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WESAK and Beltane Celebration

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Mount Shasta 

Friday, May 1st through Monday, May 4th


There are places on this sacred  mountain that serve as high energy portals allowing one to tap into their creative center and assist one in finding their passion once again. These sacred places are greatly enhanced during times of heightened energy such as full moons, eclipses or  holy days.

Mount Shasta in Sandals

So powerful is the the lady of the mountain when she calls, that having just flown home from New Zealand I was guided to go immediately into her healing energies.  When I reached the top of the mountain I realized I still had my sandals on.  Walking in snow is invigorating to say the least.  Thus the power of the mountain to push you beyond your comfort zone.


With each full moon or turning of the wheel, there is an opportunity for prayer and healing energies to be received.  Once a year the Wesak Full Moon provides a very special moment when our Soul Essence is bathed in divine light to purify our body temple, align our chakras and receive healing for the physical body. Our heart is opened and we are able to receive guidance for new endeavors and opportunities.

We then have an opportunity to  use the energy given to us within the eight minutes of the Full Moon to bless Mother Earth. As we Bless Mother Earth we are generating tremendous amounts of positive light  that can be utilized to bring forth Prosperity, Joy and Happiness.   As compassion flows into our hearts, balance is gained and harmony amongst opposites achieved.  This is especially strong as we continue to move through the Year of Manifestation and the Infinity Sign, the Sacred Symbol of 2015 supports us in our world of duality.   Wesak unites all faiths  in a shared Holy Day and all religious separation disappears.


At the time of the WESAK Full Moon it is said that the Buddha returns to bring  light to the world and a very special water blessing. A door is opened which at other times is closed and great experiences of consciousness are possible.  According to ancient tradition, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left this Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus.  This is the same for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres as spiritual leaders gather in the Wesak Valley, a mystical place high in the Himalayas. Water holds a unique intelligence and brings about special healing when it is magnetized by the presence of the Masters during the water ceremony of communion.    Mount Shasta has an etheric opening into the WESAK Valley and this is an incredible time to gather and experience the celestial waters that flow from the mountain.


During these times of strong transition and change this is a night for the healers to receive a regeneration of energy to assist in their work, the teachers to receive guidance and the tools to assist others, the seed carriers to awaken to their full potential, artists, dancers and writers to receive inspired thought and vision.   A time to join together as one collective vision of light to assist in healing the fractured circle of the cosmic web that joins us all together.


During this four-day retreat you will be taken to magickal places within the Mount Shasta vortex to realign your energy bodies. This magnificent display of nature will be our setting as we experience the magick and healing of the natural world while you journey inward.

We begin on Friday evening, May 1st at sunset with a celebration of gratitude as we connect with the spirit of the mountain. This is also the time of Beltane, a holy day for those who follow the Earth Religion.  Together we will perform sacred ritual honoring this special time,  setting intentions for the journey and opening the heart to receive the celestial blessings that are gifted with the WESAK Full Moon on Sunday evening.   Following dinner we gather together to connect with the Master teachers and activate the seed we carry working with the sacred symbol of the Infinity sign as we balance the male and female aspects.


Saturday morning, May 2nd we will journey to the sacred water fall for a cleansing and purification ceremony.   Here one can sit in stillness and experience the magick of these healing waters as you learn to open up to the world of enchantment and faery magick.   Here the waters are crystal clear,  charged with moonlight to guide ones journey.   The afternoon is free for massage, private sessions, retail therapy in the many wonderful crystal stores or stillness to meditate within the healing energies of the mountain.    The mountain is a multi dimensional vortex where one accesses many realms.  Known as  the root chakra of the planet, when one is called to mountain one is always being prepared to shift belief systems, step through fear and begin a new journey.   There is an etheric bridge that joins the mountain  to the heart chakra of the planet known as Glastonbury, England and the interdimensional lands of Avalon.


Within the power of the flowing waters,  one can connect with the child, finding innocence and joy once again as you find your own personal magick. You will learn to work with those of the unseen world establishing a relationship with nature.  After dinner we will gather together with a meditation around the generator crystal, experiencing the magickal healing of the crystal singing bowls and celestial chimes.   You will feel your DNA being realigned with a higher frequency of light.


Sunday, May 3rd in preparation for the WESAK Full moon you will experience the sacred garden at the base of the mountain, with an opportunity to  walk the labyrinth for clarity.  You will journey into the magick of obsidian while sitting in stillness amongst the  Obsidian  stone beings.   Obsidian is a stone of transformation and healing as well as a stone to bring clarity for ones journey.   Afternoon will be free for those who may wish a massage or soul balancing integration session.    This evening after dinner, we will gather in sacred ceremony for the WESAK water blessing at the precise moment of the Full Moon.  During the eight minutes of the celestial dispensation of the sacred waters you will be receiving insight, guidance and healing for your journey.


Monday morning, May 4th, we will complete our journey  as we return  to the heart of the mountain.   Our sacred journey will come to an end by noon on Monday, May 4th for those who need to catch afternoon flights.

Throughout the journey I will be available for private sessions, soul life readings, karmic life lesson readings or balancing and integration sessions.   For those who may wish to extend their journey by adding a day before or after I am available for a personal soul journey.

I am currently scheduling  personal soul journeys on the mountain for a 1 2, 3 or 4 day experience. These are custom designed for those who want to journey deep within and experience all that this special mountain gifts.  These can be scheduled in April and May as I will be returning to New Zealand in June.  I will also be scheduling personal journeys the end of September and beginning of October.  Please contact me directly if you are interested as these are each custom designed to support your personal journey at [email protected].


The mystical mountain serves as a doorway to the secrets our soul searches for on this evolutionary journey. Tools for balance and inner peace, the blueprint for your own spiritual journey home. If we as a human race are to survive the changes we are currently experiencing on the planet, we must change our way of being.   As the Hopi Elders have spoken, we must learn to celebrate life and unite with all of mankind and the creature beings that share our world. We must end the cycle of separation and approach every part of our experience with sacredness.

If you would like more details regarding the journey to the sacred mountain for the WESAK Full Moon, please contact Guy at [email protected] for hotel recommendations, costs and a registration form.

Love and Dragon Cuddles,


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  1. Helga Sóley

    ? Beautiful dear Robbyne 🙂 It is my wish to one day be able join one of your rainbow events, embark on a sacred journey as part of your group, on sacred land somewhere in the world )*( It would be wonderful to greet you in Iceland one day 🙂 The three Full Moons with Wesak in the middle is a special time in my life. Last year I did my first 5 day cleanse before the Wesak divine outpour of energies ~ It was very much worth it, such magnificent time, bathed in Universal light and love of the masters’ love of humankind, sensing Buddha’s grace and the Crystal love of Jesus within one’s heart ~ Truly beautiful ? 🙂

    Much Love and Light from Iceland your way ?
    My warmest regards, and have a blessed Wesak journey ~
    Helga Sóley

  2. Faith

    Wow, how absolutely beautiful, healing, and empowering for all those who attend. I am going to keep an eye on how my schedule develops while I’m here in Hollywood, CA…I am so much closer here than my home in NC that I’d like to consider this! I so enjoyed our time on Mt. Shasta together 5 years ago this October. Seems like yesterday…I often think of the sighting I had of a whale spirit coming across the lake towards us. I often show the picture Paul took that “accidentally” caught the whale spirit as it stopped behind Grandmother Tree. Much Love to you and Guy. xo

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