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Sacred Ireland and the Isle of Iona

Isle of Iona

September 8th through the 13th, 2020

10 Days of Enchantment with two individual journeys
for the Activation of the 33 petals of the Cosmic Rose
Experience the Alliance of the human world
with the world of fae and the enchanted ones.

Imramma journey

Iona, a mystical island in Scotland, serves as a time machine carrying us back through multiple lifetimes to tap into our soul story.   To be on this mystical floating island connected to the library of Atlantis, one has an opportunity to shatter all illusion in the totality of the eclipse and come into the wisdom of the universe.  There is a Celtic saying that heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in the thin places of sacred sites, that distance is even smaller, allowing a second sight through the veil.

Goddess Dana

Sacred Ireland and the lands of the

Tuatha De Dannan

September 13th to 18th

Long ago a vow of allegiance was taken by the people of the Tuatha de Danann.  Their story would become a legend. They were known as the people who entered into landscape of Northern Ireland, the Enchanted Ones.  This is my ancestry and my people.  The last Kings of the Dragon Lineage.  Many would remain behind the veils of time and place; others would incarnate into the world of human to live by The Code of the Dragon and maintain the alliance with the unseen.  As our earthly existence reaches a critical turning point many are called to activate the synchronic line of the Dragon to open the veil once again.

red rose pedal

The Path of the Rose is a journey of discovery seeing the beauty and sanctity for all life.  It is a philosophy of living our highest potential, honoring the mysteries and personal manifestations of life.  A path that celebrates individuality and creativity but seeks to create a kinder, gentler world.  It requires a personal dedication which inspires one to lead the life they were always intended to live and brings a deep sense of inner peace that honors the ancestors and the spirit of nature.

Iona known as Aberuk, which means a ‘distant place of the heart’, was once inhabited by a mystical community. The Hyperboreans, who were descendants of a Sirian star race, identified Iona as Iuma, meaning ‘bright land’. It was then part of the continent of Scotland before the event which sent Atlantis to the depths.

There is a deep connection in these lands with Egypt as many of the Egyptian teachings which are part of the Path of the Rose, are found within the Druid practices. Egypt was originally a colony of Atlantis, and the true source of the Druids. The land of Iona called the Atlanteans to its shore after the great cataclysm so many who step through the veil on Iona feel a deep sense of coming home. The land has seen many people and civilizations exist upon its surface since the beginning of time and the rocks of Iona are said to be the oldest elders on the earth.  Once home to the Priestesses of Ank, they welcomed individuals into their sanctuary for periods of instruction and often healing. Those brought to the island were selected through a process which included scrying. Scrying is the magickal art of viewing events at a distance in time and space through a reflective

These sacred places constructed along the strongest points of energy serve as acupuncture needles anchoring the prayers and thoughts of all who enter into these holy places as guardians of the Dragon lineage.  Arteries of energy that flow along the synchronic lines flow directly to the mystical Island of Iona and the enchanted lands of the Tuatha de Danann in Ireland. When one steps through the veil in these mystical places dormant memories become activated in our consciousness and the purpose of our personal journey for this next decade can be revealed.

As our ancestors have done from the beginning of time, we honor the cycles and the seasons that remind us of the ever-changing flow of life that we are a part of.  Ritual acts give life meaning. They also honor and acknowledge the unseen web of Life that connects us all when performed at key intersections on the dragon lines.

Below please find the outline of our journey through this sacred landscape.

SEPTEMBER 8th    Please plan to arrive at the Glasgow, Scotland Airport no later than noon. Onwards we travel by coach to Oban.   We begin to move through the veils across sacred water known as an Imramma as we journey from the Island of Mull to the mystical interdimensional Isle of dreams Iona. Tonight, we connect to the spirit of the land as we invite the ancestors to walk with us during our time here.

Iona landscape

SEPTEMBER 9th     Today we journey to the St. Columba’s beautiful Bay at the Back of the Ocean for ceremony via faery mounds and Sithean More, the Hill of the Angels as we go deeper into the teachings of the Path of the Rose.  Overnight on Iona.

Iona landscape

SEPTEMBER 10th   After breakfast we visit the enchanted Hermit’s Cell thought to be the sacred centre of Iona, a small circle of stones and a place of healing with stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean to the island of Tiree. According to tradition this was the Faery Fortress of Taliesin, the bard and oracular priestess Bridgit. This is a place to receive vision and guidance for one’s journey. We continue our journey into the unseen as we climb to the sacred hill of Dun.  This is a place of initiation where lies the sacred holy well of St Columba. Free time in the afternoon. Overnight Iona.

Chapel Iona

SEPTEMBER 11th Today we journey to St Oran’s Chapel – the oldest remaining building on the island where we will have a candlelight ceremony on our last day. Afternoon is free for you to explore the island on your own, for meditation and inner reflection.  I will be available for private sessions.  Overnight Iona.

forest temple


SEPTEMBER 12th – After breakfast we say goodbye to the Isle of Dreams taking the ferry to Mull and continuing our journey from Mull to Oban as we return to the mainland moving through the veils.  We travel by coach to Dumbarton near Glasgow Airport. Enroute we visit the stone circles at Temple Wood in the Kilmartin Valley for our closing ceremony. Overnight Dumbarton.

