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Sacred Journey of the Dark Madonna

Journey Dark Madonna

To Awaken the Divine Feminine


Following the footsteps of Maria Magdalena

September 24th – October 05th 2017

In the Year of the Goddess Awakening, join us as we follow the footsteps of Maria Magdalena embracing the divine feminine. The lost wisdom of the Goddess Sophia, said to have expressed herself into physical form, as Maria Magdalena is stored within the sites we will visit. Known as the breath and the power of God, a reflection of eternal light, Sophia “quickens” or brings life to the one who calls upon her. Sophia’s wisdom and power has been suppressed and many carry the ancient wound of the divine feminine being hidden. Her knowledge is not found in books but in the pages of nature. Stored in the landscape for the priestess who walks between worlds. The veil is open for those who have the courage to reclaim the ancient knowledge. To walk with Sophia is to step fully into your destiny.

As always the journeys are designed to experience the magick of the landscape which opens the spiritual pilgrim to journey inward awakening the Goddess and healing old wounds to the divine feminine. As we begin the next nine-year cycle, this is a magickal time to step boldly with intention to become the full expression of all we were born to be.

We will weave through the landscape of the sites sacred to those who follow the earth religion and those who protected the Goddess. Through the lands of the Cathars and the Templar Knights, journeying deeper into our soul story as we lift the old paradigm with our prayers and earth ceremony. We are each a golden thread in the cloth of the Goddess and together can facilitate change during these delicate and fragile times of transition.

I have designed the journey so there are experiences within the sacred sites as well as the natural world that serves as doorways into ones personal psyche. Here one can develop a stronger relationship with the Goddess. I have taken special care to create time for stillness and experiences where we are not traveling long distances each day so one is able to absorb more fully the beauty of the land and hidden secrets. There will be time for private sessions as well to assist with the integration of this journey.

Day 1 Arrival/Marseille airport – Sunday, September 24th

Transfer to your hotel in Marseille city center. As everyone is arriving on their own schedule you will be responsible for transportation to the hotel.

Day 2 Monday 25th September 2017 Saintes Maries De La Mer

Known as ‘Saint Marys of the Sea’, this small fishing village is located on the south-central coast of the Mediterranean in the Camargue region of Bouches-du-Rhone.  Archaeology, coupled with local legends, confirms the site has been venerated as a holy place since the time of the Celts. The village is known as the “spiritual centre” of the Camargue because of the local belief in the miraculous power of the saints. There is much mystery and lore around the Black Madonna revered by the gypsies of Europe as St. Sarah. The village is set amidst herds of wild horses, black bulls and falmingoes.

Tonight dinner is included and you will have time to experience the beach or enjoy the free jacuzzi/sauna and hamman during your stay.

Day 3 – Tuesday 26 September 2017 – Arles – Saintes Maries De La Mer

In the morning we will discover the fascinating city of Arles. (pronounced Arle) known as the “the soul of Provence”. A source of inspiration and creativity it is here that Van Gogh painted some of his most celebrated works. In the afternoon, we will experience the magick of the Goddess’s handiwork through the incredible scenerary of Camargue on horse back. Arles is an art lover’s paradise.

Dinner and over night in our spa/hotel

Day 4 – Wednesday 27, 2017 – Avignon – Gordes – Sainte Baume

After breakfast, we journey to Avignon and Gordes. The village of Gordes is thought to be one of the most beautiful villages in France. It has narrow cobbled streets which thread their way through tall houses; built against the rock, clinging onto its flanks and whispering the tales of a thousand legends. We continue on to La Sainte Baume where we will spend the night in the Saint Baume Monastery.  Dinner is included

Day 5 – Thursday 28 September 2017 – Sainte Baume – St Maximin

It is here that Maria Magdalena settled in the ancient forest of Sainte Baume inhabited by the goddess of fertility. She lived in this sanctuary the last thirty years of her life sharing the teachings of the Church of the Rose. In her beautiful grotto her presence is felt for the spiritual pilgrim seeking guidance and healing. As one ascends into the mystical cave of the grotto one will feel they are walking on holy ground and a sanctuary dedicated to Isis.   We will spend time in the enchanted forest connecting on a deeper level to the wisdom that remains in the natural world. After lunch we continue our journey to Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume.

