Divine awakening 2017

As the wheel turns and 2017 begins, we will find we are on an entirely different path than the one we traveled in 2016. This is a year that begins a brand new nine-year cycle in your life. It is a time of change and new beginnings as well as a time of hope. 2016 brought a nine-year cycle of your life to an end and with it emotional upheaval and confusion. Those experiences were necessary in the Year of Self Mastery for our spiritual growth. Relationships ended, jobs were completed. We began to look at the world with different eyes.

The Earth Mother

Now we begin the Year of The Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine Returning.  More emphasis must be placed on your role in a spiritual community this year, as we all need to feel we are part of a whole. More focused intention on making a reconnection to the natural world and honoring the original Goddess, the earth mother will bring us back into harmony with ourselves.  We are all urged to create a more satisfying existence by recognizing the new potential that is developing. The dream is stirring and asking to be birthed through us.

Number 1 from a spiritual perspective, is the number of creation, the primal force from which everything begins.  In a number one year we experience a powerful force that produces results and does not allow anything or anyone to limit its potential.


If we look at the symbolism of the number 1 it is a spear point, directing and leading us to accomplish our goals and manifest our focused intentions.  The shape of the number 1 stands upright, moving forward with pride and purpose. Strong, determined, unwavering moving towards the light of potential.  A 1 year can turn dreams and ideas into reality.  It pushes obstacles aside if we are true to our heart and unwavering in our faith.  It requires trust in the unknown.

An understanding of nature teaches us how to work with the true magick of a 1 year.  In a number 1 year we can find a renewed sense of courage, we break away from the norm and explore solutions that we have not tried before. We break free of the need to conform and begin to live life the way we were always expected to live life, not the way others expect us to live life.  In a number 1 year you will discover your work and your service must come from the heart.

The sacred feminine begins to emerge within us, expressed as creativity, love, intuition, forgiveness, harmony, beauty, healing and wholeness. The sacred feminine has been suppressed, degraded and devalued far too long. Historically, the oldest human interpretation depicts the divine as a woman, and the original Goddess was expressed as the Earth Mother.


Since women create life, the divine goddess is the metaphor that the earth nourishes our existence as a mother nourishes her child. Being vessels of creation itself, women’s divine power was embraced. The first priests were priestesses and the first medicine men were medicine women. Yet, these goddesses and goddess-oriented traditions have been systematically suppressed over the past thousand years. Most popular religions now record in their scriptures; stories about masculine heroes and saints who were tempted by evil women or goddesses. The Crusades were fought to destroy these ancient traditions and the witches were burned. Women were no longer priestesses and shamans. Instead they were held back, forbidden to enter the very realms of their male counterparts. Those that followed the path of the Dark Madonna kept the tradition of the divine Goddess alive with the mysterious statues of the Black Madonna known to be the image of the Goddess Isis nurturing the solar child Horus.

As goddess traditions were cast into the shadows and called superstitions so were the qualities they represented in Western cultures, love became less important than ambition, intuition less important than logic and strategic planning. The most destructive, the accumulation of goods became more important than family, creativity and respect for the natural world.  Boys were told that there is something wrong with them if they wanted to be dancers or poets. Girls were told that there was no real reason for them to go to school as their purpose was to be mothers and dutiful wives. These cultures dictated the idea that only women should embody feminine qualities, and only men should embody the masculine ones.


There was a tremendous loss to our entire global community as musicians and artists became accountants and lost their ability to bring beauty into the world. (Not that there is anything wrong with accountants. I adore mine and need his expertise to manage my financial world). Brilliant minds settled at working in jobs that diminished their creative potential. Billions of human beings who were not allowed to follow their inner voice, their desire to express themselves from the heart, or the true path of their soul allowed their light to grow dim.

The devaluation of the sacred feminine and the respect for the Earth Goddess and the natural world has created a world of greed, separation, division, destruction and war. We live in an age of technology without wisdom and without love. Our Mother earth has been ravaged almost beyond repair and our food, water, and the very air we breathe hangs in the balance, perilously close to the point of no return.

