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Return to the Magick of Camelot

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Return to Innocence and

The remembrance of Camelot

Sunday, August 30, 2009

11:00 – 2:00pm

Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant

420 11th Street

Huntington Beach, California


The magick of Camelot existed around 500 AD during a time after years and years of conflict and strife, when one man and the power of the Goddess were able to restore balance to a troubled world. For many years Camelot existed and the world of Faery lived harmoniously with the world of man.  This was a time when the Church of Rome was in harmony with the Church of the Rose.  Eventually consciousness fell, through greed and ego, such has been the legacy of mankind time and again. The world went into darkness and Avalon went into the mists. It is a story that has repeated itself and resulted in many ancient cities moving behind the veil such as Mount Shasta and Machu Picchu.   Our world is in a similar state of affairs, torn apart by hate and greed, overcome with fear and separation, and yet everything shows us that we are changing.   During the recent Total Solar Eclipse the Dark Mother Goddess stepped through the veil and returned as she had promised, to once again walk with mankind to return to a time of innocence.

There is a bridge that exists between Mount Shasta and Glastonbury England, the place of Avalon.  It is a bridge that links the inner city of Lemuria known as Telos with that of Avalon.  It is on the sacred mountain at the time of the lunar eclipse in 2003 that I was guided to travel to Glastonbury for a very special alignment, known as the Harmonic Concordance.  At this time the sword and the chalice came together once again symbolizing we were moving towards the time of the return of the Goddess and the remembrance of the earth based religion.    This is also the place where the Andara crystal was taken back into the realm of Avalon and returned with the blessing of the Goddess to assist in awakening mankind.    During this special afternoon I will share with you the significance of the chalice and the sword as we perform the ritual of the sacred marriage unifying the male and the Goddess within.

It has been said that the Black Madonna will be the key to bringing mankind together once again as it is she that transcends all faiths, all religions and all beliefs.  She belongs to no particular religion and yet she belongs to each of us.  There is a great awakening occurring and the remembrance of this time is stirring deep within the hearts of those who once answered to the call of the Goddess.

In a castle, built from the memory of ancient times, you will begin to remember the magick that exists parallel to our world as the world of faery and enchantment once again join with the human world.  During this magickal afternoon you will learn to connect with the fairy realm and discover the child inside who still holds the memory of times long ago.  I have never experienced such enchantment in a special place as in the home of the Lady of the castle, Krickett. I am honored that she has so graciously opened her home to all of us to experience the enchantment.      Join me as we reconnect to the spirit of Camelot.  You will learn to communicate to the faery kingdom, you will learn how to honor the elemental world and summon them to work your magick.  Magick is the power to bring forth the elements to create beauty, joy and love for the world.  The nature spirits always reveal themselves to those who come with an open heart and acknowledge their world. Experience the blessings of the Black Madonna and feel yourself being filled with the Magenta ray, which is the color, associated with the Dark Lady.

The cost for this afternoon of Enchantment is $90.00

Includes all ceremonial tools, rituals, teachings and a delicious Faery Tea created for the Goddesses.

Please RSVP Robbyne at 949-361-7729 or [email protected]

Payment in advance is required to reserve your space

please mail to:  White Wolf Journeys

40 Via Zaragoza San Clemente, CA 92672

Space is limited to a small group so early registration is recommended

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