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Oneness Seminar Switzerland

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Healing the Sacred Waters

Saturday, September 10th

A personal journey to the source of the sacred waters

and activation of the ancient Song Lines with

Evening Full Moon Meditation


10:00 – 4:30

Full Moon Celebration

7:00 – 10:00pm

Private sessions will be available on Friday, September 9th
Those who wish to only attend the Full Moon Celebration the cost
Is $85.00, which includes all tools and rituals

This will be a powerful personal journey, retracing the steps of the Divine Feminine to reclaim ones truth and sense of higher purpose. As we walk together on sacred land we will pause along the path to reflect, remember and heal the imprint of the past through various ceremonies and processes. The old energies of guilt, burden, suppression and loss shall be transformed as your footsteps shift the vibration in the sacred hoop.  As water beings living on a water planet, the living waters within our cells hold the memory of who we are and why we have come.  Something magickal transpires when we approach the natural world with love and respect.  As we pray and make an offering to those in the unseen world a wondrous exchange of love and healing occurs.  When many gather to perform sacred ritual at the source of sacred water, a powerful healing takes place.  This will be an all day experience that will create a profound change in your life.  We walk together, equal, divine beings of light offering the greenstone of the Waitaha nation, the people of the rainbow tribe into the waterways that flow into the three seas of Europe.  Water, the sacred element of the Goddess holds a unique intelligence and the memory of your soul story.  I am carrying Pounamu, blessed in the source of the Arahura River, which will be charged in sacred ceremony in Uluru at the time of the Total Lunar eclipse. As we record a new vision into the stones and lovingly place them in the source of the rivers, imagine the healing that can occur for all of humanity.  Throughout the day we will connect with the three aspects of the Goddess healing the old Maria Magdelena imprint.

Tonight we celebrate the Full Moon Of September known as the Harvest Moon with ceremony and ritual from many cultures and faiths as the cosmic wheel turns once more.  Together we will perform several water rituals honoring many different cultures that comprise the rainbow nation.  Water is symbolic of the universal womb, birth, fertility and the Great Mother. It is life destroying and life giving. Water is used to cleanse and/or purify psychically and physically to aid in remembering and to activate the dreaming time where we create all.      To register for either event or to order the Andara crystal elixir please contact Karin Wolf at [email protected]

Just a reminder for those who are interested in the Andara Crystal Elixir charged with the vibrational frequency of Uluru at the time of Total Lunar Eclipse please place your order no later than July 1st as I have found I will be traveling in the United States and will have limited time to prepare the elixirs.  I have just added some wondrous new healing vibrations from the tree and seed spirits that open the shamanic mind and provide tremendous support to move through the energy shift these three eclipses will bring forth as well as support the activation of the 11:11 code.  There is even a new mandala known as unity, which has been added to the elemental series that each person is tested for.

A Shamanic Journey to the Spider Rock is now confirmed for the Autumn Equinox for a very special dreamtime journey that will occur late September and beginning of October.  The journey will encompass a very special experience staying on the land in a sacred place of the ancestors.  Spider Rock, the source of the cosmic web sits on the same ley line, as Uluru and we will share a unique experience with the guardians of the sacred ancestral land.   The journey will be followed by a special experience to Mesa Verde, the place of the Anasazi wisdom keepers and completing the journey in Mount Shasta.  After having lived in Mount Shasta this year many new energy vortexes have been activated and opened so this will be a completely different journey than any previous experiences in Mount Shasta.  Each journey will be created a separate dreamtime experience.  You may choose to participate in all of the experiences or you may be called to only one of these unique inner journeys of awakening while connecting to the spirit of the land and the ancestral guardians. I will be sending the full program shortly with dates, suggested flight information and details.

We are now entering an accelerated energy where we will be tested to step into our Mastery and open our hearts as a clear vehicle of love.  As we move forward together there can be no place for jealousy, judgment or anger.  Being less than who you are serves no person.  Use your words to empower another and remember what you give energy to will manifest.

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