Path of Rose

This is an ongoing journey of fellowship, sisterhood, enchantment and magick, as the Sacred Rose calls to the one who remembers.  The memory of another time long ago stirs within one’s heart.  The voice repeats in your knowing.   “Remember this moment…. when the world of human lived in harmony with the those of the unseen”.   The little people and faery folk were visible and held true to an ancient alliance.  One that was broken by humans.  I remember this time.  My ancestral lineage lies within the stories of the people of Tuatha de Danan, the last kings of the dragon line.  They are my people and I have remembered since childhood this world of alliances, fellowships and union.

Nature Portal

Unless you are willing to walk into the unknown, the chances of making a profound difference in your life will be minimal.  Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself and remembering the Law of One.  As we delve deep inside our hearts, we start opening up like a beautiful rose, to our own inner guidance. The mystical 33 petal Rose calls, awakening us to remember universal truths and reclaim our Divine Feminine essence.

In a world now out of balance, the Path of the Sacred Rose can teach us how to see all of nature as a sacred text to navigate our journey.  Our ancestors once knew the secret of how to work in both non ordinary and ordinary reality. They knew that the visible world is touched and influenced by invisible forces or spirits that affect the lives of the living.  This is the knowledge of the Essenes and the Magdalene, the Priestesses of Isis and Avalon.  The knowledge of the Tuatha de Danan and those who followed Saint Francis of Assisi.  It is the knowledge of the Priests and Priestesses from the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria.

white wolf rose

The Path of the Rose is the Path of becoming more conscious. It is the Path of the wild woman.   She is a priestess of the Fellowship of the Rose.  The one who doesn’t allow an event from the past to define her.  She instead recreates herself. She cannot be tamed instead she Is the full expression of freedom.   She has found courage to live life as she was always intended to live.

To follow the Path of the Rose is to know that we cannot change a society that places little value on the creative and passionate essence of the wild woman.  A society that has lost their soul, their moral compass and follows a road to materialism.   Instead we must change our own belief and attitude about ourselves.

It is the wild woman of the Fellowship of the Rose that leads us to our own innate wild woman and the reclamation of our power.   Most of us are not born strong WE ARE MADE STRONG. Only by not holding back, by convincing herself she is worthy, she is magnificent and by having the courage to be all she was born to be can we begin change.   Woman of courage who defy society and the expectation of others to be who they were born to be, are the definition of the Wild Women of the Rose.   The act of stepping into the aspects of the Wild Woman, guardian of the Sacred Rose teachings, is what begins to change the attitude of a culture, a nation and our global community.

The White Rose

The white  rose, known as the Star Flower of Venus awakens the memory of the seed we carry in our spiritual heart.  The frequencies of love, harmony, inner peace, and union.  As you breathe deeply, an ancient remembrance is stirring as we are called to honor the Code of the Dragon and the teachings of the Rose.  We open our consciousness to the Path of Dream Weaving and Creative Potential.

The journey has been created to take the following Paths:

The Path of innocence – this journey takes you into a deep remembrance of the enchanted world, reestablishing the alliance and working with the faery folk and enchanted ones.

The Path of the Ancestral Soil Wisdom – This journey takes you into deep communion with ancient stone elders and knowledge of walking in balance on the sacred blue.  Communion with the Great Standing Tall Ones as you enter the symbiotic relationship sharing the red and green breath of life.

The Path of Joy – The unfoldment of your soul to enlightenment can only occur when your heart is full of joy.  This is the journey to rediscover and reclaim your divine essence as you tap into the gifts and talents that have been woven into your soul seed.  You will learn to journey into the realm of Dragonfly, Hummingbird and Butterfly, carriers of otherworldly knowledge.  When we raise our vibration to the level of our desires they manifest instantly.

The Path of Dreaming – The place where all boundaries and limitations disappear as you follow your heart song.  You will learn to travel the time lines of your soul story, clearing and healing the ancient wounds of the collective consciousness. Working with the dreaming time to manifest a new physical reality,

The Path of Unconditional Love – Working with the rose as you feel the activation of the 33 petals of your own, mystical, cosmic heart rose,  A journey of self love.

The Path of Transformation – Developing a relationship with your own personal dragon and an understanding how to work with these magnificent beings to become all you were born to be. Gain an understanding of working with fire to activate passion and transcend limitation.

The Path of the Sacred Blue – Developing a deeper understanding of the teachings of water.  Water is life, it listens to us.  Water is alive and teaches us to flow with ease on our journey.  You will discover the magick of water ritual and celebration to enhance your personal journey on the sacred blue.

As part of the Path of the Rose you will be gifted with ceremonial tools to enhance your experience, I will also provide templates and detailed information to assist each part of the journey.  We will meet by Skype or Zoom to set your intentions at the beginning and upon completion.  With the influences of the planets asking us to go within and the stillness created at this time, you have never had a greater moment to discover the truth of your own magnificence and prepare to step forward in greatness.

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