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Events in Switzerland

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Two Special Events in Switzerland

Saturday, January 30, 2010

in Hotel Loewen, Muensingen, Switzerland

Guided by Robbyne LaPlant

The Awakening of the Phoenix

10:00 – 5:00pm

Celebration of the Wolf Full Moon

7:00 – 10:00pm

Private sessions available:

Thursday, January 28th

Friday, January 29th

Sunday, January 30th

The word Witchcraft comes from the Old Anglo-Saxon word meaning “the craft of the wise.” For thousands of years before Christianity, there were many variations of Earth Goddess worship. Buildings were not needed for this connection to the Divine and because of this mankind had not lost its ability to communicate to spirit. They worshipped the Goddess, in the forests, in temples of trees, near the mountains, near bodies of water and in open fields. They were close to nature and because of this closeness, felt close to God and the Goddess. Every man and woman was able to commune directly with the divine. The rise of the new religion – Christianity — threatened and almost destroyed the belief and worship of the Dark Mother Goddess and of the nature. Unlike the “Old Religion” (known as Witchcraft), the “New Religion” was human-made and full of contradictions.  The new religion now established, actually existed for hundreds of years along side witchcraft. During the times of Camelot both religions had a place and were accepted. This was the last time the two religions existed in harmony with one another. For a while those of the Church of Rome were content but in time became more impatient, wanted more power and control and sought to destroy the old traditions.

During the time of the Dark Ages, in Great Britain, when a king of a particular region was converted to the New Religion, it was declared by the church that ALL his subjects were also similarly affected, even though the majority of them were still worshiping the old tradition that honored the Dark Mother Goddess. There was not a smooth transition from the Old Religion to the New. Far from it; what had been a part of everyone’s lifestyle for generations would not easily be swept aside although the Church of Rome grew more intent on destroying the old traditions. When they discovered that the faith within the people was too strong to be destroyed, even after many had been murdered at the order of the Church, the New Religion adopted many of the ancient traditions in an attempt to create illusion for the faithful.

The Christian Trinity is a good example. This was based on the ancient Egyptian triad of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The immaculate conception and the story of the resurrection are copies of old Pagan Beliefs found in many parts of the ancient world that identify the sacred Phoenix bird. Even the name Jesus was taken from the Celts’ Esus, a nature god. The Pagan festival of Yule was adopted as Christmas. Easter was based on the Goddess Eostre’s springtime festival. The festival when man could contact the spirits of the dead, known as Samhain, became the Christian’s All Soul’s Day.

For many centuries there were priests who served both Pagan and Christian populations. One giant step forward for the New religion to take control came when Pope Gregory (590-604 C.E.) issued instructions to his bishops in Britain that they were to take all pagan temples and consecrate them to the New Religion, installing new altars and redirecting the religion of the temples. On the open sites where those who honored the old traditions would gather, massive churches were to be built. “In this way,” the pope said, “I hope the people seeing their temples are not destroyed, will leave their idolatry and yet continue to frequent the places as formerly.” He desperately hoped to fool, or even coerce, the people into attending Christian churches. For a long time, Gregory’s plans seemed to work, and more and more of the population became Christian. The Church of Rome enjoyed this taste of power and were now determined that Christianity should be the ONLY religion; all others were to be destroyed. This brought about the start of the persecutions, when anything non-Christian was automatically labeled anti-Christian and therefore undesirable.

Many of the old rites lived on, both in practice and in legend. Many of the old rituals and customs are still found around the world. In villages one would find one or two “wise ones,” those who had the wisdom of herbs and magick. As the local doctors, they tended the sick with herbal concoctions. They also knew the spells and charms passed on from generation to generation. These “doctors” were known by the old Anglo-Saxon name of Wicce (feminine) or Wicca (masculine). In fact, the Saxon kings of England always had a Council of the Wise Ones know as the Witan.

