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  • Skathach Dragon

    Skathach Oil


    The Ruins of Dun Sgathaich the oldest castle on the Isle of Skye stands on the headland over looking a mysterious bay.  One must pass the Hill of the Eagle to enter into the Warrior Goddess’s sanctuary.  This is the place of her “School for Hero’s.”

    Skathach is known as the Goddess of Magick and Prophecy.  Her constant companion was the dragon and her symbol is the sword.

    It is said that her power is the strongest on the night of SamHein when the veil is thinnest and she comes to the aid of the warrior.

  • Spirit of White Horse

    Spirit of the White Horse Oil


    Created with lavender from the Carmague region of southern France where the horses turn white in the lands the Magdalene arrived from Palestine and a beautiful combination of oils from Egypt and France that create a sense of freedom and expansion.  Using transference magick the spirit of the white horse was called into the oil.  Place on the heart chakra, the third eye and the dream center.  Place on the wrists, rub together and with each breath acknowledge the Goddess who shape shifts into the white horse and can guide you to the inner chambers of your consciousness.

  • white-buffalo-woman

    White Buffalo Woman oil


    It is said that from White Buffalo Woman also known as Changing Woman the four directions were born.  There is a stone that represents each of the four directions.  She gave birth to the four natural energies available to us in the greater cosmos.  She moves around the circle of life with the seasons.   This oil was prepared in sacred ceremony with each of these stones placed in the mother base.  Turquoise, red coral, mother of pearl and obsidian from an arrowhead found in an ancient Anasazi ceremonial site.   This oil can help us move into harmony with our own personal timing and the remembrance of the ancient teachings.

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