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Spring Seminar-English

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Return to Innocence

Thursday, March 18 – Sunday, March 21st 2010

Rigi, Switzerland

Private Sessions beginning Tuesday, March 16 –

Sunday, March 21st


At the time of the Spring Equinox the veils between worlds are thin and the earth experiences equal portions of light and dark.  The full rising of the Phoenix will occur at this time and the remembrance of the ancient times of Avalon and Telos will be restored into the consciousness of man. The spring equinox is celebrated as ‘The Light of the Earth’ or the balance between day and night. It marks the beginning of the triumph of light. The forces of death and life are equally balanced. This seminar will take you through many different dimensions of time and space, unlocking ancient secrets and restoring the knowledge of your destiny.  2012 is rapidly approaching and the awakening for all of humanity is occurring at a faster rate.  Each of you have felt a significant death of the old inside, many feel lost and confused as we move deeper through these times of uncertainty.  The power of the Phoenix grows stronger and we will perform ancient ritual to give birth to her presence and knowledge into the world of man.

According to the Baha’i scriptures, the phenomenon of the equinox can be symbolically compared to the appearance of the Avatars of God at various points in history. Just as the rising of the physical Sun at the equinox causes the rejuvenation of all life on earth, the appearance of the Spiritual Sun returning on earth regenerates the spiritual nature of man.   This regeneration influences humanity to begin to truly live, our thoughts are transformed and we acknowledge the birth of a spiritual new beginning for mankind.    Symbolic of this energy, the koru (fern frond), which is nature’s way of reminding us of the sacred spiral, reaches towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new positive beginnings. The koru represents the unfolding of new life that everything is reborn and continues. It represents renewal and hope for the future.   The spiral or Koru is a Maori symbol of Creation, New Life, Rebirth, Growth and Peace. The circular shape conveys perpetual motion through life, while the curling inward represents a return to the origin.  At the time of the Spring Equinox you can focus on creating the life you most deeply long for.

For the priestesses of Avalon and those who remember the ways of Camelot, this is a time to follow the old traditions as we return to a time of innocence.    This year it is especially powerful as it symbolizes the full expression of the Phoenix activating our dreams and wishes into full manifestation with the birth of light at this time on the planet. All of mankind has the same desires to love and be loved, to be appreciated, to be an expression of the gifts we have brought into this life and to be of service to mankind.  It often takes a space of time, like the gestation period in the egg, before the universe responds to you. But respond it will. First, you have to have the courage to hold on to that dream, never doubting, never straying from your path.  As we wake from our winter dreams and feel the life force of the Phoenix we embrace the light of the energies now available to us.  We remember to walk gently on the earth, treat her with kindness, for she is our mother.  We remember the days of Camelot.  The magick of Camelot existed 1500 years ago, and was the last time the Phoenix was born into the world of mankind. During a time after years and years of conflict and strife, when one man and the power of the Goddess were able to restore balance to a troubled world. For many years Camelot existed and the world of Faery lived harmoniously with the world of man.  This was a time when the Church of Rome was in harmony with the Church of the Rose.  Eventually consciousness fell, through greed and ego, such has been the legacy of mankind time and again. The world went into darkness and Avalon went into the mists. It is a story that has repeated itself and resulted in many ancient cities moving behind the veil such as Mount Shasta and Machu Picchu.   Our world is in a similar state of affairs, torn apart by hate and greed, overcome with fear and separation, and yet everything shows us that we are changing.  There is a web that weaves all places of this light together.  Many of these places hidden behind the veil are being activated again as the Phoenix returns to awaken the memory within us.

There is an etheric bridge that exists between Mount Shasta and Glastonbury England, the place of Avalon, Mount Cook in New Zealand and the mystery school high in the Himalayan Mountains. It is a bridge that links the inner city of Lemuria known as Telos with that of Avalon.  In the Year of Rebirth it is a time when the sword and the chalice join together and the awakening begins on a grand scale.  The remembrance of another time when many souls were called to the lands that exist in a sacred circle of light protected by the violet ray of Saint Germaine.  New Zealand when photographed by NASA many years ago was illuminated in a violet color.  A phenomenon they could not explain. In ancient days the wisdom that was held in the mystery schools of the Himalayan Mountains was transferred to the Temple of the Four Winds in the mystical lands of New Zealand.  Through the star constellation the Southern Cross the Phoenix makes her way back to the realm of the unseen world.     For me there has always been a connection to this mystical land and the Southern Cross.      Join with me as we reconnect to the spirit of Camelot during these days we will spend together creating a circle of powerful light upon the planet and ensuring the return of the earth based religion and a sense of oneness.       The recent release of the movie Avatar that depicts a mythical place that exists somewhere in the future is a depiction of a place that truly exists just beyond the veil. It stirs a deep memory inside each of us to return to this place and this time.     A strong calling has awakened for many to return to the place where the Phoenix enters the world of man and to activate all that is stored in the etheric band.

When I heard the words of James Cameron, the creative vision behind the movie, Avatar give his acceptance speech for winning the Best Movie at the Golden Globe awards, his words touched my heart.  He spoke “that it is time for mankind to realize we are all connected to each other and to the world of nature.  If it takes the imagination (or memory) of a place that exists in our future to do this, than this is the role of cinema”. These words confirmed what I knew in my heart, it is time, and mankind is ready for the veils to be lifted and the memory to be restored.  We will work with the energy of the ancient ones and prepare the way for the group that will journey to the sacred place of ancient Lemuria.  The place that exists just beyond the veil in New Zealand in April of this year.

In the etheric realms Mystery Schools exist, universities of the soul, for those who feel called to follow a sacred path that leads to both knowledge of the Self and of the invisible worlds, where we can learn to awaken and develop our highest potential as spiritual beings. The goal of remembering the Mysteries is the conscious realization of the self as connected with all beings, visible and invisible, on the great Tree of Life, and ultimately with the Divine Source. From this realization comes the power to bring spiritual energies into the physical world for healing, both personal and planetary. The Mysteries are taught through Magick, as a tool for spiritual and psychic development, for those seeking wisdom from the Inner Plane teachers, for the transformation of consciousness, for inspiration and healing. Magick enables us to build a bridge between heaven and earth in order to make positive changes in our world.  This will be our focus during the four days of this seminar.

Do not let it be forgotten that there is an ancient Tradition that belongs to the human race found in the knowledge of those who worshipped the dark mother Goddess, followed the traditions of alchemy and its spiritual aspect in the Hidden Church of the Holy Grail.

The ancient Mysteries used the sign of the Phoenix to symbolize the immortality of the human soul and the great truths of esoteric philosophies revealed only through special initiations. In some ancient Mystery Schools, accepted initiates were referred to as Phoenixes, or those who had been “born again.” We will perform an ancient ceremony to awaken the Phoenix within.  The Old Traditions say the Phoenix existed when the universe was created and that it knows secrets of life and reincarnation even the deities do not know.

For more information and registration please contact Robbyne at 949/361-7729 or [email protected].  As always I will be available for private sessions several days before and during the seminar.

Total cost of the seminar is $550.00

The sessions are as follows:

1/2 channeling – $85.00

1/2 healing –   $85.00 (using the Phoenix Rising Tuning Fork to activate the ancient memories

1 hour channeling – $160.00

1 hour healing –       $160.00

1/2 channeling and 1/2 healing – $160.00

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