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The Path of the Rainbow Serpent

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing the heart

South Island, New Zealand

April 11 – April 21, 2011

Guided by Robbyne LaPlant

Our ancient ancestors all over the world discovered how to maximize their human abilities by communicating with the unseen world and awakening the shamanic mind for healing, problem solving and vision through spiritual journeys to sacred sites of power.   On a spiritual journey we see the world with different eyes and hear the wisdom of the natural world.  From ancient times, shamans have worked with the spirits of nature for healing and knowledge. Sitting in the stillness of a great stone sanctuary or amongst a grove of magnificent trees can return a sense of harmony and balance during these times of transition and change.  Our world is rapidly changing externally and we must change our personal story to create a new dream.

2011 is the Year of the Rainbow Serpent. Indigenous Australians believe that the Rainbow Serpent is the source of all life. Since spirituality is derived from a sense of belonging to the land or its people, the Rainbow Serpent is named for the snake-like meandering of water across a landscape. Dream time stories share that the Rainbow Serpent came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upward.

The Rainbow Serpent, a personification of fertility, is a creator of human beings. Stories from all corners of the world arise from the belief that the rainbow offers us hope. The ancient Egyptians considered the serpent to be a sacred symbol of the knowledge of the universe.   The Rainbow Serpent gave life to the Rainbow Tribe which consists of everyone, native and non-native , that believes that only in our coming together as a tribe of one nation, one people, of all colors, all faiths and all religions, will we reach the understanding and sense of inner peace and love we all seek.

Today the Rainbow Tribe is many small groups coming together with focused intention. Those of the Rainbow Nation understand that Mother Earth is a living entity to be loved and protected, with Father Sky watching us from above. We understand that the four directions (East, South, West and North) hold power and should be celebrated and honored. Those awakened ones, understand that this is the Time of Transition.  We are the faith keepers, the messengers, the healers and teachers who walk upon the Earth at this time.    We recognize everyone and everything as equal.  The Rainbow Serpent is awake and opening the doorways of the dream time, so we,  can dream the vision of oneness and manifest the vision of the ancient ones.

This a very special journey of healing the serpent line that runs through Aotearoa, quite significant during the Year of the Rainbow Serpent to heal the old illusion of mankind.

Monday April 11 Christchurch to Akaroa

You will be met  at the Christchurch airport  and transported to our accomodations in Akaroa.  As we weave the invisible web together, our journey to heal the land and dream a new dream begins with our first gathering and evening meditation.  Together we will perform a special water ritual to heal, cleanse, purify and unleash the magick of one’s full potential as we begin to connect with our dream.  We join together as one consciousness to send healing to the land and all beings, connecting to the spirit of earthquake and allowing all that is no longer part of our journey to shake away.

Tuesday April 12 Akaroa

This morning we will connect with the spirit of whale.  For the ancestors, whale is the keeper of the history of mankind.  Whale can guide us on our personal journey for a deep clearing of layers of illusion and old patterns that no longer serve us and have created the false belief of separation.  You will discover the healing power of sound as we work with the crystal singing bowls and the sound of the whale to release ancient memory of your soul’s purpose and activate the 11:11 code stored on a cellular level.    Tonight we find our home in the energies of Castle Hill and will perform a powerful celebration of life activating the living waters to open us to the unseen world of the dream time.

Wed April 13 Castle Hill

Today we will spend time in the marae of the ancient gardeners to plant the seeds for our individual dreams and the dream of the planet with a powerful ritual.    Over the next two days while we experience the mystery of Castle Hill, we will travel the path of learning, culminating with a rebirthing ceremony at the Mother stone, creating the full expression of the new dream.  This is a source of celestial light being emanated to the planet from ANDROMEDA and identified by the Dali Lama as the center of the universe.  We will experience an acceleration of our personal timing as the powerful stone beings further activate the 11:11 code.  Each participant will be gifted with a special stone being from Mount Shasta to be charged in these powerful energies, which will serve as a key to the unknown realm of nature and the remembrance of oneness.  These lemurian seed crystals were charged at the time of the Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness in a water ceremony to anchor the energies shifting from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern hemisphere.   As the guardian of EB the crystal skull, and the Andara crystal, the stone of unconditional love, we will together weave the web of light from Mount Shasta.

Thurs April 14 Castle Hill

Realigning of the mind, body and spirit to one’s higher purpose, and continual clearing of old illusions to create the new dream as we activate fully the Rainbow Serpent energy in the marae of the Star Walkers.

Friday April 15 Greymouth and Punakaiki

Our journey of the water serpent continues to the West Coast to meet our very special guide, Mick Collins, keeper of the ancient knowledge of Pounamu, the greenstone of peace.  Together we will perform ceremony as we connect to the spirit of the stone at the source of the living waters and receive the teachings of this carrier of the old wisdom of the Earth religion, the first religion that belongs to all of us.

Saturday Apr 16 Punakaiki

Moving now north along the rugged and magnificent coast of the west shore we will experience nature’s phenomena as we explore the Punakaiki stones. Layer upon layer of time has created this stone sanctuary.  When one enters with respect and in stillness, one can experience their soul legacy and heal layer upon layer of lifetimes, breaking down old energetic patterns and restoring one’s gifts and talents with strength, courage and knowing to dream the new dream.  We will enter the womb of the Earth Mother and perform ceremony in the Cave of Wisdom, calling upon the ancestors as we take a shamanic journey into our own remembrance.

Sunday Apr 17 Fox River

Today is a day to integrate the experiences of the last few days and make a personal connection to the unseen world.  Throughout the day I will be available for private sessions for those who wish to journey deeper into their own personal story.

Monday Apr 18 Golden Bay

Our journey continues to the place of Woman’s Wisdom as we perform our water ritual of power, honoring the healing waters at the sacred waterfalls and entering into the unseen world of the water sprites and those of the faery realm.

Tuesday Apr 19 Golden Bay

We embrace the magnificent beauty as we explore The Navigator and the remembrance of another time and place recorded deep within our consciousness as we step through the doorway into the unseen world and journey to the place of The Navigator.

Wednesday Apr 20 Brooklyn Tor

Today brings another shamanic journey as we trek to a high place of mystery to write a new soul story and dream a new dream.

Thursday April 21

Today we perform our closing ritual and final water ceremony, nourishing the Earth Mother and planting the seeds of love and oneness as we depart to weave the light to our home sanctuaries.    You will be transported to Nelson for those who wish to depart from this airport or others may wish to return to the Christchurch airport.

For more information on cost and a registration form please contact Robbyne at [email protected]

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