The Wild Woman
The Wild Woman

Our sense of smell is linked to the limbic lobe of the brain and activates the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the hormone control center in the body which regulates and stimulates our sex drive, energy levels and healthy production of hormones.

This blend of oils creates a vibrational frequency to activate the wild nature within. A sensual combination of Dark musk, pure rose, pure violet, cinnamon, clove, and obsidian, the fires inside begin to stir and you are awakened to your divine feminine potential.

Rub on your wrists and as you breathe in feel the expansion taking place within your energy field.  That wild, raw energy begins to move from the base of your spine through the crown chakra.

Place on the heart to open to new levels of love and rub on the belly to activate your power center.  This is the essence of the lion Goddess roaring that you have arrived.

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wise old woman
The Wise Woman

The Woman of Age is a symbol of inherent wisdom that comes from experience.

She has lived through love, sorrow, hope, death, and fear, to gain a wise and confident spirit.

Through these experiences, she has learned the secrets of life and death and of the mysteries beyond this world.

These Wise Woman were the healers, working in tune with Nature to cure ailments and imbalances.

This is a beautiful blend of oils that opens us to the shadow world where wisdom is found.

Place on the third eye to open the wisdom center, the heart to purge any wounds and heal the heart.

Rub the wrists together and breathe in the essence of the elder plant beings who have survived all passages of time and learned to maneuver through times of change.

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The Earth Mother
The Divine Mother

The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, fulfillment, stability, and power.

This is a beautiful blend of oils associated with our earth mother and the green temple.  Working with this oil in meditation can fertilize and nurture the seeds we have planted.

Bringing a reminder to just be in the essence of the Goddess and allow everything to unfold in the natural rhythm of the unseen world.  This oil is similar to forest bathing in a bottle.

Breathe in the delicious scent of the forests and allow it to recalibrate your physical, emotional and mental body.

Among the benefits associated with forest bathing are a boost in immune system functions, reduced blood pressure, improved mood, increased ability to focus, increased energy and improved sleep.

Place on the wrists and rub together. Place on the temples, crown chakra, and heart to make a deeper connection to the divine mother goddess and those of the green temple.

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The Maiden Oil

Working with the ancient Goddess teachings, the dark moon represents the maiden aspect of the Goddess.  This is the innocent one, the vulnerable one, dedicated to the rediscovery and remembrance of our divine power.

This is a lovely combination of oils that birth new ideas and the reinvention of your self-identity into the world.

The oils of mandarin, sweet orange from Egypt, lime, lemon, geranium, pure rose, and pure violet are a lovely bouquet of oils associated with the innocent one.

Place this lovely blend of earthy herbs on your wrists and breathe in deeply the essence of new beginnings.

Place on your heart center and dream chakra to awaken the seed of passion that is waiting to be born.

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Brigid Oil

Brigid is the Goddess that comes to the healer, the writer, the poet, the artist and the dancer.

The oils contained within the Brigid Oil are from the sacred lands of Ireland.

The base oil is pure rose from Egypt blessed on the holy of holy altars at the time of the turning of the wheel in the Temple of Isis.

The oil was blessed on Imbolc known as Brigid’s holy day in Mount Shasta the root chakra of our beloved earth.

Place on the wrists and rub together breathing in the essence of Brigid to find inspiration and creative assistance from the Goddess.

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Mermaid Oil

Mermaids represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits and ferocious independence.

They bring courage and enchantment into one’s world, delight and wonder.

Place this elegant oil from their realm on your heart and dream center.

Place on your wrists, rub them together.

Breathe the mermaid essence into your aura and watch the magick unfold.

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Atlantis Oil – Path to Mastery

This powerful oil is super charged with crystals and essences from Atlantis. A civilization that was dispersed into three major areas. Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula, Egypt and the highlands of Scotland, Ireland and Avalon.

This oil has been created to support the human in releasing the ancient Atlantean seed fears, old traumas and guilt that have prevented one from transcending from the earth plane consciousness of illusion.

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White Buffalo Woman
White Buffalo Woman oil

It is said that from White Buffalo Woman also known as Changing Woman the four directions were born.  There is a stone that represents each of the four directions.  She gave birth to the four natural energies available to us in the greater cosmos.  She moves around the circle of life with the seasons.   This oil was prepared in sacred ceremony with each of these stones placed in the mother base.  Turquoise, red coral, mother of pearl and obsidian from an arrowhead found in an ancient Anasazi ceremonial site.   This oil can help us move into harmony with our own personal timing and the remembrance of the ancient teachings.

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Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake oil

A beautiful blend of high vibrational oils created on the full moon with  a fire and ice crystal.  This oil can open ones heart to connect to the flow of the journey, taking one from the thinking mind  into the flowing heart.  The combination of oils helps create a heart centered reality.  Water being the element of the Goddess opens one to the dream time.

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Honu oil

A combination of high vibrational oils known to open ones consciousness to the ancient wisdom while navigating through the chatter and confusion of the mind.  An uplifting energy that assists us in staying focused when we fall back into old patterns.  A powerful combination of mint from Egypt, pure myrrh known to open the intuitive channels and lemon from the sacred valley of Peru. Using transference magick to call in the spirit of Honu into the oil. Place on your wrists, rub them together and breathe in this special combination of oils.  Place on the temples and third eye.  Sit in stillness and call in the spirit of Honu.

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White Horse Oil
Spirit of the White Horse Oil

Created with lavender from the Carmague region of southern France where the horses turn white in the lands the Magdalene arrived from Palestine and a beautiful combination of oils from Egypt and France that create a sense of freedom and expansion.  Using transference magick the spirit of the white horse was called into the oil.  Place on the heart chakra, the third eye and the dream center.  Place on the wrists, rub together and with each breath acknowledge the Goddess who shape shifts into the white horse and can guide you to the inner chambers of your consciousness.

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Goddess Pele
Pele Oil

The essence of fire as expressed through the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire known as Pele.   This oil can awaken ones passion and purpose. The sacred fire of the goddess creates new landscapes.

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