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DAMANHUR – October 1st – 6th, 2019

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How Do You Create a Vision So Big that

others will want to be a part of it?


Tuesday, October 1 – Sunday, October 6th

Imagine a very long endeavor requiring patience, trust and commitment, underground, deep within a mountain in the sacred hillside of Northern Italy.  A place where the earth mother vibrates with celestial light. Years in the making by men and women who were silent, vigilant in the night, keeping a secret.   At the completion of this endeavor it would be a betrayal and the ego that would reveal the secret beauty and magick of this place to the world.


One man’s vision and the unshakable faith of a community would create the possible from the impossible.   In the caverns deep within the earth exists the Temples of Humankind where dreams and ideals become real. Mosaics, sculptures, paintings and crystal spheres now bring beauty into the empty spaces that were cleared by human hands.

I had heard of this mystical place for years but nothing quite prepares you as you step into this sanctuary of wonder. One of three places on our beautiful water star, that holds this energy of enlightenment through a deep heart opening.  One is found in Tibet, the second is the spiritual sanctuary of Atlantis, near Bimini and the third is Damanhur. The connection of dragon lines and energy vortexes awakens one to truth.

Damanhur means Temple of light and the energy and insight one experiences here truly activates ones light body. During my visit, I would have an opportunity for silent meditation alone in the Water Temple where the ancient Atlantean language and symbols appear on the wall.

Water Temples

The awakening and remembrance was profound, and I understood with greater insight why the dolphins were calling me back to the sacred blue waters off Bimini for the Full Moon dedicated to Sedna in September.     2019 known as the Year of the Birth of the Magickal Child. 

dolphin magic

Falco the founder and visionary of Damanhur had incarnated into this lifetime with full memory of Atlantis. As the gateways to the past open, with the turning of the wheel, those with an open heart will have access to this memory once again.

Meditating in the Hall of mirrors instantly brought back multiple lifetimes allowing the fractured aspects of my soul that still held untruths and beliefs of limitation to merge with my divine self. I could feel a sense of power within the very waters of my cells.

temple of mirrors

Damanhur is also a place to activate your intuition to channel through the expression of the Goddess.   A vortex of creative expression to awaken the magickal child and merge once again with bliss and joy. A journey into all aspects of the beautiful being and radiant light you are. A remembrance of your own sovereign divinity can be found in this magickal landscape.

temple of spheres

I was so moved by my own personal awakening that I have also now confirmed dates for 2019 – October 1 to the 6th for a mystical journey of creative discovery.

Below is an enticing peek at what the journey holds for those who may be called to walk the Path of the Rose on a personal quest for truth. As an intimate group of dream carriers, we will experience a private meditation in the water temple, offering a unique opportunity to reflect on one’s own spiritual path by gazing into the large blue sphere and connecting with the dolphin. Here one finds new inspiration for your creative projects.

temple of medal

On another day we will journey into an immersion in the Hall of Metals allowing an open dialogue through time with different experiences and ages of your life as your soul story empowers the magnificent being you are. The immersion of soul energy was palpable and I plan to enhance the experience with sound bathing from the crystal singing bowls.


Not only will we experience the magnificence of each hall and temple privately for just our group but our days will be filled with spirit walks upon our beloved earth as we thread the labyrinths of various energy portals to align the earth walker with the dream walker and experience the portals dedicated to the sacred elements.


An enchanted encounter in the sacred forest as you experience the music of the green temple while listening to the soulful songs of the plant spirits as they awaken a deeper connection to the natural world.


Another full day together, we will experience a journey using art as an instrument of personal transformation through clay, with Damanhurian master sculptor Facocero Radicchio. I have five days of delicious experiences and surprises planned to activate all of your senses and open your heart to the magick of this sacred blue planet we share. And……well that’s a magickal surprise.

If you have an interest or a spark of inspiration has been ignited, please let me know as this is an intimate experience and will be limited in size to ensure the sacredness of the group.

Closest airport and train stations are:


Turin Caselle airport is the closest airport. It takes approximately 45 minutes to drive to Damanhur.

Malpensa International Airport near Milan is the second closest airport. It takes about 1hr       30 minutes to get to Damanhur.

Train Stations are available in both locations: Milan and Turin


For those who would, like there is a very special B&B located on the property called the “Abaton”. I have secured all five rooms for our group. They are strategically annexed to the Temples of Humankind and Sacred Woods Temple. The space is reminiscent of rooms in the back of the temples in ancient Greece, such as Asclepios, where patients slept and received inspired dreams. These rooms provide a sacred space for a deeper inner journey and integration after our day is complete. Each room is specifically prepared for lucid dreaming, inspiration and heightening ones intuition.

Double or twin room with private bathroom 120 Euro per night. Single room with private bathroom 90 Euro per night. Breakfast is included. There are only five rooms available.

If you would like to stay within Damanhur please reserve your space quickly.

Other Accommodations nearby are:

  • Hotel Rivarolo(4 stars)
    10 km (5.5 miles) from Damanhur
    Corso Indipendenza, 76 – 10086 Rivarolo Canavese (TO) Italy
    +39 (0)124 26097
    [email protected]
    Hotel Rivarolo is situated close to a shopping center, within walking distance from the old town, and surrounded by picturesque mountains. It has 69 rooms with double beds, and 12 suites for families or guests with such needs.
  • Il Principe d’Oro(3 stars)
    3 km (1.8 miles) from Damanhur
    Piazza Commendator Ceratto, 5 – 10080 Vidracco (TO) Italy
    +39 (0)125 791125 and Mobile +39 335 – 1027000
    [email protected]
    Within walking distance of Damanhur Crea, this bed and breakfast also has a restaurant with delicious pizza and a la carte menu.


  • Canavese Golf and Country Club– Ristorante con Foresteria “La Buca”
    5 km (3 miles) from Damanhur
    Strada Piane, 4 – 10010 Torre Canavese (TO) Italy
    +39 (0)124 512078
    [email protected]
    The seven rooms of this guesthouse all share a “golf theme” and pay tribute to the most famous golf courses in the world. The hotel has queen size beds in all rooms.


  • Hotel Ristorante I Tre Re(3 stars)
    6 km (4 miles) from Damanhur
    Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 27 – 10081 Castellamonte (TO) Italy
    +39 (0)124 515470 or +39 0124 513918
    [email protected]
    A small, charming hotel in the old town of Castellamonte, it offers 20 beds divided into 10 elegant double rooms with bathroom. The hotel is an integral part of the Tre Re complex, which has restaurant services, a bar, pastry shop and specialty food store.


  • Villa Soleil(3 stars)
    6 km (4 miles) from Damanhur
    Via della Cartiera, 13/15 – 10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO) Italy
    +39 0125 669022
    [email protected]
    This historic 18th Century country home in the beautiful Canavese countryside offers 16 double rooms; choose from comfortable standard rooms, distinctive superior rooms and sumptuous suites. Each has its own private bathroom with shower, mini bar, telephone, air conditioning / heating unit, satellite TV, radio and wireless Internet.
  • B&B Vecchio Mulino di Bairo
    Via Molino, 6 10010 Bairo
    Torino – Italy
    +39 335 6536711
    [email protected]
    An ancient mill built during the second half of the XVI century, restored by the grandchildren of the ‘last miller’ has now a new life as agritourism and location for events. Surrounded by the green countryside of Canavese, the agritourism boasts 9 elegant rooms in country style, all of them with private bathroom and satellite tv.
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