When it came to the old traditions, the wise ones conducted the rituals and ceremonies. They were the priests and the priestesses, leading groups from the villages in the major celebrations of the seasons and in honoring the cycles of the Moon. Later on, many followers of this Old Religion became known as Wiccans, or Witches.  The Church now fearful, began to identify the Old Religion as the practice of Satanism (which itself was only part of the Christian belief, for the old religion had no concept of an all-evil entity such as the Christian Devil). This was where the word Witchcraft began to take on a strongly negative meaning when used by people other than Wiccans themselves. The wise ones had knowledge of poisons, among other things. This was essential in order for them to administer to those who accidentally poisoned themselves by eating the wrong plants. Persecutors turned this knowledge against them, saying that they used the knowledge to poison others! It didn’t take long for the deception of the Christian Church to turn into a raging war against those of the old traditions. The persecutions turned out to be a powerful tool for those in power now in the Church of Rome. By making a charge of Witchcraft – or even suggesting someone might be a Witch – it was possible to get rid of an enemy, acquire land that was otherwise unavailable, or generate personal power in the Christian Religion. When someone was accused of Witchcraft, his or her land and goods were seized…and guess who acquired them…. the church. Two or three hundred people could be executed on a single occasion, simply at the nod of a bishop. In France, for example, the bishop of Treves had a whole village put to death because of an especially harsh winter, which he determined had been caused by Witches. Not knowing who the Witches were, he executed everyone.

For those who follow the old traditions, there is a very different code that we live by and must be honored at all times. It is the practice that when working with magick it is always at the highest good of all and no harm will come to anyone. It is always showing respect to nature and all beings who share our earth, never coming from the ego or making someone feel less than, as we are all eternally equal. With the return of the Black Madonna at the time of the Total Solar eclipse in July 2009, truly a new era is beginning. It is said that the Dark Mother Goddess will unite all people together because she belongs to all. It is time for the truth that is held within each of us, the remembrance of who we are and our connection to the great cosmic spider web to be remembered and shared to awaken those still sleeping, those still under the illusion of the New Religions that promote separation, division and fear. It is time for us to step into our true destiny as messengers of the Dark Mother Goddess and to now more than ever hold our faith strong and sure. It is time to open the gates that keep the true knowledge of the Black Madonna hidden and concealed, the same gates that physically separate man from the Black Madonna in many of the churches throughout the world.

2010 is the third year in a trilogy we have been experiencing since 2008. It is a year of rebirth and a time known as the Rising of the Phoenix. Join with me for a very special day of awakening the Phoenix within and calling forth the spirit of the White Wolf to guide you through the coming year. I have been guided by the Dark Mother Goddess, the Black Madonna, Grandmother Spider Woman and the White Wolf to return once again to Switzerland, to a country that holds the ancient knowledge of the light temples. Saturday, January 30th will be a one day workshop fully immersing one in the energy of the Wolf Full Moon to awaken the Phoenix. In the evening we will perform the ancient traditions of celebrating and working with the magick of the Wolf Full Moon.

Awakening the Phoenix Within

Reconnecting to your passion and soul purpose

10:00 – 5:00pm

The Phoenix is a female mythical sacred firebird with beautiful gold and red plumage. Said to live for 500, a thousand or 1500 years (depending on the source), at the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises. The new phoenix embalms the ashes of the old phoenix in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in (“the city of the sun”), located in Egypt. The bird also has the ability to regenerate itself when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being almost immortal and invincible – a symbol of fire and divinity. The Phoenix is known in various forms and by various names throughout the Middle and Far East, the Mediterranean, and Europe, and the Americas as a symbol of resurrection. Tradition says that the Phoenix fed only on air, harming no other creature. It lived a solitary life in a far-away land, coming to human-inhabited land only when it was ready to die. When the Phoenix knew its time had come, it flew to Arabia where it chose the tallest palm tree and built a nest in it from the essences it had brought. At the next dawn, the great bird faced the rising Sun and sang in a beautiful voice. The heat of the Sun ignited the fragrant spices, and the Phoenix died in its own funeral pyre. After nine days, a fledgling Phoenix rose out of the ashes. Days later, when its wings were strong enough, the young Phoenix gathered the ashes of its parent and flew them to Heliopolis in Egypt. Thousands of ordinary birds accompanied it on its journey. There, the Phoenix put the ashes of its parent on the altar in the Sun temple. Then it flew toward the east and its distant home. The Old Traditions say it existed when the universe was created and that it knows secrets of life and reincarnation even the deities do not know. For me the winged ones are coming with increased frequency daily to join me on my journey and to confirm that the Phoenix is about to rise into the world of man once again. The Phoenix represents the sun itself which dies at the end of each day, but is reborn the following dawn.

Alchemists used the Phoenix to symbolize the color red and the successful end of a process, while medieval Hermeticists used the Phoenix as a symbol of alchemical transmutation. The word Phoenix was also used to identify one of the secret alchemical formulae. The ancient Mysteries used the sign of the Phoenix to symbolize the immortality of the human soul and the great truths of esoteric philosophies revealed only through special initiations. In some ancient Mystery Schools, accepted initiates were referred to as Phoenixes, or those who had been “born again.” With the energy of the Wolf Full Moon this is a powerful day to access the knowledge stored within the temples of light that will provide the guidance you will need for the coming year. We will perform an ancient ceremony to awaken the Phoenix within.

