Preparing for the power of the Total Solar Eclipse

Saturday, April 6th

Austin, Texas

9:30am to 4:30pm

An experience rich in magick and ceremony


Women of Magick…Lore of the Dragon is the ancient knowledge shared throughout many lifetimes and coded into your own soul story.  Wisdom needed at this time as we all navigate through a world that is spinning. On Monday, April 8th we will experience an incredibly potent total solar eclipse meant to activate the dormant dragon lines and our own soul story to step fully into our destiny.  Visible in Austin, Texas.   The infusion of light received with the eclipse is the first before the portal opens for the 8:8:8.

At the time of a total solar eclipse the black jaguar steps through the sacred portal.  The Black Jaguar is closely associated with the forces of magick and the spirit world. The Black Jaguar represents the duality of life: the forces of light and dark. The sun and the moon. Day and Night. Life and death. Death and re-birth.  With its highly reflective eyes it was thought that the Jaguar had the power of divination and the ability to see into the future.  The Jaguar is revered as a divine figure and the possessor of knowledge believed to be the manifestation of the supreme deity of the Aztecs.  The Mayan Sun God was believed to become a Black Jaguar, the Lord of the Darkness, when he traveled through the underworld from west to east.  The Toltec’s believed that the yellow Jaguar was the Sun God who became a Black Jaguar at night to travel unseen in the spirit world.  Eclipses were caused when the Jaguar swallowed the Sun.   It is said that a Great Being came to the Mayan people from the stars and taught them that the greatest of all virtues was integrity.  He instructed the people in the beauty of unconditional love, forgiveness, peace and to be honorable and trustworthy.  Where the Jaguar found hearts blackened with hatred, greed, or dishonesty, he would haunt those unfortunate souls, relentlessly stalking them until they embraced the wisdom of integrity and transformed their lives.  The Jaguar journeys alongside the Shaman and those who follow the Earth Religion. Eventually, events in the life of the Jaguar soul will force him/her to confront, embrace and integrate the gifts they have been given by Source.  As a healer, the Shaman assists the healing process (be this spiritual, emotional, mental or physical in nature), via the application of Medicine.  This Medicine is gathered from the Plant People (herbs), the Standing People (trees), the Animal Totems, the Stone People (crystals and other “rocks” such as turquoise, etc.), as well as from their own personal Medicine.  As the tribe joins together during this day of magick one will receive powerful tools for inner peace, tools to transform energy, heal emotional wounds, expand conscious awareness, cultivate a quality of life that restores joy and innocence which attract more magick into your life.

Keeping one in Fear is the one power that the dark agenda use to keep their control. Lose the Fear and they have no power over you, you stay centered, focused and radiate light.   Women of Magick is a day to activate your own inner knowledge providing freedom from the world of chaos and disruption, assisting you stepping forward into divine destiny.

Our beautiful living breathing earth mother known as Pacha Mama to the Inca, Papatuanuku to the Maori, Papah naumoku to the Hawaiians, the “House of Geb to the ancient Egyptians, Terra Mater to the ancient Romans and Danu to my ancestors the Tuatha De Dannan.  Tuatha meaning tribe. The oldest name for the earth mother is Lady Gaia.  Our connection to the earth is also far greater than we realize, especially when understand the 6th planetary chakra is held not in the landscape but in the consciousness of people and continues to move.  We are the awareness of the planet. Her birthing pains are ours.

Sharing these teachings is a guidance that my soul carries to honor the Code of the Dragon.  During this experience of awakening the memories, much will be offered:

Leaders, wisdom keepers, earth walkers, mystical teachers and celestial healers are being called upon to lift the veil and bring forth your gifts.  The dragon is awakening.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the web of meridians known as the dragon lines, veins in a matrix of power that we can utilize for change. The fantastical realm of the dragon and the black jaguar.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the dragon lines and your role as an earth listener to walk in harmony, as you reset yourself for expansion and greatness embracing the essence of the Black Jaguar.
  • Create a relationship with the green wood dragon and your own personal dragon to navigate the journey and manifest all that you desire in this “8th” year. Dragons evolved beyond this plane into pure spiritual beings; their home is now on a 10th level of the astral plane.
  • Activation of the “8th” chakra the causal chakra known as the Past Life Chakra through an ancient ritual. When it is completely opened, we receive the energy from our Soul Star chakra to come into even greater alignment with our soul’s purpose.  Through the causal chakra we receive messages, information, and inspiration from the higher realms.
  • Engage in earth communication with a ritual of reciprocity between the material and the spiritual world.
  • Learn to embrace the magick when the sun sets, and darkness descends. There is wisdom offered in this moment of alchemical magick from the unseen that can activate memory and knowing of your purpose.
  • Understand the power of the ouroboros. The symbol of a dragon eating its tail, represents the unending cycle of birth, death and rebirth. It serves as a potent metaphor to illuminate the creative process.  Anything we wish to manifest and create lives in the process of birthing an idea, nurturing it, and releasing it out into the world.
  • Experience a Cacao ceremony to deepen your connection to the Dragon and Earth Magick prior to the Total Solar Eclipse.

If the spirit of the Black Jaguar stirs in your heart and the memory of the dragon awakens, I invite you to gather with me as the rainbow tribe joins together in a day of ceremony, activation and reciprocity with the unseen world.  Cost for this day of magick and ceremony is $275.00 which includes all tools for rituals and ceremony for a day of magick and empowerment.  There are only 15 spaces.

For a registration form please contact Guy at [email protected].

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  1. Dearest Guy and Robbyne,
    Congratulations on the new website it is innovative, heart pounding and regal!
    Thanks for the decades of Spiritual healing, sharing your pearls of wisdom, guidance and silence of the mysteries of the world shared by both of you.
    Egypt, The Nile River, Temple of Isis, Valley of the Queens/Kings, The Mena House
    Bali, Indonesia Enchanting
    Goza/Malta Healing of the Chakras
    Stonehenge, England, Glastonbury, the magical Isle of Avalon
    Crete,Athens Greece,Ephesus Turkey
    Lucerne, Switzerland (The Black Madonna)
    Colorado Springs, Denver
    Mt. Shasta, GrandMother Tree
    Vancouver, Washington State traveled by private plane magical, scenic
    Lahaina, Maui (mystical, so glad we made the voyage when we did, I stepped out on faith). These are to name a few of our sacred sites traveled globally, and nationally. It remains life changing and the journey continues, I’m speechless and honored to call you my spiritual big sister Robbyne, and Guy our spiritual big brother and a world famous photographer.
    May the Divine light and rainbows continue to guide you and our White Wolfe Journey family in all your Sacred journeys this year.


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