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Sacred Journey to the Lands of Egypt October/November 2016

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Spiritual Pilgrimmage of Self Mastery

The Call of the Gods and Goddesses


October 30th to November 13th,

A destiny that we always knew was there for us begins in this Year of Self Mastery.   It is time to step fully into our Divine essence and the full potential we have been born to be. Over these last few years the frequencies on the Earth have changed tremendously inside each of us. The uncertainty is fading into hope, as we shift into self-empowerment. This is new territory and we are all learning to navigate our way through personal shifts and planetary consciousness realignments. Together we are weaving the web back to a major activation point on our beautiful water planet building a new world for many generations to come.


Since the beginning, the star system Sirius has played a significant role in the history of Earth and its human civilization.   It is believed by many that Sirius was responsible for the seeding stage, of Lemuria and Atlantis. The Sirian influence and presence has been greatly felt during the Egyptian, Inca and Mayan civilizations. The Sirians, visited both the Egyptian and the Mayan societies providing them with advanced astronomical and healing information. They helped to build the pyramidal network system that originated in Egypt and extends through the Mayan civilization as the web of leylines across our beautiful water star known as Gaia. The Sirians guided the construction of temples in Egypt, Peru and Mexico along with the many tunnels and pathways to the inner Earth. There is an amazing story involving the Dogon Tribe of Mala that tells the story that their knowledge of a highly technical aquaduct system, came from strange visitors who came from the Sirian Star. They also shared that Sirius was a Binary Star. It would be hundred of years later in the early 1960’s, that NASA  did identify that Sirius was indeed a Binary Star.


The Sirians left the human world with powerful tools that have been shared time again through various Master Teachers who have walked upon the earth. In the year of Self Mastery it is imperative that we as light workers, healers, teachers, wisdom keepers, artists and messengers step beyond the illusion of this world and move into our Mastery.


The ‘Lion people’ from the Sirius star system are a race of people who descended upon Earth to create and activate the Great Pyramid of Egypt. They oversaw the design and architecture of all pyramids on Earth and were under the influence of the Atlantean and Egyptian High Priest Thoth. The Lion people live in the ‘non-physical’ reality that transcends time and space.   I am excited to announce that after 11 years I will be once again returning to the sacred lands of Egypt in the Year of Self Mastery.   It is the time.   This will be a powerful pilgrimage to activate the heart line once again that has remained dormant. When we are experiencing Self Mastery we are experiencing Self Love. Love is the great balancer. Instead of judging what is right or wrong if we can relax into the role we play with our thoughts and words, we find our own Self Mastery by seeking to be greater expressions of love. We recognize that every step we take is imprinting the dragon lines with our very thoughts or state of being.   This journey is designed to take each person into a new level of Self Mastery. To walk as one as vessels of light into the ancient sites.

The grand temples of Egypt were built along the Nile River reflecting the Milky Way, heightening ones awareness. We will experience these sites at heightened times when doorways open in alignment with the celestial movement of the planets.

Day 1 Sunday October 30th – Arrive Cairo.

You will arrive at the Cairo Airport according to your flight time, where you will be met by our Tour Managers. They will assist you through customs and immigration before disembarking on our flight to Aswan late evening. You will need to arrive no later then 6:00pm into Cairo on October 30th, as we will fly together to Aswan to check into our Lake Cruise. Beautiful and peaceful, Aswan is known as the “Pearl of Egypt”. Many may wish to arrive one day prior to acclimate to the higher energies and prepare for our sacred pilgrimage of Self Mastery. Accommodations can be arranged for this but it will be outside of the tour price.   For those who choose to arrive a day earlier you will be met and transferred to your hotel accomodations.                                   


Day 2 – October 31st

This morning we will begin to sail on the sacred waters merging into the memory of this water planet. A day to integrate and relax into the unseen world. Afternoon tea and time to prepare for a very special evening. In the magick time 3:00am we will have private access into the Temple of Isis for sacred ceremony in the Holy of Holies. The veil is thinnest on this night as it is All Hollows Eve also known as SamHein.   During the enchanted hour,  communication with the spirit world is strongest. We will perform the alchemical marriage of the Dream Walker and Surface Walker in the presence of Isis.   This is a powerful and magickal place to be in stillness as the sun rises in the sacred temple. Isis is one of the earliest and most important goddesses in ancient Egypt. She was regarded as the feminine counterpart to Osiris.  She was revered by the Egyptian people as the great mother-goddess and represents the maternal spirit in its most intimate form. As a winged goddess she represents the wind, known as a great enchantress, and the goddess of magick. Together with Thoth, she taught mankind the secrets of medicine and healing.

