the way you organize and live your life as well as how you experience your relationships. The Emperor is about taking charge, creating structures to make things work and about having firm boundaries and integrity.  Find joy in the things you do, rather than trying to prove anything.  This is a year where we make peace with our personal and collective past as we look for the positive qualities of the divine male to step forward.

number 2020 angel

As an angel number 2020 reminds you to appreciate that you are blessed and that you can take your life to a higher level.  Your talents, instincts and inner strength will be your guide and your guardian angels will also be beside you every step of the way.  As you grow you will desire more peace and harmony in your sacred space.  You will realize that you have no time for drama and unnecessary conflicts so you will choose to take a more peaceful path and eliminate drama from your life.

rat year metal

The Year of the Metal Rat

In Chinese astrology 2020 is the Year of Metal Rat, beginning with the New Moon on January 25th, the Chinese New Year and lasting through 2021 on February 11th.    Rat years are energetic years where you have lists of ambitious goals and opportunities to make things happen. Business and opportunity is the focus in Rat years but with the huge shift in consciousness awareness that will come with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in early January, these opportunities need to be heart driven.  Hard work will pay off, if  before beginning any new endeavor you ask yourself “Where is my energy and time better served as I implement change into my life?” 

Metal Rat years encourage us to be practical with our time. There will be an emphasis on working smart, completing tasks and focusing on a goal. It’s considered good during Rat years to take care of your body temple, with an emphasis on spending time in nature.  There will be more and more focus on studies,  health care professionals advocating the benefits of downtime, extra sleep, alternate healing modalities as we continue to move away from Big Pharm, and time for enjoyable pursuits. Don’t allow the weeds of negativity to choke off what’s starting to grow. so stay positive and you will prosper.  As we create a new foundation, we will watch the old structures continue to break down.  You will need to focus on finding solid footing while the world rock and rolls around you.   This is a year of stepping slowly into the unknown, so you do not lose your footing.

The tempo will continue to quicken so we must find ways to create more stillness to enter the silence.  Ritual, ceremony and time for personal reflection will be of the essence if we are to maintain our balance and continue our journey towards spiritual awareness.

This year find the stillness within to manifest the very world you seek to experience.  Be the change you wish to see.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are the fifth element as we embrace our true potential as vessels of love and light.  For those that seek guidance for their own personal journey throughout the year I offer Soul Life Readings to assist in providing tools and insight to navigate through times of change and uncertainty as well as tools to clear your pathway to to manifest the reality you truly desire.  For more information, please click here

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