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  • Goddess Venus

    Blessings of Venus Oil


    Created in New Zealand at the time of the rare Venus Transit and Full Moon lunar eclipse.

    It holds the Venusian energies gifted to Mother earth while Venus was transiting the sun, qualities of beauty, creativity, harmony and love.

  • Waiheke Kauri Trees

    Kauri Tree oil


    For strength. This oil brings us to the wonder of change.  It reminds us to walk with focus and passion.

    Kauri’s powerful straight trunk is symbolic that we are the vessel of light.

    This oil is essential to bring us back into balance when we feel we have lost our way, reminding us we are seed carriers, star children of the universe who carry the gift of love.

  • Pohutakawa Faery


    The Pohutakawa Faery– this tiny spirit being is the very source of life for the Pohutakawa tree known as the Tree of Life. When one sits beneath the pohutakawa tree it is said that one receives guidance for their journey and the ability to navigate through the shadow times of uncertainty. This delightful elf comes with the Pohutakawa oil.

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