Day 3  – November 1st

Returning early morning after sunrise to spend the day sailing as we integrate the powerful experiences and blessings gifted the night before in the Temple of Isis   Lunch, Dinner and overnight on board.   Evening meditation under the stars to receive the neutrino energy that holds special healing and unlocks ancient memory. Private sessions will be available throughout the day,

 Day 4 – November 2nd

Breakfast on board followed by a morning visit to Wadi El Seboua. The name Wadi el-Seboua means “Valley of the Lions”, referring to the avenue of sphinxes that leads up to this temple, which was built during the reign of Ramesses II.  It has been kept in a pure state of being and creates a vibrational frequency to open the gift of sight in the pilgrim who approaches with an open heart.. It serves as a doorway into the discovery of ones untold soul story.   Lunch on board while sailing to Amada. Afternoon Visit the temples of Amada and  Derr.


 Day 5 – November 3rd 

Today we sail to Abu Simbel. One of the most stunning areas along the Nile River and the place of the Root Chakra. Breakfast and morning meditation.  After lunch we visit the Temples of Abu Simbel. A special evening is planned to experience this beautiful temple. (one of many surprises) Tonight we  experience a beautiful candlelight dinner on board. Overnight in.Abu Simbel. The temple of Abu Simbel was built for Queen Nefetari and the energy of the temple opens ones heart to experience love. This begins the activation of the Root Chakra as we gain clarity of our purpose, releasing old doubts and insecurities., gaining courage to step forward into the unknown.


Day 6 – November 4th  

This morning we sail from Abu Simbel to Aswan. Breakfast on board followed by a morning meditation. At noon we disembark and are transported to our second Nile Cruise Boat.  Afternoon you will experience a special moment, sailing on our private Felucca around the Elephantine Island for Sunset as we perform a gratitude ceremony.

 Day 7 – November 5th

After breakfast we visit the Temples of Kom Ombo a very unique temple because it is a double temple, dedicated to Sobek the crocodile god, and Horus the falcon-headed god. The layout combines two temples in one with each side having its own gateways and chapels.   Sobek, the crocodile god of strength, fortitude, fertility and rebirth.  Horus, is known as  the great protector and victor over darkness. Horus is the falcon headed son of Isis and Osiris. This is a place to face ones fears and call in the allies of strength and courage. A place to remember the divine truth of who you are through sacred ceremony.

Day 8 – November 6th

This morning we continue to sail up the Nile River to Luxor.  Afternoon  we visit Edfu, the Temple of the Falcon.  Dedicated to Horus, one of the best preserved temples in Egypt is the place to connect with the warrior.  Here, we follow the path of the hero’s quest as we experience  how Horus and his followers conquered darkness.   One chamber, called the House of Life, stored all of the sacred texts used in seasonal and daily rituals.

Day 9 Monday – November 7th

Today we journey to the West Bank Valley of the Kings to visit the Hatshepsut temple & the newly opened temple of Isis.   Hatshepsut became the first great woman in recorded history, the forerunner of such figures as Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, and Catherine the Great. She ruled as pharaoh for fifteen years.



During her rule, the Egyptian economy flourished; she expanded trading relations and dispatched a major sea-borne expedition to the land of Punt, on the African coast at the southernmost end of the Red Sea. Her greatest achievement was her mortuary temple at Deir el Bahri, one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt. She called it the ‘Most Sacred of Sacred Places’.  This is the place of death and rebirthing into ones truth and rightful place in the world of human. Hatshepsut was the longest reigning female pharaoh in Egypt, ruling for 20 years in the 15th century B.C. She is considered one of Egypt’s most successful pharaohs.   She is  the Pharoah who built the temple Djeser-djeseru (“holiest of holy places”). The West Bank holds the tombs of the pharaohs and the sacred transformative texts, including the books of knowing light and dark.

This afternoon we check in to our Luxor hotel. Evening visit to the Luxor Temple known as the temple of Man. My favorite time to visit this mysterious temple  which was built to align with the human chakras. As one walks through the various chambers and hallways a shift occurs in the human body. We will experience this under the stars, aligning and balancing the energy centers culminating in the holy temple to open the crown chakra in sacred ceremony.

Day 10 – November 8th

Today we will experience a Full day tour to Dendera, the beautiful feminine temple dedicated to Hathor.   Together we will do ceremony connecting to the Goddess.  An incredible feminine energy of beauty and joy is felt in this temple as one finds their soul song. The temple is built with a zodiac ceiling that recalls the origins of the world. It is also home to the great Goddess Nut . . . The mother of creation. On the rooftop, where the Hathor priests and priestesses gathered for their celebrations thousands of years ago, we reconnect to our divine creative force and fertiize the seed of potential we carry.  In the stillness we receive guidance from the dream that is dreaming us. Afternoon we journey to Abydos, the very male temple dedicated to Osiris and known as the Power Chakra to balance our male and female energies.  Very different than Dendera this temple is a place to truly reclaim ones power.

