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Winter Solstice Retreat to Waiheke Island, NZ

Imrama crossing

A winter solstice journey of discovery

into the sacred feminine and the magickal child

Waiheke Island

It is said that crossing deep waters, on a spiritual pilgrimage, is a journey of the soul back to ones divine self.  The ancient Celtics identified this as an Imramma.  When one stands at the edge of the sea where land and waters join together, the boundaries of two worlds align and one can slip through the mystical doorway that eludes most humans.

June 17-21, 2019

Today we are facing many pressures that have not been around before in any other time – our connectedness to global events, trauma and networks 24/7 create a distinct time for us to tool up, so we may still thrive.  It is a time of great opportunity and also immense pressure for us to evolve and expand so we live our full purpose for ourselves and in service of all.  An essential part of this process of tooling up is our deep reconnection with the natural world and the magick of the sacred feminine which can be a depth source for our life, enabling us to have a deep relationship with our being, not just our doing.  Based on the premise that the visible world is touched and influenced by invisible forces or spirits that affect the lives of the living, Shamans have worked with the spirits of nature for healing, survival, and knowledge. By learning from the plants and animals, from the rocks and mountains, from the winds and waters, the sun, moon, and stars, shamans helped their peoples live in harmony with the universe. To help those  who wish to activate their evolutionary self and take this leap, two powerful women have collaborated for the first time to join their magick together to hold a deeper transformative container and a journey, a personal pilgrimage to birth the magickal child and release the feminine energies in ourselves.

This retreat will offer experiences in both the mystical and the practical, as we ground the teachings into practices, tools and rituals for your continued flowering in your life.

Who are we:

Robbyne LaPlantA Spiritual Messenger, Teacher and Ceremonial Leader

More than thirty years, following a shamanic path, Robbyne has been able to immerse herself in indigenous cultures around the world, experiencing ritual and ceremony sharing the teachings of the Path of the Rose. Able to see and communicate with the spirit world and the angelic kingdom since early childhood, Robbyne is able to bring forth messages during a soul life reading to assist one when moving through life transitions. Present life challenges are identified and guidance given to move one through any conflict with grace and ease. A review of the souls energetic blueprint, strengths and destiny are explained to support one in birthing the full potential of the light they carry inside. Navigational tools provided when one feels a lack of direction and confusion. She is an international teacher and the founder of White Wolf Journeys, an enterprise specializing in creating transformational experiences to sacred sites around the world and inner journeys of self-discovery.

Louise Marra – Louise is a healer – individually and organizationally.  Louise is well known for her leadership development and depth innovation work.  She is the director of Leadership New Zealand’s premier year long programme, runs many of her own retreats, works with leading global organisations and works with sectors such as Philanthropy to help them innovate and birth a new world.  She also had awakenings at a young age and has committed her life to spiritual practice and wholeness – training as a yoga teacher, in Qi Gong, meditation, Jungian and Transpersonal psychology, collective and intergenerational trauma and transformational coaching.  She is deeply committed to releasing the magic and potential of people and the system to create a new world.

Where – The retreat will be held on beautiful Waiheke Island. To keep things simple we will leave your accommodations to you.  There are plenty of Air B and Bs on the island at this time, at a good price.  We are happy to put you in touch with others attending the retreat who may want to share a place.  This is a journey of exploring the sacred landscape externally as you journey within to explore your internal landscape of creative potential and dreaming.  We will organize all transport to the sacred places on the island.

Food – We will cover all lunches.  Breakfasts and dinners will be at your own discretion, apart from a final dinner we will all share together.

Cost – for the week including all above is $2600 plus gst.  A non-refundable deposit of $600 will need to be paid by April 10, with full payment by May 10.

