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Mount Shasta 2010

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Experience the mystery of Mount Shasta on a

Shamanic Journey to Remember and

Awaken to your full potential

Friday, October 22nd – Monday, October 25th


Mount Shasta has always had a mystery and allure that has attracted thousands of people from all over the world.  Many descriptions of strange phenomenon occurring around the mountain have been shared. Four different Native American tribes regarded the spirit of this mountain as very sacred.  Known to be the place of the enlightened ones and a mystery school of wisdom.  Similar to the stones of the sacred sanctuary of Castle Hill on the South Island of New Zealand it is a place where one can move through lifetimes of cellular memory and reactivate the ancient wisdom.  For me there is a direct energy leyline that joins Mount Shasta with many other sacred places such as Bell Rock in Sedona, Mount Cook in New Zealand, the Tor and Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England to mention a few.  It has been identified as the mystery school oF Saint Germaine and home to the white brotherhood, enlightened masters of all faiths that are assisting mankind at this time.

It is said that inside the magnificent amethyst mountain lies the entrance to the ancient Lemurian City of Telos that holds the source of the Andara crystal.  It is on this very mountain where I was shown on the night of the Total Lunar Eclipse in May of 2003 that I was to carve the andara crystal (the stone of love) into the sacred geometric shape of the earth and carry it to Glastonbury, England at the time of the Harmonic Concordance.  Now seven years later the andara crystal has been carried to every continent on our beloved earth and was most recently carried into the great university of learning known as Castle Hill in New Zealand at the time of the Conscious Convergence.   It is to be carried now back to Mount Shasta where the vision years ago began. As the vibration of our planet continues to accelerate we are becoming more and more uncomfortable with the way we live our lives. We are realizing we have given our power away to others who tell us their truth; they tell us how to behave, and what we should believe.  We have followed blindly not questioning those who are in positions of authority, our governments, our religious orders, corporations, the media and our societies.    This has been man’s weakness, but this tide is changing as a great awakening and a remembrance is stirring within all of mankind.  Some are being gently nudged to remember, others will be shaken until they do, but the change is happening rapidly now.  The vibration of the planet is accelerating at an even greater rate which is stirring up a great deal of discomfort as we must break free from the emotional chains we carry.  These higher frequencies are revealing where we have been deceived or where we are deceiving ourselves.   Only in letting go of all areas of judgment, fear, disappointment, heartache, guilt and fear will we be able to raise our vibrational frequency to sustain the changes that are coming in waves now.  This process has been underway with great intensity since 1999 with the planetary alignment known as the Grand Cross Alignment.    These are both challenging times as we continue to break free of the old third dimensional energies that still linger, but also the greatest of times as we see change taking place everyday.  It is easy to lose our way, our sense of direction and our hope as we are continually pulled back into the chaos.  It is a necessity now to choose to walk in your personal power but with an open heart the path of peace.

When one enters a sacred space with respect and honoring, ones energy field is accelerated and a deep cellular memory is activated.  One can bypass the ego and thinking mind of man and move into the realm of the Shamanic mind.  This four day experience will activate the shamanic mind giving you clarity and focused direction.  You will learn to co create with nature as you experience a deep connection to the standing tall ones, the stone beings, the sacred waters of life and the spirit of the mountain.  Experience the mountain in all of her magnificence and follow the path of the Shaman to reconnect to the source of your being.  There are hidden doorways into the unseen world that open when the world of man unifies with the unseen world.  The unseen world is a place of great joy and happiness.  The place of great knowledge and wisdom, guarded by the ancestors and accessed with the assistance of animal allies.  Knowledge is the key to health and well being, the way of living your truth in your full potential.  Knowledge helps us to understand the gifts we have been seeded with in this lifetime and how to express them in the world of man.

This weekend experience is designed to help you move deep inside to find the dream once again.  If we lose our dream we lose our way.  You will submerge yourself into the wonder of nature as we explore the realm of faery in a mystical field known as the Faery meadow.  Heal yourself in the sacred waters of Stewart Mineral Springs in a ritual bathing experience.  Water holds the intelligence and memory of balance and purity and can assist in restoring health and well being.  You will feel rejuvenated, vibrant and cleansed of the stress and burdens you carry in your everyday experience. You will learn to work more closely with the animal allies that are supporting your journey as you learn the medicine they carry and how to call upon the spirit of these great ones to guide your journey during these times of uncertainty and dramatic change.

We will be staying at the Mount Shasta Bed and Breakfast, a wonderful place that I stay at every time as it is my favorite sanctuary.  You will feel nurtured and your taste buds delighted with a fabulous gourmet breakfast each morning.   We will be there for the Full Moon which will enhance all of the processes and experiences throughout the weekend and we will perform a powerful Full Moon Ritual.  Costs vary for the accommodations at the Mount Shasta Bed and Breakfast from private suites to shared accommodations.  All rooms are beautifully decorated and one feels a sense of family as we begin the day with breakfast in the sunny dining room and end the day before the fire with our evening meditation.  The experiences of the day will be held in the greatest school house of all, nature, beneath the standing tall ones, connecting with the spirit of the mountain.  Morning hikes to the faery meadows, mystical lake and waterfalls.  I have made arrangements for a very unique experience with the crystal singing bowls.  As you sit amongst 40+ crystal singing bowls the sound unlocks memory of your soul purpose and brings all energy fields into alignment.  The vibration of the bowls helps one find their heart song once again and assists the dreamer in discovering the dream once again.

If you would like more information regarding costs, the itinerary and a registration form, please contact White Wolf Journeys at 949/361-7729 or email Robbyne@whitewolfjourneys.com.

May the magick of the universe touch your heart and awaken your spirit.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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