Day 11 – November 9th

Early Morning  Private Visit to the Temple of Karnak where we will have sacred ceremony in the Temple of the Lion headed Goddess Sekhmet. This is one of the most powerful sites I have experienced. A site where the spiritual pilgrim who enters with an open heart is given the staff of wisdom and the cross of the Nile from the Great Goddess when you stand in her presence.   Afternoon we return to the hotel for lunch and rest to integrate the powerful experiences of the morning. Free Afternoon. We will take a late PM Flight departure to Cairo.   This evening we will Check Into the beautiful Mena Hotel. An exceptionally beautiful resort which will be our home for the last few days as the energy builds with intensity.



Day 12 – November 10th

Today we visit the Temple of Dashur and Saqqara feeling the energies build.  It is said that The twelve tribes gathered in Sakkara, Egypt, and were taught how to use the rods of Ptah to repel a south pole magnetic field maintaining balance of the planet.   The walkways streamed with sphinxes,  served as magnetically charged instruments that tuned the walkway into the magnetic grids of the planet with sound, to levitate and move the blocks long distances.  Here we will play the crystal singing bowls to restore balance to our own delicate body systems.  Together we will infuse the earth grid with love to stabalize the activation of the grid lines.   We continue our journey as we  experience the Step Pyramid of King Zoser, one of the oldest stone structures in the world. This is a place of mystery where the four directions and 12 dragon lines join together, similar to the energies of Rosslyn in Scotland and Scaffa Cave near the Isle of Iona.   Here we will play the crystal singing bowl to open the wisdom center.

Day 13  November 11th

About a 20 minutes drive from the Great Pyramid, and visible from the Giza Plateau lies one of Egypt’s greatest treasures from antiquity, and one of the most extraordinary places on our planet. Abu Ghurab, or “the crow’s nest” as it is called.   One of the oldest ceremonial centers on the planet and a place where the ancients connected with divine energies. A mysterious place with a strong connection to Atlantis and the Anunnaki gods of Sumeria. This ancient site was designed to create heightened spiritual awareness through the use of vibrations transmitted through alabaster and other materials. This expanded awareness enabled one to connect with the sacred energies of the universe. Here we will perform sacred ceremony by again playing the crystal singing bowls.


Day 14 – November 12th  

Tonight in the early morning hours we will have a very unique private visit to the Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx.  You will have an opportunity to experience the stargate of the Great Pyramid as we perform sacred ceremony in the Kings Chamber. We will also have the ability to stand beneath the stars in the paws of the Sphinx to connect with the Lion people. Everytime I have experienced the power of this place, my life has truly changed as it seems to accelerate a deep transformational experience and will be greatly heightened in this year of Self Mastery.  We return to the Mena House for breakfast and a day free to integrate the rich and deeply powerful experiences.  This is a day of stillness and rest in the beautiful sanctuary of the Mena House.  For those who would like to visit the Cairo Museum  this can be organised for an afternoon visit.   A FREE DAY to integrate the rich and deeply powerful experiences in the lovely sanctuary of the Mena House.  I can assist in organising a day for those who wish retail therapy to acquire some of the many special treasures found in this land. Many of you may choose to have private sessions to integrate all that has transpired. This need to be organized in advance as time will be limited.

This evening I have a special night planned to celebrate our final night together with a beautiful farewell dinner.

Private sessions are available.

Day 15 – November 13th 


Departure to return back to our homes carrying the light codes of Atlantis and the ancient wisdom as we each step fully into our Mastery knowing we have joined together to seed the dragon lines with a new vision.

Total Cost for this Once in a Lifetime 14 day Transformational Journey into Mastery – $4850.00 US

Cost for single is $5895.00 US



Greeting and Assistance at the Cairo, Aswan and Luxor airports

Domestic flights within Egypt: Cairo / Aswan ~ Luxor / Cairo

Access and special permits for all sacred sites

Luxury transportation in our own private air conditioned bus

All hotel accomodations, hotel taxes,  and government sales tax

Excellent, English speaking guide

8 nights Accommodations and all meals on two different Nile Cruises

Private access into the Temple of Isis for the alchemical marriage in the Holy of Holies at the time of SamHein

Private Feluca Sail for sunset around Elephantine Isle

Private access into the Temple of Sehkmet for initiation of Self Mastery

Private access into the Great Pyramid

Private Sunrise ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx to connect with ones star origin

2 nights luxury accommodations in Luxor

4 nights luxury accommodations at the beautiful Mena House Hotel (If you would like an upgraded room with stunning views of the pyramids these can be reserved for an additional fee of $150.00 per night (4 nights).

Daily buffet breakfast at the Mena House

Special Farewell dinner and show on the last night



VISA entry for Egypt $35 US Dollars

Gratuities which will be collected the first night

International airfare to Cairo, Egypt

Additional nights accommodations and transport

Meals not included in the itinerary, drinks, drinking water, laundry, telephone calls, etc…, and any other items not specified in the itinerary and above;

This transformational journey is limited 24 participants.  Registration and Deposit is necessary to secure your space.  For more details and the registration form please contact Guy at [email protected].



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