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Birth of the Phoenix-West Coast

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Celebrating the Birth of the Phoenix

Sunday, March 28th

7:00 – 9:00pm



Legend says that the Phoenix rises from the ashes at the time of the Spring Equinox.  A very auspicious time when there is equal portions of dark and light upon the earth. According to the Baha’i scriptures, the phenomenon of the equinox can be symbolically compared to the appearance of the Avatars of God at various points in history. Just as the rising of the physical Sun at the equinox causes the rejuvenation of all life on earth, the appearance of the Spiritual Sun returning on earth regenerates the spiritual nature of man.   This regeneration influences humanity to begin to truly live, our thoughts are transformed and we acknowledge the birth of a spiritual new beginning for mankind.    Symbolic of this energy, the koru (fern frond), which is nature’s way of reminding us of the sacred spiral, reaches towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new positive beginnings. The koru represents the unfolding of new life that everything is reborn and continues. It represents renewal and hope for the future.   The spiral or Koru is a Maori symbol of Creation, New Life, Rebirth, Growth and Peace. The circular shape conveys perpetual motion through life, while the curling inward represents a return to the origin.  At the time of the Phoenix Rising from the golden egg, you can focus on creating the life you most deeply long for.   A time recognized when the sun returns and life is restored to the world of man through the sacred rite of rebirth.  This Year known as the Year of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes makes this time especially powerful.  After several months of being asked to let go of all that no longer serves us so that we can move forward, courtesy of retrograding Mars and Saturn,  we begin to feel some relief from the struggles and fears of the unknown.  Our faith is restored and hope returns.  There is something stirring inside of each of us and the promise of a wondrous new tomorrow awakens the Phoenix within ourselves. Nine days after the Spring Equinox the new phoenix embalms the ashes of the old phoenix in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in (“the city of the sun”), located in Heliopolis, Egypt. Join with me this night as we prepare in ancient celebration for the rebirth of the Phoenix and the rebirth of your dreams and wishes that you have planted at the time of the Winter Solstice. It is said that the Phoenix has the ability to regenerate itself when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being almost immortal and invincible – a symbol of fire and divinity.  All of mankind has the same desires to love and be loved, to be appreciated, to be an expression of the gifts we have brought into this life and to be of service to mankind.  It often takes a space of time, like the gestation period in the egg, before the universe responds to you. But respond it will. First, you have to have the courage to hold on to that dream, never doubting, never straying from your path.  As we wake from our winter dreams and feel the life force of the Phoenix we embrace the light of the energies now available to us.

In many of the ancient Mystery Schools, accepted initiates were referred to as Phoenixes, or those who had been “born again.”  Many of you experienced the power of the Phoenix in a workshop held here in San Clemente in January preparing you for this time.  This is the time that the Phoenix truly rises and empowers each of us.   Like the Phoenix we rise and find that we are so much better than we were before the experiences we acquired over the last two years began. You will experience the birth of the new you as you feel yourself emerge from the golden egg.  All of life pauses to acknowledge the return of the Phoenix and magick is alive.  You are invited to experience and celebrate the rebirth of your soul through the celebration of the Phoenix as I share with you traditions from many cultures all over the world.  We will complete our time together with a special prayer and intention of seeding the cosmic web that joins each of us together with focused intention and a meditation with the andara crystal.

Please RSVP to Robbyne LaPlant t 949/361-7729.

Payment required in advance.  Please mail check to:

White Wolf Journeys 40 Via Zaragoza San Clemente, CA  92672

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