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Courses Offered

This is an inner journey that requires your full commitment to complete the cycle of your soul’s growth.   You may choose the timing as to how you approach the program but there must be a commitment to complete each pathway before moving on to another.

We will begin the process with a skype call to set intentions and commit to the timing that works with your schedule and desire.

With each pathway you will receive access to guided meditations, written tools and templates, ceremonial tools to support the journey holding the energy.  I will send a package containing the sacred artifacts and ceremonial tools prior to beginning the journey through each pathway.

The costs of each pathway is $225.00, which includes a written description and manual. Before each pathway begins, we review the present moment where you are on your journey and set intentions via skype or zoom.   Each pathway the package you are sent could include a special crystal or artifact, tools to support the journey.  Guided meditations and videos.  For those who have experienced ordering the andara crystal elixir or the chakra clearing reading, this will give you an example of how descriptive and thorough I present the teachings.  If you choose to pay for the full program at the beginning, a discount of $100.00 is applied.

The Path of the Rose has been created to take the following Paths:

Nature Portal

The Path of innocence – This journey takes you into a deep remembrance of the enchanted world, reestablishing the alliance and working with the faery folk and enchanted ones.  A return to innocence is true mastery.

  • You will learn to communicate with the enchanted realm and work in a symbiotic relationship with the fae.
  • You will experience a reconnection to the innocent child spirit that many have disconnected from restoring lost innocence.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the world of human and the world of the enchanted ones.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Geomancy known as the science of the sand and divination of foresight by the earth. The ability to receive messages and guidance form the landscape as you learn to walk between worlds.
  • Create an astral faery home
  • Discover the herbs, foods, and plants that can be used in rituals, enchantments, and other magickal work devoted to working with the Fae
  • Learn how to offer residence to your personal Fae
  • You will be taught how to prepare a Faery garden and how to ritually dedicate it to the Fae.
  • Through a guided meditation you will be taken into the sacred realm of the enchanted ones. The mystical place of magick where one find’s their heart light.

Bell Rock Sedona

The Path of the Ancestral Soil Wisdom – This journey takes you into deep communion with ancient stone elders and the knowledge of walking in balance on the sacred blue.  Communion with the Great Standing Tall Ones as you enter the symbiotic relationship sharing the red and green breath of life.

  • Gaining the wisdom of stillness and vigilance from our stone elders.
  • Using alchemy to program stones and crystals for a higher purpose.
  • Understanding How Invisible Energies Influence Your Powers of Attraction – invisible energies that govern the Universe can be harnessed, simply by bringing our mental and emotional focus to our powerful attraction frequencies.
  • You will be gifted with a red stone from the sacred hexagram of the Sedona Vortex to be used during your training of extracting the knowledge of Ancient Soil. If you cannot journey to the sacred stones, I will create a spirit walk into the healing, teaching, balancing vortexes for you with a series of images from the Sedona landscape and guided meditations.
  • You will gain awareness as to your soul’s connection to the original dragon lines.
  • Discover the Sacred Stones Of The Goddess to gain to focus, understanding and appreciation of what the Divine Feminine can contribute to our self-awareness, self- identity, and our self-knowledge.
  • Utilizing the www – world wood web to access your ancestral lineage.

Dragonfly magick

The Path of Joy – The unfoldment of your soul to enlightenment can only occur when your heart is full of joy.

  • Acquire the knowledge of Floromancy – The language of flowers. Since ancient times, flowers have been associated with magical and Divine properties. Their appearance and the messages they bring, make them the perfect companion for magickal enchantment.
  • Understanding of the magickal secret meanings and uses for specific flowers
  • Rediscover and reclaim your divine essence as you tap into the gifts and talents that have been woven into your soul seed.
  • Learn to journey into the realm of Dragonfly, Hummingbird and Butterfly, carriers of otherworldly knowledge through a series of guided meditations and processes.
  • Discover how to raise your vibration to the level of your desires to manifest instantly.

magical forest

The Path of Dreaming – The place where all boundaries and limitations disappear as you follow your heart song.

  • You will learn to travel the timelines of your soul story, clearing and healing the ancient wounds of the collective consciousness.
  • Discover how to listen to your heart’s song
  • Working with the dreaming time to manifest a new physical reality.
  • Create a dreamscape of possibilities
  • Learn the 7 steps of enhancing your dreams by using the dreamtime to gain answers
  • How to utilize sacred herbs for dreaming
  • Learn the ancient art of Walking the Sky as you enter the dream space to step outside the bonds of mundane existence and connect with a more universal consciousness.

Pink Golden Dragon

The Path of Transformation – Developing a relationship with your own personal dragon and a deeper understanding how to work with these magnificent beings to become all you were born to be.  Dragons are magnificent deities who help us find our moral compass to help navigate through these changing times as we each have an opportunity to cosmically level up.

  • Understanding the truth of the Dragon Lineage
  • The Dragon represents the power and the transformational energies of the Elemental Kingdom. Working with Dragons is not for the light-hearted, although it offers great protection to the light worker and those who are called to follow the Path of the Rose.  It requires commitment.
  • Working with fire to activate your personal creative passion and to transcend limitation.
  • Rituals of fire magick for transformation
  • Discover the hidden magick of candles and the purpose of different colors for your magickal workings.
  • Understand your soul purpose in working with the dragon lines.
  • Remembering the Code of the Dragon and the most ancient energies of creation.
  • Working with the golden Atlantean Dragons to restore your star knowledge.
  • Working with the Pink Golden Dragons of Kuan Yin to open your heart to be a greater of expression of love.
  • Working with the powerful Athame to gain confidence and establish boundaries.

Dolphin earthing

The Path of the Sacred Blue – Developing a deeper understanding of the teachings of water.  Water is life, it listens to us.  Water is alive and teaches us to flow with ease on our journey.

  • Discover the magick of water in ritual and celebration to enhance your personal journey on the sacred blue.
  • Learn to work with the long person as you open to the teachings offered by water to find balance and inner peace for your earth journey.
  • Discover the healing impact of the crystal singing bowl and water on your spiritual waters with an audio designed for meditation and sound bathing with the Ocean Blue crystal singing bowl. This can support in the leveling up of your body temple to the higher frequencies of light.
  • Activate the ancient star knowledge as you remember Poseida and the Law of Oneness.
  • Working with the energetic grid to align with the dolphin and whale energies available to us.

The White Rose

The Path of Unconditional Love – Working with the rose as you feel the activation of the 33 petals of your own, mystical, cosmic heart rose

  • A deep interdimensional journey into the vibration of self love.
  • Weaving your connection back to your divine self through a series of processes to activate all 33 petals of the cosmic rose.
  • Understanding the mystery of the rose and the connection to the Goddess.
  • To journey with the rose is to awaken the wild woman and transform your life forever. You will journey to the Temple of the white rose through a guided meditation.
  • Phyllorhodomancy – working with the rose as a divination tool
  • Discover how to make rose water for sacred ritual, enhancing your journey with the rose
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role in becoming a guardian of the Sacred Rose teachings


“ I found the path of the rose to be magical, mystical, and beyond my expectations. It gave me permission to slow down long enough to shift with grace and ease. Using the element of play, and imagination, my child self was able to surrender and allow for some profound healing. Each pathway was so different, but all necessary. They were all my favorite paths leading up to the culmination of The Path Of Unconditional Love. Allow yourself the pleasure of navigating through this process in your own time and space and watch what happens.”
Love you guys, Brenda Edwards

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