A peak into the week we have planned!

white horse woman

Day 1MondayFull Moon of June 17

In the ancient Goddess traditions the Full Moon of June is always dedicated to the Goddess Epona.   Known as the dream Goddess, she is depicted with keys known to open the gateways to the realms of mystery in the otherworld.  She is known to shape shift into a white mare and summons the shaman to travel deeper into their own knowing. The places one can access with the assistance of Epona can reveal ones greatest fears as well as hidden talents and gifts.  She is mysterious and alluring as she represents the qualities of the divine feminine.  The full moon has long had an aura of mystery and magick about it. It is tied to the ebbs and flows of the tide, as well as the every-changing cycle of women’s’ bodies. This is a night we call upon the Wild Woman, an aspect of the divine feminine who lives within each of us but is often forgotten.  The raw and passionate one who wishes to taste all that life has to offer.  By activating the wild woman who lives within you, one can bring more love, beauty and sensual magick your way.

waiheke island

Very powerful energies are available to experience the magick of this night within the embrace of  Grandmother and Grandfather Pohutakawa Tree for sacred ritual. A perfect time to begin the retreat as it will culminate on the Winter Solstice.

cascades waiheke island

Day 2 – June 18 – Planting the Seeds for change

Working with the ancient Goddess teachings, the MAIDEN is summoned, known as the innocent one. This day is dedicated to the rediscovery and remembrance of our divine power. Through learning to awaken this aspect of ones expression, you tap into the creative potential that exists within the void.  Joy is returned, play is expressed and the seed of hope is planted. Together we journey to the magickal cascades where the faery folk are present.  We begin to explore your vulnerable self, time travel to your maiden to heal, integrate and love what is ready in this part of your journey.

mother earth seed

Day 3 – June 19 – The Gestation of the Seed

Going deeper into the aspect of the Goddess as we work with the DIVINE MOTHER.  The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, fulfilment, stability, and power.  The image of the Mother as an eternal giver of life was one of the first religious images that can be found. Before patriarchal gods appeared, the Goddess was revered in her aspect as the Creatrix.  A mother goddess is the personification of nature, motherhood, fertility, creation, and destruction. When equated with the Earth or the natural world, these goddesses are often referred to as Mother Earth.  The egg in ancient times was a symbol of the mother goddess and of birth: the sun emerged from the cosmic egg.   While our collective humanity has lost sight of the ways of the green world, those who follow the earth religion hunger to touch and be touched by the powers and splendor of nature. In this exchange, we awaken to the living world. We will work with reparenting yourself and activating your own nurturing mother that is supported by the great mother.

the star child

Day 4 – June 20 – Today is a day of creative expression of the self.  The magickal child inside is stirring and you are asked the following: 

  • What is unfinished in your life and why?
  • What magnificence would you achieve in your life if you decided to become totally and blissfully impervious to hostile criticism and rejection?
  • What great thing would you attempt if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

 Every situation you have encountered, every challenge you have faced was meant to bring you to the now.  NOW is the right time for you to accept your magnificence.  As human beings we are meant to obtain mastery over turbulent events in our life. 2019 the Year of Birthing the Magickal Child is a year when we have repackaged and reinvented ourselves and are ready and prepared to step into the world with a new perspective allowing our gifts and talents to shine.

Stoney Batter

Day 5   June 21 The Winter Solstice –  Rebirthing into the Full Expression of our Divine Male and Female essence as the Magickal Child

The WISE WOMAN is a symbol of the inherent wisdom that comes from experience. She has lived through love, sorrow, hope, death and fear, to gain a wise and confident spirit. Through these experiences she has learned the secrets of life and death, the mysteries beyond this world. These Wise Women were the healers, working in tune with Nature to cure ailments and imbalances. She is the elder priestess of the Goddess; the Grandmother whose words are few yet priceless in their wisdom.  The wisdom of the Wise Woman comes only after learning the lessons of non-judgment and compassion. Through these lessons the Wise Woman becomes the balancing scales between light and dark and between life and death. She is selfless, yet she loves herself. She is kind, yet she knows when to be harsh. She is free, she is compassionate, and she is wise. Only the Wise Woman can complete the journey to the Otherworld and birth of the Magickal Child.  She is the mysterious old woman who possesses the knowledge of all worlds, the receptive and sensitive part of us, which we need for personal wholeness.  Celebrated in the sacred stones of Stoney Batter the most ancient beings connected to the Wise Woman.  We will play and encounter the wise women within to now be your guide forward, and help you design your life from this place so you can fully flourish in the world.  We will also teach you practices and rituals for your life to continue this journey forward.

For more  information or to register please contact Chaz on i.am.chaza@gmail.com.

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