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Sacred Journey to Spider Rock

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Canyon De Chellys, Arizona

Walking a Path of Beauty

September 5th – September 10th, 2014


Spider Rock in Canyon de Chellys is a place of telluric power where heaven and earth come together. Sacred to the First Nation people of America, a place of spiritual pilgrimage when one is seeking healing, clarity, wisdom and vision.


When life’s journey had become overwhelming and there was great uncertainty, the seeker would come to Grandmother Spider in search of her counsel and guidance. It is said that this is the origin of the Cosmic Spider Web that weaves all of life together and a place where we can remember who we are when we have forgotten. A place to dream once again. A stone person can assist you in focusing your intentions, dispelling confusion and lack of direction. Knowledge based on earth wisdom that can show you when you need to make a course direction. These ancient beings are the oldest children on earth and will share with the one who stops and listens.


During our time we will embrace the ancestral lands of our Native American guardians as we move inter dimensionally between non-ordinary and ordinary reality accessing the source of the cosmic spider web. Here in one of the most powerful energy sites in North America, a collective group can send focused energy into the cosmic web to assist in healing the sacred hoop. Don’t just wish for peace, together we can join our heart light with others and create it.


This is a unique and very special experience to walk on sacred land with the ancestors and Native American guardians. Please be clear that the four nights we experience the magick and connect with the ancestors you will not be staying in a hotel. This experience is for those who wish to make a personal journey to truly connect to source. We will be sleeping in tents and sleeping bags. Everything is provided by our hosts.


I have been privileged to experience the magick of sleeping in the nurturing arms of the earthmother beneath the Pleiades and grand celestial bodies. There are no words to describe what you are gifted when one comes with an open heart.


There is no greater way to experience the dreamtime, connect with ones animal allies and spirit guardians, than to commune with the unseen world. If you want to understand your earth walk you must connect to our earthmother. Here you will find your natural rhythm by listening to her heart beat. If you want to know source you must connect to the celestial bodies that hold the essence of your divine self and the remembrance of your journey here.


Through story telling, ceremony, ritual, quiet reflection and meditation, sitting in places of power and offering love, one will open the Shamanic Mind to the remembrance of your highest purpose and feel the love the unseen world gifts back to support you own personal journey. Grandmother Spider dreamed each of us into this reality and we can weave the web back to the source of our being for great healing, clearing of the emotional imprints, and activation of the dream chakra. This will be an especially powerful journey during the year of the Seed of Life to nourish the seed we each carry in our hearts, that holds our soul’s story and the remembrance of our potential. The seed of our desires and dreams. Our days will be filled with the outer journey to embrace the magnificence of nature, and our nights will create the space for the inner journey of self discovery.



As one sits within the window known as Wind Rock, one can access the power of the ancient winds and hear the voice of the ancestors speaking words of wisdom and direct guidance for your journey. It is here the First Nation people believe the wind was born. A place to find your wings to soar with the Eagle.



Where we will be staying in the sacred canyon, allows us access into the ceremonial wisdom cave for ritual and deep inner journeying. On the night of the Shiva Full Moon, we will actually spend the night at Spider Rock. A very special experience that can transform your life forever.

For those who would like to travel with me, you will need to arrange your flight to arrive into Albuquerque on September 5th. We will travel together to Chinle where we will spend our first night. The next morning we will be met by our Native American hosts, who will guide us into the place of Grandmother spider, as our family weaves together with their family for the next five days. If Grandmother Spider and the ancestors call to your heart and you would like more information regarding the costs as well as a registration form please contact Guy directly at 949/361-7729 or email: [email protected]. Space is limited to 12 for this very intimate journey into the sacred canyon.

Twenty years ago my personal journey began when the ancestors of many nations came to me with guidance. They spoke of walking the rainbow trail to find those of the rainbow nation. Twenty years later we continue to find one another in places all over the world, one nation, one desire to create one world of light and love. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are of the past and we are here to create the future as stewards and guardians of this beautiful water planet. We only need to remember.

Wishing you magick and rainbows, Robbyne



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