There is hope, there is a movement happening, an awakening rumbling beneath our cities in our forests and in the great oceans. It is the call of the Goddess… the call for balance and for justice. It is a call to get our priorities straight, with Life itself as the ultimate and highest value on earth. It is a call to bring back the divine feminine.  The sacred feminine can and must be restored to its rightful place, in harmony and balance with the divine masculine on our planet, in our culture, and within ourselves. We need to bring a new awareness and responsibility to every aspect of our lives; how we work, how we play, how we eat, and how we think. We need to stop imagining that we are separate from the earth, and from each other. We need to understand that each one of us, in our own way is more powerful when we join together. Together we can make a difference.


The goddess is alive and well. She is dancing in your heart, speaking in your dreams.  She is awakening within you and you are beginning to remember. The time has come to answer her call. That is the restlessness you feel. That emptiness that you cannot seem to fill. You must step forward with courage. You will need great faith in yourself in order to take action. You will encounter situations where your deepest emotions will continue to come to the surface.

Remember we are entering a new nine-year cycle.  Accept the need for real and significant change. Develop a sense of your own self-worth. Listen and follow your heart. What you do this year will set the course for the next nine years. This should provide all the incentive you need to make your decisions carefully and from the heart.

In a 1year we also master being independent. Attaining independence often brings feelings of isolation and loneliness. Those you thought you could count on may become unavailable to you. Stay flexible and relax into life’s mystery. Your clearest goals and desires may be diverted into unexpected new directions. The only thing you can expect this year is change. One change will lead to another, and then another, transporting you far from where you thought you would be.

Rely on yourself and surround yourself with open-minded people who do not judge and criticize your every move. Have the same consideration for them and keep your opinions to yourself unless you are asked. Know what you want and believe in yourself. If your abilities are lacking in some way, take the time to learn what is necessary to fulfill your intentions and stop making excuses. The more self-accepting you are, the happier you will be. Confidence is a natural feeling that comes when you accept the change as it occurs.

If you do not make changes where they are needed, they will be made for you. Dream big and never give up in this year of new beginnings   Work through your fears instead of denying them. Life is not meant to be a struggle but we can certainly create struggle in our life.   It is meant to be a continuous journey of ever changing moments that evolve through cycles of learning. It is meant to be lived to the fullest.


In Chinese Astrology this is the Year of the Red Fire Rooster

The rooster is the tenth animal in a 12-year zodiac cycle so again we see the significance of a 1-year. For the ancestors who had no alarm clocks, the crowing of the rooster was significant, as it would awaken people to get up and start to work. In the Year of the Goddess Awakening it is perfectly fitting that in Chinese Astrology this is the year of the Red Fire Rooster, the call to awaken the Goddess within.

In Vietnam it is said that thanks to the strength of the roosters beak and claws, he can find a worm in the desert. A powerful symbol of determination and focused intention that this year can bring. Japanese mythology tells the story of the brave Rooster who enticed Amaterasu out of her cave, thereby bringing sun back to the world. Another symbol of the Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine returning.

Among Taoists, the Rooster is a lucky emblem and in some settings Roosters are thought to act as Divine messengers. Astrologically Orion has a Rooster companion that communicates messages to the Gods. In ancient Egypt the Zoroastrianism traditions see the Rooster as a symbol of the victory of light over darkness. Cultures from all over the world view the Year of the Red Fire Rooster as an auspicious year returning light from the shadow, awakening the divine feminine into the hearts of the human with the honoring of the earth mother.


For the Native Americans they see Rooster as a messenger alerting you that you have something to accomplish and this is now your time to “rise and shine”. Self-empowerment begins with that first brave step into the dawning of a new day. Awaken the Goddess within and find those dormant talents and passions you have long forgotten or buried into your subconscious. Be prepared and look for unexpected possibilities and opportunities!

As the wheel turns and we move into the energies of 2017, the Year of the Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine returning, the Rooster brings hope and mental keenness.

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