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The Redwood Forest Retreat 2020

Redwood forest

Forest Bathing in the Green Temple of the Redwood Forest

Northern California

February, Full Moon Celebration

Friday, February 7th to

Monday morning, February 10th, 2020


Redwood forest sunlight

Redwood Trees are symbols and elder teachers.  They remind us to reach for the stars.  They are the tallest trees in the world and resistant to fire.  The giant redwood is the most magnificent of all the evergreens and known as the survivor tree.  When an old redwood tree dies or is cut down, a new tree begins to grow from its roots. The Redwood tree never dies.  The California coast is home to some of the largest and oldest spirits upon the planet. One cannot enter the green temple of a forest grove without a stirring of our own sense of the sacred.  The redwoods are ancient spirits who try to help us gain perspective about our life. Redwoods remind us that there is always enough time. Great changes and great growth occurs a little at a time so we must be patient with ourselves.  As we learn to merge more with our environment, we create health in our bodies, strength in our minds, compassion in our hearts and grace in our spiritual lives to walk in balance and wholeness.    We are able to manifest whatever we desire providing it is in harmony with the divine plan of the universe.

redwood forest waterfall

As I have shared 2020 begins with a potent planetary alignment in mid-January and the beginning of a new eclipse cycle with the Saturn – Pluto conjunction.  Saturn and Pluto have the reputation of being the darkest, deepest and most intense planets in our solar system.  They are known to bring dramatic change, transformational endings, rebirths, awakenings and more.  2020 is intense energy creating a life altering year. Pluto is about transformation, healing the shadow side, death and birth and 2020 is the year we step into Mastery by walking with grace and ease in a turbulent energy.  Saturn and Pluto are coming together to be reborn. They too are undergoing their own rebirthing process. Both of these planets aligning are going to create a cosmic storm that will require us to claim responsibility for our lives, for our decisions, and for the way in which we are participating in the world. We are also going to be forced to take responsibility for our collective action or inaction as a global community with a greater alliance to the natural world. In the past, when Saturn and Pluto align, the energy creates revolutions if we do not align with heart centered actions. Although challenging, this alignment will give birth to a new way of being. Every time we rebuild ourselves, we find a new strength. Pluto and Saturn are going to help all of us to awaken. and create a stronger structure in our lives.  We are being given an opportunity to take a quantum leap forward to shed the old and rise again into our full potential as we raise our consciousness to the highest vibration. Spending time in the Redwood Forest can support the integration of this huge shift of energy as these are the most powerful beings offering guidance towards a platform of truth and a foundation to build the next decade on.

A mere 150 years ago California’s western edge was dominated by an ancient redwood forest the size of Connecticut.  Less than 3% of that original forest exists.  You will have an opportunity to explore 90,000 acres of what was once the greatest forest on earth.  When we walk together along easy trails under the forest canopy, I’ll invite you to touch and listen to the trees, to smell and taste what is on the wind, to notice what you are seeing for the first time.  To experience communication with the dragons. Slowly, time deepens and the stresses of the modern world fall away.  Completely relaxing into the experience, the forest offers is crucial for good health if you consider the fact that chronic stress reduces our immune function and makes us more prone to depression, heart disease, and other disorders.

redwood forest walk

Shinrin-Yoku, first established in Japan is a growing global wellness movement backed by 30 years of scientific research on the physical and psychological benefits of immersing yourself in nature.  Known as forest bathing, forest therapy can lower blood pressure and trigger a dramatic increase in the activity of natural killer (NK) cells produced by the immune system to ward off infection and fight cancer. Spending three days in the forest has been shown to increase NK activity by 50 percent.  The natural chemicals secreted by evergreen trees, collectively known as phytoncide, have been associated with improvements in the activity of our frontline immune defenders. Not only was forest bathing associated with lower levels of cortisol, lower blood pressure and heart rate, it also lowered blood cholesterol and reduced rates of diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, asthma and death from heart disease. Many studies have documented that forest therapy helped people sleep better and improved neurological conditions.

