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Mount Shasta 2011

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Mount Shasta

Shamanic Dreamtime Journey

Activation of the

Rainbow Serpent Line

March 18 – March 20th, 2011

The Dreamtime journey to Mount Shasta begins Friday evening with our opening ceremony to connect with the spirit of the mountain, the ancestors and the Ascended Masters. Within the sacred mountain vibrating at a higher frequency than the earth dimension exists the ancient Lemurian city of Telos.  Within Telos is the great healing temple that houses the source of the Andara crystal and is the receptor crystal to reactivate the medulla oblongata, the dream center within the human race.  The andara crystal holds only the vibration of love, which is continually being sent from Andromeda through waves of celestial light to awaken mankind as it opens the heart center of humanity and the remembrance of the original dream of oneness.  This story shared by cultures around the world of creation coming from the dreamtime.

For the aborigines the source of the dream is the rainbow serpent who lay dormant within the womb of the earth mother.  Once awakened the rainbow serpent began to move to the surface in search of its origin.  The movement across the planet created earthquakes and great shifts on the landscape.  The source of this serpent energy lies within Uluru, the sacred stone being of the Aborigines.   A similar story is told by the Native American Indians of the source of the great Cosmic Web that surrounds the earth and the source of the web that weaves us each together.  Grandmother Spider has existed since the beginning of time and began to dream the story of each soul that entered into the earth plane dimension.  It is time to awaken and remember that we are the dream.  It is time to reenter the dreamtime to break through all limitation and doubt and begin to create a new dream.   Upon the Great Cosmic web lie key points that join heaven and earth together.  Such is the case of all sacred sites upon the planet and the knowledge the ancient ones had in building their temples and taking spiritual pilgrimages to these places of learning and great wisdom.  Mount Shasta is directly connected to Uluru and to Spider Rock in Canyon De Chellys, Arizona.  All three are journeys I am guided to make to create circles of light to anchor the waves of love being emanated to the planet.  The first begins with this journey to Mount Shasta.

I have rented a home for the month of March nestled in the forests with a direct connection and a magnificent view to Mount Shasta and Black Butte, home of the elemental kingdom, which will enhance the experiences of the weekend.  My intention is to create powerful openings through the doorway of the unseen world, connecting with nature during the day and to take you deep into the dreamtime in the evening in the sanctuary of this location. I have carried with me the large generator crystal that has been part of the sanctuary in San Clemente for the last 17 years.  It served to anchor the energy at specific gatherings such as the 10:10:10 and again at the time of the powerful waves of celestial light on 1:1:11 and 1:11:11.  The lady of the Mountain and the Masters have asked me to carry this powerful stone being with me to Mount Shasta as it will serve as a key to open one to the dream time.   When I was searching for the right place that will allow me access to the mystery school of Mount Shasta, my answer came when two deer greeted me at the entry way to the home we have rented.  Deer are the messengers of unconditional love and the awakening of the pure heart.  The dreaming retreat takes place at a most significant time as the Cosmic Wheel turns  for the Spring Equinox, to give birth to all that was intended at the time of the Winter Solstice, nurtured with the 1:1:11 and rededicated at the time of the first New Moon of  2011.

Thoughts of limitation and doubt must be replaced with the knowledge that the outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world created from our own thoughts, memories and feelings.  The greater your awareness of the Divine Within You, the more the Divine presence fills your consciousness and can be expressed through you.  The greater your understanding that Divine Spirit is the source of your dreams, the faster you will experience the manifestation of those dreams.

Discover how to utilize the dreamtime to harness the Divine thought into a creative energy of abundance, flowing through you, radiating and expressing abundance in all aspects of your life.  Gain an understanding of the intelligence of water as you experience the mystic headwaters of the mountain through several ancient water rituals.  It is the same water that flows from Telos.

You will experience the power of healing with the emerald green ray of Telos and the Magenta Ray of Maria Magdalena as we begin to heal the old imprints that have suppressed the divine feminine and created the imbalance the world currently is moving through.  The change will not be easy but it begins with each of us.  Join with others to create a circle of celestial light to heal the waterways of our planet with the andara crystal.

Accomodations will be the lovely Mount Shasta Ranch Bed and Breakfast Inn.    Animal allies have always traveled with the one who walks a shamanic path and have been  the most trusted messengers and teachers.  Over the weekend you will learn how to call upon those allies who walk with you to support your personal journey.  Dinners we will share together for laughter and sharing of the days experiences in one of the many fabulous local restaurants and we will finish our evenings with a meditation around the fire to enter the dream time in the sanctuary I am creating in alignment with the mountain.

For those who may desire to go deeper into the Shamanic training, I am offering an additional day and night on the Monday for  advanced training and ceremony as well as a personal session with the singing bowls and tuning forks to assist in the integration of these experiences as everything is greatly enhanced within the telluric energy of the mountain.

You will be responsible for your own transportation and meals other than breakfast.

If you are flying the closest airports and the distance to the Mount Shasta Bed and Breakfast Inn:

Medford, Oregon – approximately 1 hour

Redding, California – approximately 1 hour

Sacramento – approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes

San Francisco – approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes

For those of you flying in from out of state most flights come into San Francisco and then there is a short commuter flight to Redding.

Costs for this transformational journey – $400.00 this


* all tools for rituals and ceremonies

* all meditations and experiences

* Shamanic training to activate the ancestral and shamanic mind to connect one to the dreamtime.

Not included:

* accommodations

* transportation

* meals other than full breakfast each morning

There is an adventure around every corner as these are not ordinary experiences but personal inner journeys of discovery and magick that will rejuvenate and replenish your spirit and body, heal the emotional body by freeing it from the congestion of lifetimes of emotional pain and disappointment, open you to the shamanic mind of ancient wisdom and an extraordinary life experience as you dream the new dream of happiness, health and well being, prosperity, sense of purpose, unity with the Divine and open the heart to experience love.  Acknowledge your divine self and be the full expressinon of the God and Goddess you were always intended to be.   We are only limited by our own illusion, by dreaming the new dream we break through the illusion of limitation.

The costs of accommodations vary and will be on a first come basis:

Main House

There are four beautiful suites with private baths, include Queen bed and a queen bed sleeper, excellent for a couple or two people sharing – $125.00 per night includes occupancy tax, full breakfast, wine in the evenings, coffee, tea and dessert

Carriage House

Rooms 1, 2 and 5

1 queen bed, shared bath each room has a sink

$90 per couple/$85.00 single per night includes occupancy tax, full breakfast, wine in the evenings, coffee, tea and dessert

Room #4

1 queen bed, shared bathroom

$80.00 per couple/$70.00 single per night includes occupancy tax, full breakfast, wine in the evenings, coffee, tea and dessert

Room #3

Queen bed, shared bathroom

$70.00 couple/$55.00 single per night includes occupancy tax, full breakfast, wine in the evenings, coffee, tea and dessert

The Cottage is an adorable two bedroom cottage with kitchen and living room with fireplace. I bedroom has queen bed and 1 bedroom has two twin beds.  Queen sleeper bed in the living room. Bathroom and kitchen.

$145.00 per night for two – $165.00 for three or four – $195.00 for five or six includes occupancy tax, full breakfast, wine in the evenings, coffee, tea and dessert

For more information and a registration form, please contact [email protected]

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