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Mount Tamborine – Path of the Rose

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Venue Change for the Total Lunar Eclipse


Path of the Rose

Mount Tamborine, Australia

Saturday, July 28th

10:00 – 4:30pm


***New Location: Cedar Creek Lodge
Address Corner Cedar Creek Falls Road,
Tamborine Mountain Qld 4272
Ph: (07) 5545 1468


Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant
Wisdom Keeper, Ceremonial Leader, Spiritual Messenger


Enlightenment is not a spiritual goal we are trying to obtain, it is something that we can live at any time by choosing love, kindness, compassion and wisdom over judgment, separation, anger and fear. As we move through the final phase of the recalibration of our emotional bodies culminating with the total lunar eclipse on July 28th we have an opportune time to truly break down the subtle core fears and feelings of lack that diminish our light.  Activating the dragon heart is key to anchoring in the higher energies available to us at this time.

When those who follow the path of the Rose gather in sacred ceremony, the spirit of the Dragon is awakened and clarity for our journey comes streaming into our conscious thoughts. The Path of the Rose, the sacred teachings of Sophia, has been followed by Isis, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalena, Saint Francis of Assisi and holds the keys to our evolution.  Ancient wisdom guarded by the dragons who return to assist humanity whenever the earth is experiencing quantum leaps of growth. This is a day of healing, as you experience sound bathing restoring balance to your emotional body. An invitation to accept the gifts being offered from the master teachers of all cultures, and an opportunity to breakthrough limiting belief systems as you fully embrace the magnificence of being and allowing. We are here to make a difference, together we are here to create change that will impact our world.  We can not do it without joining together in a shared vision.  Together we are creation in motion.

Our venue has changed by divine intervention to create a sacred space held within the celestial arms of Mount Tamborine but also supported by the plant beings of the enchanted forest and the spirit of the waterfall, forming ribbons of celestial light that will support our day allowing us to flow effortlessly onto the Path of the Rose.

When those who follow the path of the Rose gather in sacred ceremony, the spirit of the Dragon is awakened and clarity for our journey comes streaming into our conscious thoughts.

  • The Path of the Rose provides tools to support your emergence into the greatest version of you.
  • Learn to work with the dragon lines, a vast multilayered web similar to our nerve cells connected to the circulation and nervous system of the earth mother, assisting us in finding balance and solid footing as we continue to move through a cycle of radical change.
  • Activate the dragon heart to manifest the dream you carry inside in sacred ceremony at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse.
  • Experience the healing affect of the Ocean singing bowl that holds the song of the whales to navigate your personal journey and the celestial chimes.  These gifts of the elemental kingdom restore balance and chakra clearing as your cells are massaged with the beautiful vibration of universal sounds.
  • Allow yourself to be bathed in sound to alleviate stress, fear and discomfort.
  • Invoke divine power to call upon the celestial mountain to receive the spiritual energy you need to attain your goals.
  • Receive the blessings of Kuan Yin to trust the unfolding plan of your own divine path


Total investment including all tools for rituals and ceremonies

Meditations, magickal teachings and personal gifts is

$200.00 AUS

To register please contact [email protected]

I will also be available for Soul Life Readings to gain insight and guidance for your personal journey as you awaken to your true potential.  For more information regarding availability please contact me at [email protected].  These must be scheduled in advance as space is limited.

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