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The spiritual meaning of numbers has to do with an energetic vibration. All things, including numbers, have particular vibrational frequencies within Divine force and this is what gives numbers their spiritual power.  The Universe sometimes sends us messages by bringing particular numbers into our awareness on a recurring basis. As with any type of symbolism, interpretation of the meaning of these messages is largely up to the person receiving the message. Numbers are the language of our universe. As the stars dance above in accordance to pre-determined paths, all of our activities are governed by math. Since the beginning of logical philosophy, this perfect order has been seen as evidence of a supernatural design and humans have sought to comprehend the spiritual meaning of numbers. Pythagorean numerology is widely used in both old and new contexts associated with magick.  Numerology can give you insight into the intricate, unseen relationships among all things in the world. This art has been utilized since the beginning from the Mayan civilization to the ancient Greeks.

number 2

Knowledge of numerology can enhance your life in many ways if you have knowledge of the underlying influences that are described through numbers. Your address, birth date, and name are all examples of key personal data that can be correlated and reduced to reveal detailed information about you.  2018 is a two year also known as an 11 year.   2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 which is converted to a 2.

With the turning of the sacred wheel on December 21st we experience the Sabbat celebration of Yule also known as the Winter Solstice and will find ourselves entering the second year of a nine year transition as 2018 energetically begins. A year of divine partnerships, sacred relationships, and holy alliances. All the seed work of 2017 started to bear roots and create foundations we will be nurturing this coming year.   In 2018 the seed starts to grow with the shoot breaking through the soil.  We are in a position to begin to see the physical expression of the choices we made in 2017.    2018 begins a year of reflection and a renewal of our commitment to make this 9-year plant grow.   We may have to adjust our visions, begin to form alliances and partnerships with new people to aid us in our dreams.

womans gathering

Gathering together as often as possible with like minded souls can assist us with energetic support.   This is a year of choice and the possibilities are only limited by our imagination. This will be a year to examine and build a relationship with our service and ourselves. We will have an opportunity to examine our relationships with finances and money as we make the necessary course adjustments that will lead to the manifestation of our true service.   Having the courage to trust our abilities to do what we love and to have a relationship with who we love will be the reward of moving through the universal one year of 2017.

hands holding hands

We will continue to feel the impact of the Total Solar Eclipse and the influence of the Black Jaguar that occurred in August 2017 well into 2018. In an 11 or two year, a new consciousness of tolerance will begin.  Instead of us versus them, humanity as a whole begins to recognize we are all on this journey together. If we are going to move through these times of dramatic change, we have to learn to work together in sacred relationships and holy alliances.   Built on trust and integrity, not hidden agendas for personal gain and greed.   I have long believed that the best of the best walk amongst us. There are solutions and cures for everything that ails modern society if we establish the alliance with the natural world once again.  2018 asks us to focus and recommit to our dreams. What we are being offered is the chance to value our place within the larger community as we hold steady on the dreams we set in motion in 2017.

between worlds

Remembering and learning how to walk between worlds and communicate with the unseen should be a priority if we are to find the inner peace and balance we seek.  These are the teachings of the Path of the Rose and I will be sharing these throughout the world in sacred places this year.  This is a year where our past and future join together in the present.

goddess pregnant

The theme of 2018 is to slow down, relax into the present, be grateful and patiently wait for the seed to blossom. We are encouraged to become vessels of receptivity. The energy for this year connects deeply to the ability to accept the teachings of the Path of the Rose as it requires a deeper understanding of opening to allow. For twelve months, we can patiently watch the unfolding of our dream through the formation of sacred relationships in the process of moving toward 2019 when the cycle will complete.  The second year of the nine-year cycle is similar to being pregnant. Something is happening, we are each growing with potential.  We need to create sacred space to support the dream that is growing inside.

wolf kingdom

In Chinese Astrology 2018 is known as the Year of the Dog.   When we think of the dog, it brings to mind “Man’s Best Friend”, a loyal and faithful companion.  This energy will definitely be felt as we determine who is truly a loyal and faithful companion to us.  Small acts of kindness and compassion will increase this year.  Kindness to a stranger without thought of repayment should be our focus.  If we are carrying this within our heart we will find that strangers my also be there to assist us, as like will attract like.  This is the year we will begin to comprehend with greater clarity that we are all intricately connected one to the other.  We will begin to see how our relationships weave back to each other and ultimately to the earth itself.  The extra effort given to show someone how much they mean to us will be important, as the simple things in life will have far more impact than the glitter and glitz of material wealth.  When I think of the dog, the enchantress in me sees more the wild and raw energy of the Wolf which guides my path.

path of the rose

The wolf keeps silent vigil, bringing change to the life of those who walk a Path of beauty, the Path of the Rose.   If one can accept change when it appears, yet remain true to his/her values, then the higher vibration of Wisdom and Truth can emerge. Ones Personal Power can be embraced, understood and ultimately, the souls individual potential manifested.  When you call the spirit of the wolf to you, you can walk unnoticed through the chaos of the world around you, silently holding your power.

This is the year for the good in humanity to shine through.  Look for it and you will find it.  The message of the Masters will be strongly felt this year.  Forgiveness and non-judgment.  There is no difference in judging someone because of how they dress, how they live their life, what they believe or who and how they worship. Judgment is judgment.  If we move away from acceptance then we are in judgment.  If we speak unkindly of another or hold a negative thought then we have created great damage to the cosmic web as we weaken it with our words and thoughts.  We weaken the bond that joins us to together and then we create separation.  The beautiful tapestry of our souls joined together begins to unravel which then unravels the relationships in our lives.  If we are envious of another or look upon ourselves as having less than that individual, then we have betrayed our true nature to create and manifest.  If we betray our dream and accept less for ourselves, then we will be betrayed by others. This year think of the symbology of the wolf dog, loyalty and unconditional love. Let that be your teacher.  Let the wolf guide your path.

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