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Returning to Switzerland

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Two Workshops and

Private sessions available

Be Empowered with Dragon Magick

Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant

Ceremonial Leader, Earth Walker, Spiritual Teacher

Keeper of the Old Lore


The extraordinary can occur in the lives of ordinary people when one opens to the unseen world of earth magick. When you set off on a magickal path, you must surrender to a greater power, for you will encounter things that you will never understand. If we are not living our destiny we often feel out of sync with our experience.  We lack joy, passion, and at times abundance and loving relationships, and yet this was always what we were intended to experience.  

Tagungszentrum Boldern Boldernstrasse 83 CH – 8708 Männedorf www.boldern.ch

Zurich, Switzerland

Saturday, September 28, 2013

10:00am – 4:30pm


includes all ritual tools and ceremonies

 Our Greatest Responsibility is to Love Deeply and Unconditionally as we practice compassion in our daily lives

This day is designed to help you reconnect to your Divine Self as we merge the past and the future into the present. Align with your destiny and Be Empowered by Dragon Magick.

  • Experience through ritual and ceremony your connection with the mythical beings, Unicorn, Pegasus, Phoenix and Dragon to open your intuitive abilities and restore balance by creating a deep connection to the four elements.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of ritual in your life.
  • Be empowered as you experience the power of Dragon Magick to help you step through fear and uncertainty.
  • Experience EB the obsidian crystal skull to activate your own personal timing. Obsidian is the stone of the shaman.  When one sits with this ancient stone being, ones personal journey is revealed. 
  • Feel your entire bio circuitry rewired as the beautiful melodic sounds of crystal singing bowls from Mount Shasta bring you into a state of deep inner peace and bliss, shattering old illusions of lack and unworthiness. 
  • Reawaken The Spirit of Avalon as you remember the Code of the Dragon.
  • Experience the Andara Crystal, the Lemurian stone of unconditional love to open the heart and restore a sense of inner peace.
  • Receive the messages of all Masters from the fifth dimensional lands of Tibet as you feel the dragon activated within your soul and discover the power of Tonglen, the Tibetan practice of giving and receiving for high healing.

Join us for a powerful day to retrace your souls journey, transform your life, gain insight and clarity as you step with confidence into the future you are creating. For registration and complete details for the workshop please contact Nicola Linder – [email protected] Private appointments for soul life readings and vibrational healing sessions to align and balance the delicate energy body with the crystal singing bowls and tuning forks available.   ½ hour reading – $90.00 ½ healing session – $90.00 1 hour healing – $175.00 1 hour reading – $175.00 ½ hour healing and ½ reading – $175.00 Please contact Nicola Linder to schedule a personal session for a reading or healing  at [email protected] For those who would like to explore on a deeper level the immense benefits of vibrational healing, I am offering a one day intensive on working with the tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and high vibrational oils.

Vibrational Healing

10:00am – 4:30pm


For healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual light body

 Sunday, September 29th

Tagungszentrum Boldern Boldernstrasse 83 CH – 8708 Männedorf www.boldern.ch

Zurich, Switzerland



Our Energy is an invisible, living electromagnetic field. The body is more than a receptor, more than a physical vehicle; it is an instrument of super conscious awareness with a direct line to the soul.  During this one day intensive in vibrational healing, focus will be on the power of sound, utilizing the whale and dolphin frequencies, the higher celestial frequency of the new Honey Bee Tuning Fork to altar the imbalance in ones DNA, opening the heart chakra to clear karmic imprints and old belief systems that hold one back from moving forward.  Emphasis on clearing trauma, past life cellular imprints, environmental toxins, congested meridian lines that create physical imbalance, and healing distorted energy lines that create depression and anxiety.

Sound therapy is now widely acknowledged as one of the most powerful vibrational healing modalities. With a wide variety of applications and techniques, sound therapy combines precise procedures with intuitive intervention. From hearing the first sounds of a mother’s heart beat in the womb, we intrinsically experience sound as a natural form of healing energy. ??Sound harmonics or overtones produce powerful results in dissolving blockages in the subtle energy field. We begin this day with a personal clearing of your own cellular imprints as you experience an energy clearing and rewiring of your own delicate biocircutry through the sound therapy of the crystal singing bowls.

  • Experience the healing shift of water vibrating with the sacred sounds to clear blocks and energetic congestion. 
  • Experience the Temple of Sacred Sound connected to the Sirian Star as your learn to communicate with the Dolphin and Whale beings to activate a direct connection for these higher healing frequencies. 
  • Gain and understanding of how working with sacred geometry can enhance the healing qualities of the tuning forks.
  • Experience and gain insight into the healing techniques of working with the tuning forks to realign the bio circuitry in the human energy field supporting. 
  • Gain an understanding of the knowledge the ancients had in the use of sound to change cellular memory and activate the living intelligence of our sacred waters in our cellular programming.
  • Essential oils serve the same function in the plant as blood does in the human body. Their complex chemical constituents cleanse, protect, oxygenate, nourish, and offer many therapeutic benefits to the human.  Experience and discover the healing properties of plant medicine with an explanation of how the White Wolf Essences can enhance the healing properties of the tuning forks and crystal singing bowls.

Please contact Nicola Linder to schedule a personal session for Vibrational healing at [email protected]

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