In the year 1279, excavations of the crypt beneath a small church in St. Maximin France uncovered first century tombs along with a surprising find: a sarcophagus made of marble. Charles II, the Count of Provence who led the excavation, claims he was spurred to do so by a dream in which Mary Magdalene appeared to him. When the sarcophagus was opened, a “wonderful and very sweet smell” was noted by all present to emanate from inside, which they believed to be symbolic of the perfume Mary Magdalene poured on the feet of Jesus before his death. Maria Magdalena was well versed in the healing properties of essential oils and alchemy. She shared this wisdom with those who practiced the ancient earth religion through ritual and ceremony. We will visit the church, the crypt and the monastery of St Maximin. Returning to our hotel for dinner and a meditation to integrate the experience of the day.  Dinner is included

Day 6 – Friday 29th September – Sainte Baume – Region of the Cathars

This morning after breakfast we are leaving the Provence region for the region of Languedoc where we will be staying in our medieval chateau. Healing sessions and Soul Life readings will be available in the evening as we relax into the stillness of this special place.  Dinner is included

Day 7 – Saturday, September 30th – Rennes Le Chateau – Rennes Les Bains

After breakfast, we arrive early in the famous village of Rennes le Chateaux. Rennes Le Chateau is located in an unspoiled area of southern France and is known as a “doorway to heaven”, a vibrational doorway that absorbs the atmosphere of this mystical landscape. There are many mysteries surrounding Rennes Le Chateau that link this mysterious village with the Holy Grail, the Ark of Noah, the Ark of the Covenant and the treasures of the Temple of Solomon. The modern reputation of Rennes-le-Château rises from rumors concerning the local priest in the late nineteenth century, Bérenger Saunier, who was alleged to have mysteriously acquired and spent large sums of money. We will visit the powerful church encoded with sacred symbols and ancient wisdom. The church carries a mystical energy and serves as a portal positioned on the dragon line that runs through the Temple of Isis in Aswan, Egypt. We will also visit the Tower of the Magdalene allowing each individual their own personal experience in the energy vortex. A deep connection to the Goddess Sophia can be felt in the surrounding landscape of this powerful region of light. Both the shadow and light are found and one has an opportunity to discover the hidden imprints that manifest as insecurity and doubt to be healed with awareness and truth.  Dinner is included

After Rennes le chateaux, we will continue with the discovery of Rennes les Bains. This slightly bigger village is famous for its “hot springs”, its magickal nature, and is for many, an important “vortex”. During the antiquity the romans would come to this region to receive the benefit of the healing power of the hot springs and the energy of the area.

We will take the afternoon to discover the surroundings and to enjoy the mystical beauty of nature and the healing properties of the hot springs.

After a full day of encountering the Goddess through sacred ceremony in the natural world we return to our hotel. Dinner and over night in our medieval chateau.

Day 8 Sunday, 1st, October – Montseguer – Nabias Forest

This morning we depart early in order to be the first ones to enter the Montségur castle. The eternal symbol of Catharism and “the Church of Love” the citadel set high atop a rocky and steep mountain trail is the place of the courageous men, women and children’s last resistance. In May 1243 in order to appease the pope, the King of France instituted a ten month blockade of Montsegur. A 15 day truce was negotiated in May of 1244, but in the end the Cathars had to choose to renounce their faith or perish through fire at the stake. 220 Cathars chose to perish in the flames.   This is a place that is hard describe with words. A 45 minute hike allows one to reflect on their souls journey. At the top, one is able to reclaim their truth. Here we will perform sacred ceremony of transformation through a rebirthing process. This is a true pilgrimage of the soul and a defining moment of ones journey. Courage and strength can be found in the landscape to support one in stepping forward.