All great civilizations have spoken of this time, a time that is given to humanity as an opportunity to awaken and remember. As we complete the year of duality, the second year of this trilogy, we prepare to merge from the awareness of the experiences we have accumulated, we step through the confusion and awaken the creative potential inside each of us. Like the Phoenix we rise and find that we are so much better than we were before the experiences we acquired over the last two years. During our time together you will learn how to connect with the power of the Phoenix and how to incorporate this mystical animal into your daily experience to bring about your dreams and desires.


Wolf Full Moon Celebration

Prayer for Peace and Unity as we heal the cosmic spider web

7:00 -10:00pm

This night we will join together with an evening celebration and ancient rituals from the old traditions to call forth the Spirit of the White Wolf on this very special night, Saturday, January 30th for the Wolf Moon. We can be the change we desire to see by committing to join together to set the intention to send light into the cosmic spider web that joins each of us together. On this night the Spirit of the White Wolf can join your path to guide you into the unknown. The wolf is very sacred to the indigenous people and has walked with me since early childhood.

White Wolf lives in a land frozen in time. Here, all life holds its breath while awaiting longer days that will bring the sun coaxing the emergence of new life to dance. Here the Arctic Wolf, with its thick white coat blown from the Northern wind, is in a state of ~Oneness~ with her surroundings. It is said that at the door of each of the Four Winds, a wolf keeps silent vigil, each bringing change to the life of those who walk the Good Red Road. The Arctic Wolf is the Wolf of the North Wind. The promise of the North Wind is Wisdom unfolding through gratitude and acknowledgment. This is the Direction in which we understand the accumulation of all of our experiences that has guided us and we step forward into our full potential. If the White Wolf Soul can accept change when it appears, yet remain true to his/her values, then the higher vibration of Wisdom and Truth can emerge. Ones Personal Power can be embraced, understood and ultimately, the souls individual potential manifested.

When you call this spirit to you, you can walk unnoticed through the chaos of the world around you, silently holding your power. The individual with whom the Arctic White Wolf walks, is one who is capable of withstanding numerous challenges and setbacks, only to emerge stronger than before. These souls will often face adversity in their lives in order to build the resilience with which to overcome obstacles. Yet by calling upon the inner strength and resilience of the Arctic White Wolf, they can triumph over all obstacles. The Arctic lands stretch for miles, blinding white expanses that demand respect of all who dwell there. The Arctic White Wolf roams in search of food, a mate or any encroaching threat and will travel up to twenty miles a day, or more, to perform her tasks. To withstand the harshness of the unrelenting winds, the brutality of an unforgiving and bitterly cold climate, and to do this while traversing many miles, the Arctic white Wolf has been engineered with tremendous stamina to fulfill her role in Nature.

The Arctic White Wolf soul is an individual who is capable of performing nearly miraculous bouts of stamina that would weary other souls as she travels the good Red Road. She possesses within her the ability to push her body and mind to the limits. With each new goal that has been met, the White Wolf will then set his/her sights on the next task at hand. It is the Spirit of White Wolf that will guide each of us through these times of uncertainty and assist us in overcoming any challenge or obstacle we may face on our journey. White Wolf walks with the wisdom keepers and is gifted from the stars to walk amongst man as a teacher and guide. It is for this reason that the Sirian Star is often identified as the wolf star or dog star.

If you would like to participate in both events, the Activation of the Phoenix and the Wolf Full Moon celebration, please contact Joebi for more information at [email protected].   Many of you may choose to spend the night and we have made arrangements with a local hotel for Friday and Saturday evening. The cost for both events is $ 170.00. If you would like to only participate in the Wolf Full Moon celebration the cost is $ 85.00. If you would like to participate only in the all day workshop, Activation of the Phoenix the costs is $ 150.00.

I will be arriving in Switzerland on Thursday, January 28th and will be available for private sessions for those who may be interested in channeling’s or healings for several days. Please schedule these times with Joebi. Sessions are available Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, afternoon and evening, Sunday morning and afternoon. I look forward to sharing this very special time with each of you as we gather together to make a difference and continue the healing of the spider web. We can make a difference when we join together with focused intention and a collective energy of love.

Sessions are as follows:

1/2 hour channeling                           $85.00

1/2 hour healing                                   $85.00

1 hour healing                                       $160.00

1 hour channeling                                $160.00

1/2 healing and 1/2 channeling      $160.00

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