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  • egypt

    Andromeda Oil


    This oil contains pure rose from Egypt known to open the heart to receive, frankincense that takes one from the ego mind to the mind of the heart, Vetier, known as the oil of Tranquility, Neroli used to open the mind to higher realms of consciousness, Angelica and Pettigrain.

    There are all known to uplift one’s spirit to joyously open to the realm of universal love.

  • Atlantis

    Atlantis Oil – Path to Mastery


    This powerful oil is super charged with crystals and essences from Atlantis. A civilization that was dispersed into three major areas. Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula, Egypt and the highlands of Scotland, Ireland and Avalon.

    This oil has been created to support the human in releasing the ancient Atlantean seed fears, old traumas and guilt that have prevented one from transcending from the earth plane consciousness of illusion.

  • Goddess Venus

    Blessings of Venus Oil


    Created in New Zealand at the time of the rare Venus Transit and Full Moon lunar eclipse.

    It holds the Venusian energies gifted to Mother earth while Venus was transiting the sun, qualities of beauty, creativity, harmony and love.

  • goddess brigid

    Brigid Oil


    Brigid is the Goddess that comes to the healer, the writer, the poet, the artist and the dancer.

    The oils contained within the Brigid Oil are from the sacred lands of Ireland.

    The base oil is pure rose from Egypt blessed on the holy of holy altars at the time of the turning of the wheel in the Temple of Isis.

    The oil was blessed on Imbolc known as Brigid’s holy day in Mount Shasta the root chakra of our beloved earth.

    Place on the wrists and rub together breathing in the essence of Brigid to find inspiration and creative assistance from the Goddess.

  • black crow on a branch

    Crow’s Magick Oil


    Crow is the keeper of sacred law and knows the secrets of the Great mystery. Crow teaches us that there are many worlds we can access.

    Place this oil on your wrists, rub them together and wave it into your auric field.  

    It creates a shield of light that dissipates negative energy from attaching itself to your auric field.

  • Honu colourful turtle

    Honu Oil


    A combination of high vibrational oils known to open ones consciousness to the ancient wisdom while navigating through the chatter and confusion of the mind.  An uplifting energy that assists us in staying focused when we fall back into old patterns.  A powerful combination of mint from Egypt, pure myrrh known to open the intuitive channels and lemon from the sacred valley of Peru. Using transference magick to call in the spirit of Honu into the oil. Place on your wrists, rub them together and breathe in this special combination of oils.  Place on the temples and third eye.  Sit in stillness and call in the spirit of Honu.

  • Kauri Tree Faery


    Kauri Tree Faery is the guardian of the seed you carry within your heart. She comes with the Kauri Oil. Created with the seed of the great Kauri Tree, Tane Muhata known as the Lord of the Forest from the enchanted Waipoua forest on the North Island.   This oil brings about a sense of renewed strength and courage.

  • Goddess Pachamama by Lake

    Lady of the Lake oil


    A beautiful blend of high vibrational oils created on the full moon with  a fire and ice crystal.  This oil can open ones heart to connect to the flow of the journey, taking one from the thinking mind  into the flowing heart.  The combination of oils helps create a heart centered reality.  Water being the element of the Goddess opens one to the dream time.

  • mermaid

    Mermaid Oil


    Mermaids represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits and ferocious independence.

    They bring courage and enchantment into one’s world, delight and wonder.

    Place this elegant oil from their realm on your heart and dream center.

    Place on your wrists, rub them together.

    Breathe the mermaid essence into your aura and watch the magick unfold.

  • Avalon in mist

    Mystical Avalon Oil


    Created in the violet energies of the Masters in Mount Shasta, this oil will be carried into the sacred temple of Avalon at the place of the Chalice Well.

    The combination of oils comes from the flowers and plants of Mount Shasta as well as those that grow in the countryside of England.

    When placed on ones heart it recalibrates and balances ones bio circuitry to come more into balance with the higher frequencies…

  • Goddess Pele

    Pele Oil


    The essence of fire as expressed through the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire known as Pele.   This oil can awaken ones passion and purpose. The sacred fire of the goddess creates new landscapes.

  • Pohutakawa Faery


    The Pohutakawa Faery– this tiny spirit being is the very source of life for the Pohutakawa tree known as the Tree of Life. When one sits beneath the pohutakawa tree it is said that one receives guidance for their journey and the ability to navigate through the shadow times of uncertainty. This delightful elf comes with the Pohutakawa oil.

  • Powerful animals in medley

    Power Animal Oil


    This is made from pure musk oil, known as one of the holiest of oils to the Egyptians and used in ceremony to prepare their offerings.

    The Power Animal Oil opens one to the spirit world of communicating with our spirit animals, who walk alongside us, guiding our journey and opening us to the unseen world.

  • Goddess Sedna

    Sedna oil


    Sedna is an Inuit Goddess, one to call upon for infinite supplies of whatever you may need.  She has a strong connection to the ocean and seas and can assist one in connecting to the song of the whale to find balance.  She assists one in navigating through unknown territories.

  • Skathach Dragon

    Skathach Oil


    The Ruins of Dun Sgathaich the oldest castle on the Isle of Skye stands on the headland over looking a mysterious bay.  One must pass the Hill of the Eagle to enter into the Warrior Goddess’s sanctuary.  This is the place of her “School for Hero’s.”

    Skathach is known as the Goddess of Magick and Prophecy.  Her constant companion was the dragon and her symbol is the sword.

    It is said that her power is the strongest on the night of SamHein when the veil is thinnest and she comes to the aid of the warrior.

  • Southern Cross Faery


    This beautiful celestial faery is the guardian of our soul’s secret as she carries a Lemurian Seed Crystal. It is said that the Seed crystal is starlight solidified into the earth energies. Read more below.

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