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Southern California Workshop March 2016

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Embrace the Essence of the Lion inside as you

Step Into Self Mastery


A one day enchanted experience

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

10:00 – 4:30

San Clemente, California




“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

2016 known as the year of Self Mastery provides greater opportunities than ever to step into our full potential as an awakened being of light.  From the time we are born of this world, we are conditioned by our cultures, religions and society to become a sheep even though we were born a lion.  We lose our true divine essence to feel safe and be accepted.  We begin to live a life that is expected of us instead of the life we were always intended to live as the Master we are.  We become confused with illusion and yet we struggle to realize the dream.

Numerologically 2016 is a nine-year, symbolizing a time of completion, seeking higher wisdom, and gaining clarity to step forward.  In order to remember the gifts that have been woven into our soul essence we must reconnect the Dream Walker and the Surface Walker.

Since early childhood I have always stepped between worlds, that of the unseen and the realm of our human experience.   We are born of this world and are known to those of the unseen world as Surface Walkers.   Our dream walker exists within the realm of the unseen but we have become disconnected.  To find mastery we must reconnect to that part of our soul essence that holds the truth of who we are.  Our human eyes looks outward onto the surface of the world but those with the second sight look beyond the world of form into the Enchanted realms where the Dream Walker exists.


Magick occurs when the human walks in partnership with the unseen to create visible changes in the world around them.  When we become enchanted through the alliance with nature and the reconnection of the Dream Walker and Surface Walker, we remove the stress and pressure of becoming…. by relaxing into just being.  We allow everything to organically blossom inside without the need to push, rush or force.   We take away the worry and fear to experience the enchantment of the moment.  We redefine what it means to be alive.

Joy us for a day of enchantment as you rediscover your true rhythm and step into Self Mastery.  Experience the following:

  • Gain tools and insight that open the secret pathways that lead to the realm of the Dream Walker and the Master within.
  • Discover the ancient Gaelic and Celtic traditions that open one to the second sight.
  • The enchanted ones live in a secret landscape that holds the original vision of the planet.  They are far older than the human. When one learns to access this realm we are able to work with the universal life force that we call the Goddess.
  • Experience deep inner processes to cleanse the ancestral lineage of past karmic patterns and change your DNA.
  • Access the four hidden paths that lead inward allowing the human into the center of the magick crossroads of manifestation.
  • To understand magick is to understand the secret ways of nature.  The mysteries known to the Priestesses of Avalon, those who worked in the healing temples of Isis and the crystal temples of Atlantis
  • Master how to work with the Cloud Wheel, the place of new beginnings.
  • Learn to embody the living light of our water planet to tap into your full creative potential.
  • Discover your connection to the moon bridge and how to work more effectively with the power of the moon cycles.


The investment in this day of enchantment and Self Mastery


Includes all tools, meditations,

rituals, gifts from the enchanted world, sacred teachings,

a light and healthy lunch, afternoon snack


To register please contact Guy at [email protected]   Confirmation and directions will be sent upon receipt of registration and payment.  Space is limited so early registration is highly recommended.  There is so much this Year of Mastery has to offer each of us.  I look forwarded to sharing.

I will also be available for private sessions for those who may be interested in a Soul Life Reading or a Healing and Balancing Session.  Please see description below.  These must be reserved in advance as time is limited.

For a private session please contact me at [email protected]  Sessions are available February 28th, 29th, March 3rd, 4th and 6th.

Soul Life Reading

The focus of this session is to gain clarity and awareness of one’s current Soul Story.   In this session relationships and their purpose of being in one’s life are revealed. Guidance is given to the appropriateness of the relationship and what the soul seeks from the experience. Present life challenges are identified and guidance given to move one through any conflict with grace and ease. Transitional counseling is provided when one finds themselves at a crossroads in their life experience allowing an opportunity to review questions around career, finance, movement and life decisions. A review of the souls energetic blueprint, strengths and destiny are explained. When appropriate, a review of past life experiences influencing the present incarnations are discussed and a course of action to heal and release these memories stored in the consciousness are explored.  Clarity and guidance is offered during the transformational shift one experiences on a deep soul journey.  

Soul Integration/Balancing Session

The purpose of this session is to provide balance and healing to all aspects of the body. Stored within the blueprint of the soul is the memory of all life experiences. By releasing what is stored within the body on an energetic level a sense of health and well-being can be created. When there is physical imbalance the core of the illness or injury is identified and focus placed on rejuvenating the systems within the body structure.  Crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and celestial elemental chimes take one into altered states of awareness and work on realigning ones delicate bio circuitry and energy field.  The plant beings offer their medicine through the essential oils working on all energy bodies.  One will feel  a deep sense of inner peace and balance.   When one finds their still point, clarity and awareness is found.

1 hour session is $200.00     90 minute session is $250.00.   

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