We descend from the sacred temple of the Cathars, into the surrounding village for lunch. Afternoon we journey to the Nebias Forest. In this dense and ancient forest of standing tall ones, timeless limestone rocks, and the magick of the unseen world, one can absorb the telluric energy and magick the temple of the Goddess offers to those who approach with an open heart.

This is an evening to integrate the powerful energy shifts of the day. I will be offering healing and balancing sessions as well as Soul Life Readings this evening. Dinner and overnight in our medieval chataeu.  Dinner is included

Day 9 – Monday 2, October – Bugarach – Gorges de Galamus

Mount Bugarach and the surrounding area are shrouded in mystery and myth, and seem to have drawn people toward it for centuries. The mountain itself is a geological anomaly, since its top layers are millions of years older than its bottom ones, making it an ‘‘upside down mountain.’’

After the mountain we will refresh in the gorgeous Gorges of Galamus as we discover the hermitage of Saint Antoine and its chapel situated in a natural cave that has been used for spiritual practices for centuries. A holy site of the ancient ones who followed the path of the Goddess.

Dinner and overnight in our medieval chateau. Private sessions will be available for Soul Life Readings or Balancing and Integration.  Dinner is included

Day 10 – Tuesday 3rd October -Barcelona

After breakfast our journey continues as we travel to Barcelona, Spain. Home of fabulous food, art, culture and the gateway to a powerful Dark Madonna. The afternoon will be free to explore the sites and tastes of this fascinating city as well as integrate and have time for stillness or retail therapy. You are on your own for dinner to experience the culinary delights. You may choose to take in a traditional flamingo dance show or visit the renowned Gaudi outdoor park. (I highly recommend this feast for your eyes)

Day 11 – Wednesday 4th October 2017 – Barcelona – Montserrat

After breakfast we will explore the fantastic Sagrada de Familia. The masterpiece of Gaudi is a celebration of color, mystical poetry and free flowing design. Gaudi took his inspiration from nature and I have never experienced such beauty or play on light in this magnificent creation to the Goddess. My breath was literally taken away as I stepped through the doorway of this grand expression of love for the first time.

Afternoon we will explore the abbey of Montserrat. Montserrat, whose name means ‘serrated mountain’. The home of one of the most powerful Dark Madonna’s is ideally located to play an important role in the cultural and spiritual life of Catalonia. It is Catalonia’s most important religious retreat. Our final evening together, and again private sessions will be offered. 

Day 12 – Thursday, 5th of October, 2017   Barcelona Airport Transfer

Departure and end of the journey. After breakfast, transfer to Barcelona El Prat airport to weave the web to our individual homes. Please note if your departure is outside the transfer times you will be responsible for you own transfers.

Map of our journey


12 days/11 nights

Shared twin (2 beds) or double room shared with King Bed      4375 pp

Single Room (Private)                                                                     4825€ pp

Prices are in EURO click here XE Currency Converter


Included in the price

  • A bilingual guide
  • Entry fees for all activities in the program
  • 11 nights accommodations
  • Horseback ride in Arles
  • Picnic lunch on Day 5
  • All breakfasts beginning on Day 2
  • All the dinners (except for Day 1, Day 10 and Day 11)
  • Ground transportation with a private air conditioned coach
  • All meditations and sacred ceremonies
  • All tools for ceremonies
  • Unexpected Magick around every corner
  • Airport transfer in Barcelona, Spain within tour times

Not included in the price

  • International and domestic flights
  • Lunch except for the picnic lunch on Day 5
  • Drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Travelers Insurance******
  • Private sessions (Soul Life Readings or Energy Balancing and Integration Healing sessions)
Please contact Guy Seaman at [email protected] for Registration form and details about payment schedule and Terms and Conditions
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