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When was the last time you gave yourself a day of mystical, spiritual exploration deep into your soul?

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Experience a Life without walls when we embrace the natural world. Doing nothing is doing something for yourself in a year of unconditional love.   Wipe the mental slate clean as there is so much more to life than To-Do lists. We all have a heart home, a spirit mountain, a sacred body of water and a power place that resonates and rejuvenates our soul.  Sedona, Arizona is that power place for me.  It is identified as the pulse of power for the United States, sacred to many tribes and a place that White Wolf Journeys was born 28 years ago.  As our world continues to shift and change, it is the place spirit has brought me to connect on a deeper level with the elders and those of the unseen.  If you would like to dedicate this time of self-care, self-awareness, and self-love, let me guide you into the true essence of you as I create a personal journey of discovery.  These can be one on one, an experience with a friend, partner or loved one.  Even a small intimate group experience.

Sedona is a place to move through the veils into the Wild Unknown when seeking guidance, clarity, wisdom, direction and healing.  This powerful energy center serves as a vessel to support one in resetting and giving birth to the new expression of your divine self, post the journey into Covid.  I have learned how to surrender and completely embrace the wild unknown, which is the spinning vortex also known as the Void. As we continue to navigate through these significant changes, the practice of mindful meditation has risen in popularity. It has started to gain mainstream acceptance as a preventative method of healing and one of the most studied alternative ways of therapy.

It has been proven that mindful meditation has a wide range of benefits regarding mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well- being.  More and more healthcare professionals are recommending the practice of meditation and spirit walks into nature to deal with depression, stress, and anxiety. Practicing meditation will enable you to get into a state of deep relaxation within minutes.   Communing with the natural world will take you deeper into Great Mystery and the Wild Unknown.

Since 1994 the red stone elders have called me again and again at significant times of change.  As the wheel turned on December 21st, we entered a new vibration for 2022 and the magick a “6” year will bring.

Sedona holds the secrets the mystery keepers of the sacred ways once knew. For those who remembered the ancient primordial Dragon presence deep in the energy of the land, this is a place where the twelve lines come together and now serves even more as the pulse of true power for America who is experiencing painful labor pains as she births into her true expression.


Overlayed in Sedona is an energetic hexagram.  Within that lies powerful energies for aligning and balancing the delicate chakra system. One of the most beautiful feminine energies can be experienced in the heart chakra of the Black Madonna. Here one can find the stillness to hear their heart speak receiving creative inspiration and guidance as memory of the Order of the Rose can be accessed. By raising the vibrational frequency, we can come into alignment with our true passion. Our heart opens to balance the male and female energies. Here you can gain an Understanding of your soul purpose in working with the dragon lines and the Golden Pink Dragons of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion and Healing. We go deeper into this mystical canyon to nurture our emotional and mental bodies to the place where the world of the seen and unseen join together. A magnificent heart opening occurs allowing the blossoming of the 33 petals of the cosmic rose held within your heart.

bell rock

A journey to the divine male and most electrically charged of the energy vortexes allows a physical healing to take place as the body temple is nurtured with the powerful essence of Lady Gaia.  This is a place of vision and the apex of the descending triangle of the Sedona hexagram.

violet ray

A place where the violet light pulsates into the landscape and one can gain clarity and vision. In the vortex of the violet light, one will gain a deeper understanding of How Invisible Energies Influence Your Powers of Attraction. These invisible energies that govern the Universe can be harnessed, simply by bringing our mental and emotional focus to our powerful attraction frequencies.


A Sunset hike to Baby Bell for further insight working with the “tween” times of magick.  There is something incredibly powerful when you bring your questions, worries and concerns to the place of the sunset.  Hope is restored and clarity comes.  You are filled with a sense of hope and purpose.  You find the courage to step forward into your full potential.


A journey to Sunset Crater to activate the spirit fire as you step into your full potential.  This is a place of creative destruction. A spiritual place of power for the Hopi and ancestors of the past.  The lava flow from the volcano created a new landscape and the remains of the eruption of fire from within Lady Gaia’s womb provided fertile soil that enhanced farming.  This has become a place of ceremony, an honoring of the elements.  It allows us to take raw potential that is gifted when an old way of being is broken, sometimes through intense force.  Unexpected events that can leave us traumatized and out of balance.  Volcanos teach us to use their destructive power to lay the foundation for what is in our true destiny.


Rivers teach us to flow, to find a sense of stillness where we can hear our own inner voice speaking.  It is a place where the enchanted ones gather to assist us in bringing life to our dreams and visions.


An inward journey into one’s internal landscape takes place when on travels to the sacred lake. Here the incredible stone beings carved by the movement of water helps one find clear vision to birth a new reality using the dreamtime.


Mystery and ancestral communication await one who seeks to journey into the Raven’s Cave.  A place of magick to travel inward, a sacred portal into the self.

So many places of discovery.  If you want to reboot you must create change.  Answers one seeks are found in the silent chambers of one’s own heart.

Let me guide you on a path of discovery and soul nurturing through the sacred red rocks of majesty and balanced power.  Every season holds a special magick.  Fitness level is considered as well as the number of days you wish to commit to you.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in a personal custom designed journey for you, for a couple, for a small intimate group of friends @ [email protected].

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