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Song of the Whales-Stradbroke Island, June 2016

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Returning to Australia

Song of the Whales

Weekend Retreat to
Embrace Your Dream Walker
Returning Joy to your Earth Walk

Location:   Whale Watch Resort

Stradbroke Island, Australia

Friday evening, June 24th 
Saturday, June 25th
10:00 – 4:00pm
Sunday, June 26th
9:30 – 3:00

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 Leave the fast world behind as we begin Friday evening with ceremony and meditation along the waters edge to align with the star beings, acknowledging the spirit of the whales and dolphins. This magickal island, sacred to the indigenous people holds an intelligence in the waters. A memory of who we are and why we have come at this time as our beautiful water star continues to evolve. We as stewards can assist in this evolutionary journey as we gather together in sacred space.  As human beings it is our responsible to be expressions of joy. Only when we connect to the enchanted world and the Dream Walker can we find our joy once again. Only when we join together to create sacred space in a loving environment can we find our place of belonging.


2016 Known as the year of Self Mastery provides greater opportunities than ever to step into our full potential as an awakened being of light. In order to remember and bring forth the gifts that have been woven into our soul essence we must reconnect the Dream Walker and the Surface Walker.

The second sight is a gift of the unseen world and given by the faery folk to the human who has developed a relationship of respect, truth and love with the unseen world.   We are born of this world and are known to those of the unseen world as Surface Walkers.   Deep within us is a dream walker that remembers the dream woven into the golden web that joins us each together.   Our dream walker exists within the realm of the unseen.   To find mastery we must reconnect to that part of our soul essence that holds the truth of who we are. It is the source of the quest we have all been on, to reconnect to our dream walker. Our surface eyes looks outward onto the surface of the world. Those with the second sight look beyond the world of form into the Spiritual realms where the Dream Walker exists.

Thoth Egyptian god

The teachings of Thoth offer the oldest spiritual traditions in the world, practiced by those who follow the Ancient Earth Traditions.   Instrumental in assisting the human, known as the Surface Walker to connect with the Dream Walker.   It is the basis of everything as it contains the sum of all knowledge. It is the knowledge of the Priest and Priestesses that were able to work with the elements and travel the pathways to the unseen world.


Occult historians agree that an emerald green tablet was found in a secret chamber under the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, around 1350 BC. Described as a rectangular green plaque with bas-relief lettering in a strange alphabet similar to ancient Phoenician. It is made of emerald green crystal and carries a vibration very similar to the Andara Crystal.  It is knowledge that is heart based not of the ego. There are several dragon lines that connect the sacred sites of Egypt with the ancient lands of Australia. The Egyptians were fully aware of the power of sound healing. This is the knowledge of the whales and dolphins whose sacred sounds create the harmony and balance for our water planet.   Experience the sacred sounds as it realigns your energy bodies bringing a deep sense of inner peace and balance, opening the heart to connect with the dream walker.

In the Cabala, there is a pathway travelled only by mystics, which crosses the center of the abyss.  The mystic safely travels this road above the abyss because of a burning desire to merge with the “Divine Will”, known by those who honour the earth traditions as the Dream Walker.

Thoth, the God of Wisdom and knowledge, created a grid of experience. Electromagnetic in nature to allow for the bipolar aspects of linear time and illusion. It is the grid of illusion we have all been pulled into. As you connect with the dreamwalker you will discover the Merkabah, a mystical vehicle that allows one to access into the unseen to break free of the grid of illusion.

This is a weekend of empowerment, magick, high healing, the reunion of the dream walker and the surface walker to return joy and enchantment into your life experience.

  • Discover the power of the Merkaba, the celestial vehicle of light that allows one to break free from the Grid  of Experience.
  • Learn to walk the cloud path to heighten your intuitive abilities and access hidden knowledge.
  • Experience your connection to the Moon Bridge through sacred ceremony allowing a deeper connection to your dream walker.
  • Regain a sense of joy and sweetness for your journey.
  • Experience deep inner processes to cleanse the ancestral lineage of past karmic patterns and change your DNA.
  • Access the four hidden paths that lead inward allowing the human into the center of the magick crossroads of manifestation through sacred ceremony.
  • Gain tools to support you in navigating through these times of uncertainty and change
  • To understand magick is to understand the secret ways of the mystic.
  • Feed your soul, nurture your spirit, reconnect to your divine essence.

Total investment in yourself for this powerful weekend is $295.00 AUS

Includes all rituals, ceremonial tools, meditations, sacred teachings,

special gifts

that will carry the energy of this weekend

If you would like to register for the weekend please contact Guy at [email protected]

I have secured lovely accommodations at the Whale Watch Resort. These three bedroom units can be shared and offer a nurturing sacred space to integrate the heart opening experiences of this powerful weekend. Please contact Whale Watch Resort directly to secure your accommodations.  Join with others of like mind to  return joy to your experience.  I will also be available for private sessions on Friday, June 24th.  These do need to be scheduled in advance as space is limited.  Please contact me directly if you would like to arrange a private session at [email protected].


T: 07 3409 8555

F: 07 3409 8666

E: [email protected]


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