tuning forks

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  • Avalon

    Avalon Tuning Forks


    Avalon tuning forks come as a pair of two tuning forks.

    The combination of these 2 tuning forks creates the sound frequency of the Vesica Piscis ratio found at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England, which is the visible landmass of Avalon that still remains in the world of human.

    Strike the two together creating a high vibrational sound and place near each ear.

  • Emerald Ray fork

    Emerald Green Healing Ray Tuning Fork


    This tuning fork holds the healing frequency of the emerald green ray, which is the highest healing ray available at this time.

    This can bring about a total sense of balance, can raise the frequency in the human body to promote and accelerate healing.

    Excellent to use for accessing and opening the heart chakra. Wonderful to use if one is experiencing heart-ache or disappointment from a broken relationship.

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