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Birth of the Phoenix-East Coast

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Two Special Events in April, 2010

Hosted by Barbara Slaine

Location:  Connecticut

Celebration of the Phoenix Rising

Reconnecting to your passion and soul purpose

Friday, April 2, 2010

7:00 – 9:00pm



The Phoenix is a female, mythical sacred firebird with beautiful gold and red plumage. Said to live for 1500 years. At the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises. The new phoenix embalms the ashes of the old phoenix in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in (“the city of the sun”), located in Egypt. The bird also has the ability to regenerate itself when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being almost immortal and invincible – a symbol of fire and divinity. The Phoenix is known in various forms and by various names throughout the Middle and Far East, the Mediterranean, and Europe, and the Americas as a symbol of resurrection.  Tradition says that the Phoenix fed only on air, harming no other creature. It lived a solitary life in a far-away land, coming to human-inhabited land only when it was ready to die. When the Phoenix knew its time had come, it flew to Arabia where it chose the tallest palm tree and built a nest in it from the essences it had brought. At the next dawn, the great bird faced the rising Sun and sang in a beautiful voice. The heat of the Sun ignited the fragrant spices, and the Phoenix died in its own funeral pyre. After nine days, a fledgling Phoenix rose out of the ashes. Days later, when its wings were strong enough, the young Phoenix gathered the ashes of its parent and flew them to Heliopolis in Egypt. Thousands of ordinary birds accompanied it on its journey. There, the Phoenix put the ashes of its parent on the altar in the Sun temple. Then it flew toward the east and its distant home. The Old Traditions say it existed when the universe was created and that it knows secrets of life and reincarnation even the deities do not know.  For me the winged ones are coming with increased frequency daily to join me on my journey and to confirm that the Phoenix is about to rise into the world of man once again. The Phoenix represents the sun itself which dies at the end of each day, but is reborn the following dawn. During my recent trip to the East Coast when many of you participated in the Full Moon ceremony on the afternoon before our celebration the most magnificent Red Tail Hawk appeared.  The Hawk is also a symbol of the Phoenix for many cultures assuring that this presence was very much around.

In some ancient Mystery Schools, accepted initiates were referred to as Phoenixes, or those who had been “born again.”   Like the Phoenix we rise and find that we are so much better than we were before the experiences we acquired over the last two years began.    During our time together you will learn how to connect with the power of the Phoenix and how to incorporate this mystical animal into your daily experience to bring about your dreams and desires.  You will experience the birth of the new you as you feel yourself emerge from the golden egg.  All of life pauses to acknowledge the return of the Phoenix and magick is alive.  

White Wolf Journeys oils are a bridge to the nature kingdom that supports life for all humanity.   An excellent form of vibrational healing to raise the body’s hertz frequencies to levels that hold balance, health and well being while one moves through this life experience with grace and ease.    Each elixir is created with the purest ingredients from sacred lands around the world and combined for the vibrational frequency that is created for healing purposes.  They are charged within the moon cycles before they are bottled and placed in ceremony to bring forth the vibrational blueprint each of the flower spirits carry.  Each of the elixirs joins heaven and earth together and marries the mind and body. The great scholar Hippocrates, after studying in ancient Egypt recommended a daily bath and massage with essential oils as the basis for a sound health regimen.   During my last visit, I received many requests for more information regarding the White Wolf Elixirs and will do a free introduction to the healing properties of essential oils as well as a demonstration on how to work best with them.  This will follow the celebration for those who are interested.  I will also show you how to test for the oils that can support you personally through times of change and healing providing physical, emotional and spiritual support.

If you would like to participate in the meditation and celebration of the Awakening of the Phoenix please contact Barbara Slaine at  203-912-2791.

Return to Innocence

Saturday, April  3rd 2010

1:00 – 4:00



The extraordinary can occur in the lives of ordinary people when one opens to the unseen world of magick. When you set off on a magickal path, you must surrender to a greater power, for you will encounter things that you will never understand. Following the old traditions, the most powerful openings to the unseen world take place at the time of equinoxes and solstices. For this reason the ancient ones built their places of spiritual worship to capture these powerful times of planetary movement. Two days out of the year there is equal light and dark upon the earth. The perfect balance of male and female energy and a grand opportunity for vision and creation. Rituals performed by the ancestors during this time open us to the beauty of the unseen world. The visible world is seen by ordinary people but the unseen world belongs to the mystic. This Year as the Phoenix rises from the ashes with the birth of the new Phoenix on this day, we will experience an even greater infusion of this light.  For the Baha’I they believe that also at this time the Avatars assisting our world through its evolutionary journey return to the world of man.   It is said that at the time of the Spring Equinox from the ashes of the Phoenix, a golden egg is formed.  Nine days later the new Phoenix breaks through the golden egg and takes flight. The world of mankind is gifted with a tremendous opportunity to give birth once again to their dreams and visions.  At this time we also begin to rise from the ashes of all that we have left behind.  We begin to feel renewed and full of life.  A sense of hope and promise is restored but it is up to us to take the action to make the changes that we have become aware of over the last several months. Being human means having doubts and yet still continuing on your path. We are all experiencing personal storms and earthquakes, shaking the very fiber of our souls. This is the nature of transformation. This is how the stars and Mother Earth were transformed. We are of the stars so it is no wonder that our personal transformations as well as the earth’s transformations; our financial systems; our governments and our religious institutions, undergo the same chaotic and sometimes turbulent shifts.

I invite you to join with me to discover a time long forgotten.  A time of innocence.  During this joyful and playful workshop you will discover the child inside and feel that presence coming to life.  You will feel yourself being rejuvenated through a series of processes and experiences to reconnect to the magick of life.  You will be given powerful tools  to shed the heaviness and burdens of this human experience, become more in touch with your dreams and feel yourself being transformed to discover you are all that you desire to be.   When you become fully present in the moment and feel the connection between the adult and the child, magick returns and you have the ability to manifest anything and everything.  Discover the origin and the true symbology of the Easter egg, the reason we celebrate this time of year with the Easter Bunny and the true connection to the Goddess and the ancient traditions.

The seeds of your dreams and intentions that were planted begin to stir and break through the surface of the earth for the first time, carrying the healing energy and life force of the Dark Mother Goddess.  The Earth Goddess serves as a midwife as we give birth to our dreams and visions.  As those dreams reach for the heavens they are nurtured with the strength of the sun and our faith is restored once again.

If you would like to restore the magick and participate in this extraordinary experience please contact Barbara Slaine at 203-912-2791. We need an immediate RSVP as space is limited to create an intimate experience.

Private Sessions

Wednesday, March 31, Thursday, April 1 and

Friday April, 2nd

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