The Earth Mother
The Divine Mother

The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, fulfillment, stability, and power.

This is a beautiful blend of oils associated with our earth mother and the green temple.  Working with this oil in meditation can fertilize and nurture the seeds we have planted.

Bringing a reminder to just be in the essence of the Goddess and allow everything to unfold in the natural rhythm of the unseen world.  This oil is similar to forest bathing in a bottle.

Breathe in the delicious scent of the forests and allow it to recalibrate your physical, emotional and mental body.

Among the benefits associated with forest bathing are a boost in immune system functions, reduced blood pressure, improved mood, increased ability to focus, increased energy and improved sleep.

Place on the wrists and rub together. Place on the temples, crown chakra, and heart to make a deeper connection to the divine mother goddess and those of the green temple.

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Temple of the Four Winds Tuning Fork Set

The sound frequency of these two tuning forks can be used to assist us in moving through these times with grace and ease.

Often, during painful transitional times such as the loss of a job, loss of a relationship or when we are letting go of things in our life that no longer work but – are in that in-between place where the future is being created and we don’t have clear cut directions – these tuning forks can help us gain strength and courage to keep stepping forward.

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