 We humans are creatures of nature and cannot enjoy optimum physical or emotional well-being if we do not have contact with it.  As we step into the natural world far away from the fast world of human, we remember we are a part of nature, connected through it to something larger than ourselves.  We are able to open to the wisdom these grand elders have to share.  The idea is to slow down and experience nature in a deeper way than you have before.  To hear the whisper of the trees gifting us with guidance and direction for our earth walk.  Inspiring us to reach for the stars and be all we were meant to be.  We are drawn to different location on the sacred blue to gather with souls who we have known before in third dimensional lifetimes.  These gatherings inspire us, encourage us as we support one another.  The California coastal redwood forest sits on a Lemurian dragon line and can activate cellular memory to reveal our purpose as we tap into the root structure that holds memory of our gifts and talents.

Purple light forest

The green temple of the redwood forests creates the perfect landscape to cultivate transcendent experiences, unforgettable moments of extreme happiness where we attune to a heartfelt experience void of fear, self-doubt, anxiety and stress. We are mentally bathed in the greenspace of inner peace allowing clarity and vision for our journey to be expressed.

Golden light forest

Many cultures, especially shamanic cultures, point to the potential for our relationship with nature as an essential ingredient of spiritual growth.  You cannot really know or appreciate something until you can acknowledge it.  It’s one thing to put our bodies in nature, but it’s quite another to put our minds there, to “bathe” in it.  During our time together I will share with you the teachings of those who follow the Path of the Rose in developing a deeper relationship with these magnificent beings.  I will guide you into some of the most enchanted places on our beloved sacred blue.  Unplug, unwind and journey with me on a pathway of discovering your own magnificence.  Discover the wood wide web.   Scientists call these mycorrhizal networks. The fine, hair like root tips of trees that join together with microscopic fungal filaments to form the basic links of the network, which creates a symbiotic relationship between trees.   All trees are connected to each other and work with the unseen world in activating the dragon lines.  They are key in restoring balance to the world of human.

Trees are communal and will often form alliances with trees of other species. Forest trees have evolved to live in cooperative, interdependent relationships, maintained by communication and a collective intelligence similar to an insect colony. These soaring columns of living wood draw the eye upward to their outspreading crowns reminding us to reach for the heavens.   The real action is taking place underground, just a few inches below our feet reminding us to ground, find our center and just be.  This weekend is designed to give you practical tools in communing with nature, to elevate your energy and increase physical, mental and emotion health restoring balance and sense of purpose.  Our days will be spent in the natural world of the green temple and our evenings in meditation as you experience the crystal singing bowls.  The redwood forest is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean so we will also be tapping into the wisdom of the Sacred Blue.

I invite you to join me as 2020 begins to share in the magick. This experience is being created for a small and intimate group as we journey deep within ourselves while forest bathing in the magnificent forests. 

Trinidad sunset

Our home base will be Trinidad, California which will allow us time in my favorite hidden forests as well as time to explore the Avenue of the Giants.  I would suggest flying into the Eureka/Arcata airport which is the closest airport to Trinidad.  You can also fly into San Francisco or Sacramento.  If you would like to share accommodations, there are many VRBO or Air B and B’s. Also, several B and B’s I can recommend and beautiful cabins in the forest also closely situated for our group experiences.    I am also happy to share details for those who would like to share transport and accommodations.

Total costs for the weekend which includes the following is – $695.00

  • Through the earth mother we receive everything to nurture our mind, body and spirit. She nurtures our minds as we are inspired with her magnificent beauty, nurtures our bodies with nutrients and nurtures our spirit when we sit with the ancient standing tall ones.
  • All guided forest walks and mediations
  • Evening Sound Bathing
  • Teachings of the Path of the Rose
  • Tools to discover Magick and joy
  • All Sacred Ceremonies

If you are called to experience the Emerald green temple of the Goddess, please contact me for a registration form as well as a list of accommodations.  [email protected].

Look forward to sharing the magick.

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