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Mount Shasta

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Experience the magick of

Majestic Mount Shasta

Etheric Mystery School of Saint Germaine

On your own personal shamanic journey

March 2012

Guided by Robbyne LaPlant

Each journey is custom designed for the individual’s experience taking into consideration fitness level and intention of the journey.  These inner journeys of self-discovery can be created for an individual, a couple wishing to make a deeper connection together as they explore their spiritual path, or for your group of special friends and family, creating an opportunity to reflect, revitalize the spirit and rejuvenate the body.  The journey can be anywhere from two nights to five nights or even a one day vision quest.

A combination of spiritual teachings and extraordinary experiences in nature’s schoolhouse. Known as the Amethyst Mountain of Saint Germaine, this mystical mountain has been sacred to the seeker of truth and wisdom since the beginning of time.  A violet ray seems to emanate from the very essence of the mountain providing vision and guidance for the serious student of light.

The mystical mountain serves as a doorway to the secrets our soul searches for on this evolutionary journey. As the Hopi Elders have spoken, we must learn to celebrate life and unite with all of mankind and the creature beings that share our world.  We must end the cycle of separation and approach every part of our earth experience with sacredness.

Experience the magick as you walk a sacred labyrinth, seeking guidance and clarity.  Spend time with the Obsidian stone being known as the Shaman’s stone of wisdom.

Embrace Grandmother Wisdom Tree as you discover your connection to the ancient knowledge.

Discover the hidden secrets of water as you sit before a reflection pool or feel the power of a magnificent waterfall.

Develop tools for inner peace and guidance as you learn to connect with those of the unseen world.

You will enjoy plenty of time to experience the magick of the mountain in your own personal way with private time to reflect and meditate.

For those who are interested in private sessions I will be available for readings and healing sessions. A wonderful massage with a gifted healer can be scheduled to enhance your personal journey as you nurture your body temple and indulge in the overall healing experience.

Nurture your spirit, quiet your mind and heal your body with an extraordinary experience as you submerge into the healing waters of the Stewart Mineral Springs.  Considered to be one of the most powerful healing waters in the world.  The mineral baths work on the principle of drawing the toxins from the body while restoring the body’s natural mineral balance.  You relax in your own private bathhouse listening to healing music as the water purifies the body.  You will be taught the sacred ritual honoring the four directions for the healing of the body, mind emotions and spirit.

Experience the healing of the crystal singing bowls and high vibrational tuning forks, during your own personal healing session to align the chakras and integrate the experiences of the mountain.  For those who desire to understand sound healing, a private teaching can be organized to gain a deeper understanding of vibrational healing through sound and plant medicine.

Walk the bridge of New Beginnings to step into the future.

Feel the joy and laughter as you enter the realm of feary in a magickal meadow of light.

The Shasta Mount Inn Bed and Breakfast provide the setting for your experience.  There are four beautiful rooms offering stunning views of the Mountain. If you would like to see a description of the

Transportation from Redding, CA or Medford, Oregon airports can also be included to eliminate the need to rent your own transportation.

For more information and individual pricing to accommodate your private Shamanic journey,  please contact at  Robbyne@whitewolfjourneys.com.  Together we can plan the journey of a lifetime.  Transform your life, experience the magick, answer the call of the mountain and journey into the realm of the Masters as you discover your own Mastery.

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