SEPTEMBER 13thTravel to from Glasgow, Scotland to Belfast,Ireland  Airport for onward transfers and flights departing from 2:00 pm onwards.

For those who are journeying on to the land of the Tuatha De Dannan you will want to book the following flight:

Glasgow to Belfast on the 13th Sept is the EasyJet flight  #EZY 466 departing at 15.35.

For those called to continue onward, below please find the outline of our journey through the sacred landscape of the Tuatha De Dannan.  It is time to awaken the earth wisdom contained in the sacred vessel of the landscape.

SEPTEMBER 13th – Group rendezvous at Belfast International Airport.

This afternoon we journey together to our Hotel near Cookstown. We settle in and acclimate for our journey through the sacred lands.   Tonight, we gather for orientation and an opening ceremony to open the veils connecting to the Tuatha de Danann and enchanted ones. Overnight Cookstown.

Fairy people

As we journey into sacred groves, stone circles and landscapes on our external pilgrimage we have an opportunity to journey into the inner sacred grove within our own awareness.  Here there is an interaction with the faery folk, the ancestors, our animal guides and spiritual teachers.  Being in the arms of nature nourishes our soul and we find meaning to what we seek, belonging, purpose, and connection.

Neolithic Beaghmore

SEPTEMBER 14th – Today we journey to the seven stone circles, at the Neolithic Beaghmore and the “dragon’s teeth” stones, known to be a portal to another dimension. The energy found in this site is a combination of strong male energy and divine feminine energy. This union allows two worlds, the dreaming time and earth time to unify creating a powerful center for manifestation and creative potential.  Here we will activate the Dragon Lines in ancient Ceremony awakening the sleeping dragon.  Bheitheach Mhór, a beautiful woodland found in this region means “big place of birch trees”.   Birch, sacred to the ancestors of many cultures is the symbol of new beginnings, regeneration, hope, new dawns and the promise of what is to come.  This is a place of mystery and a powerful place to align with your divine essence.  The afternoon is free to meditate, journal and reflect on the transformative experiences of these sacred places. Overnight Cookstown.

neolithic Giants Ring

SEPTEMBER 15th – Today we visit the neolithic Giants Ring with the powerful dolmen in its center.  Together we will perform earth ceremony deepening our connection to the unseen world and the Dragon lines.  We continue to Navan Fort, the ancient ceremonial monument dedicated to the Goddess Macha for Ceremony and an inner journey to activate the divine spark within.   Overnight Cookstown.

forest dragon

SEPTEMBER 16thToday we travel to the ancient Druid site of Altadaven Wood and Boa Island on Loch Erne with its hazel wood, faery tree and Janus stone.   Wondrous magick awaits those with a pure heart as we perform ceremony to align one with their higher purpose.  The magickal Forest of hazel trees, known as the bringer of change, promotes love and creativity. It allows a person to shed their baggage, opening themselves up to their full potential.  We will journey onward to the mysterious Demon Cliff where there is a large stone chair straddling a narrow space on the path. The chair sits on the dragon line amplifying the thoughts of manifestation for the one who sits on the stone.  Free time in the afternoon for reflection, stillness and meditation. Overnight Cookstown.

magic stones

SEPTMEBER 17th    Today we visit the Giants Causeway and Whitepark Bay. Weaving through timelines as we recommit to the Code of the Dragon through ancient ritual and ceremony. The sand on the beach is mixed with chalk from the cliff face which gives it such a fine consistency that when the wind blows a certain way one can hear the sand “sing” with vibration.  Within the are the remains of passage tombs considered sacred to the ancients, it serves as a portal to the Otherworld.  A place for thinking, dreaming and a connection with your higher self.  Overnight Cookstown.

September 18th

Transfer to the Belfast airport please make flights after 2:00pm

Total Costs include:

  • 10 nights First rate accommodations throughout the journey
  • Three course dinner
  • Fully Cooked breakfast
  • All inland coach transportation in our private coach.
  • All Ferry tickets
  • Airport transfer if within tour schedule
    Guide fees
  • Entrance fees to the sacred sites
  • All taxes
  • Ritual tools for ceremonies at the sacred sites
  • All meditations and ceremonies to connect more deeply
  • Teachings of the Path of the Rose to activate the 33 petals of the cosmic heart.

 Not included:

  • International and domestic flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunches
  • Laundry
  • Gratuities

I am offering the journey as two separate tours for those who only wish to participate in either the Isle of Iona, Scotland or the Ireland journey of the Tuatha de Dannan.

The price for each tour is £2500 per person in shared occupancy

£375 per person if you request a single room.

The price if two tours are taken is discounted to £4500 

£375 per person total for both the Ireland and Scotland tours.

A non-refundable Deposit of £1000 per person will secure a place.  Balance due by June 15th, 2020. Payment by international wire transfer or those in the states can send a check converted to the US Dollars.   If you are called to join the Path of the Rose please contact Guy at [email protected] for a registration form.

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