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Offerings for August 2020 – The Rose Reading

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Offerings for July – The Rose Reading

Phyllorhodomancy is known as the prophecy of the rose.  In ancient times those who followed the Path of the Rose understood the symbology of the leaf, stem and flower of the rose.  The color played a significant role as well.  The rose was used as a divination tool to speak directly to one’s heart for truth and guidance.   With a Rose Reading, the rose chooses you.  I ask specifically for the flower being that wishes to share with you.  I utilize the stillness to go into a deep meditation as I connect with your soul essence.  I channel the guidance of the rose to bring forth a message.  You can also send me a specific question, challenge or concern.  When your specific message is given as well as the message from the divine rose, I then carry your rose into sacred ceremony to honor the flower.  When the petals dry, I add crystals and herbs to create a special rose talisman for you.  I will type the messages of guidance and send via email.  I will then post your rose talisman which allows you to attract anything you might wish into your life.  It also protects one from negative energy and vibrations that lower you being in a state of higher love.  Total cost is $95.00 plus shipping for the written rose reading and the beautiful personalized rose talisman shipped to you.  To order please contact [email protected]

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