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Returning to Austin, TX

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Ten Commandments of the First Nation People

Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect…Remain Close to Great Spirit….Work Together For the Benefit of Mankind……Give Assistance and Kindness wherever needed….Do What You know to be right….Look after the well being of mind and body….Dedicate a Share of your efforts to the Greater Good…Be Truthful and Honest at all times…Take Full Responsibility for all of your actions

white wolf rose

 Preparing for the rebirth of your

Divine perfection

Awaken the Sacred Chanupa

As the rose within your heart opens more fully

Austin, Texas

Facilitated by: Robbyne LaPlant


Location: To Be Announced

Time: Saturday, November 17th – 10:00 to 4:30

In the coming year, 2019 you will be asked to take courageous leaps into the unknown as you birth a new expression of you.   Courage is not the elimination of fear, it is the acceptance of fear and a deep knowing that you can move through whatever is causing the discomfort.  It requires a commitment to the next part of your journey to step into your magnificence.  With this level of self-acceptance, your leaps of faith will turn into giant strides forward and 2019 can turn out to be your most fulfilling ever.  The Ten Commandments of the first nation people apply to our global community and are powerful guidelines shared by the teachers of the Path of the Rose.

The month of November is endowed with extra spiritual energies as the 11th month of the year; it represents a time of transition as well as a time of significant personal and psychic growth.  As the Year of Sacred Relationships will be in its final month we begin to look forward to the possibilities and grand potential that 2019 will bring.   This is a time to review the lessons of the year, to acknowledge the journey we have taken to arrive at this present moment. The powerful psychic energy of this month enables you to tap into your own, personal soul mission.

We have all changed with the energy recalibration of this year and the recent eclipse cycle.  We feel a deeper stirring inside as we watch our world shift externally,   a reflection of what is occurring within us internally.  Every time we gather together with other souls either physically or energetically to pray, to create sacred space, to honor the earth, we open ourselves to receive great blessings from the divine.  Every time we send prayers and focused intention for positive change we become alchemists working with the violet flame of transformation.  Now is the time for each of us to remember the teachings of the Path of the Rose shared through the expression of White Buffalo Woman.

Join us for a day of remembrance. empowerment, healing of ourselves and shifting collective consciousness as we open to the change of identity 2019 will bring to each of us.

  • Prepare for the times when people will come looking for your help. Learn how to prepare for 2019 and the fulfilment of your destiny.
  • Find Your Standing Tall Place as you embrace your role as a leader of truth and become a steward of our water planet.
  • Acknowledge that you are both the prayer you have made, and the answer. Remembering our connection to the unseen world can assist us in birthing a new expression of who we were born to be.
  • Share the Chanunpa in a powerful and sacred ceremony as you tap into the medicine of truth it carries.
  • Allow yourself to be bathed in sound to alleviate stress, fear and discomfort.
  • By bringing the light of the Great Mother Sophia into all areas of your life, you will contribute to the world in your own personal way. Women have always been the peacemakers. Remembering that you are made in Her image will help anchor the energy.

Investment in this Day of High Healing and Creative Self Expression is $225.00.

Includes all tools for rituals and ceremonies,

teachings of the Path of the Rose as we move into a three year,

Sacred Initiation to activate the Chanupa, a tool of peace from the Path of the Rose

 all meditations, ceremonial rituals, and gifts you will take away from this experience,

to support your personal journey as a messenger of peace.

If there is a stirring in your heart to be part of this day, please Contact Guy at [email protected] to register.  During my return to Austin, I will also be available for private sessions.  If you would like to reserve a time for a Soul Life Reading or a healing and balancing session with sound bathing and purification, please contact me.  These must be scheduled in advance as there are only two days available for sessions. [email protected]

Soul Life Reading – $210.00    A one-hour soul life reading serves as a navigational tool to assist one when moving through changes as feelings of uncertainty, confusion and lack of direction arise.  In this session relationships and their purpose of being in one’s life are revealed. Present life challenges are identified and guidance given to move one through any conflict with grace and ease. A review of the souls energetic blueprint, strengths and destiny are explained to support one in birthing the full potential of the light they carry inside. A special focus on how to prepare for the coming year as well as a review of the growth that has taken place in 2018. Past life experiences influencing the present incarnations are revealed and tools to release these memories stored in the consciousness are explored.  The greatest responsibility we have at this time is to clear the imprints of the past to embrace our birthright to be sovereign beings of love.

Healing and Balancing Session with Sound Bathing – $210.00   Experience the healing affect of the crystal singing bowls and celestial elemental chimes to restore balance and chakra clearing as your cells are massaged with the beautiful vibration of universal sounds, alleviating self doubt, fear and discomfort.  These lower energies simply cannot exist in a body temple of high vibrational light. Tuning forks are utilized to send a message of recalibration to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies repairing tears in one’s auric field and helping to integrate the intense energy shifts we have be experiencing in our personal evolution.  With the use of high vibrational essential oils, the limbic system is balanced creating waves of joy and bliss and an overall sense of inner peace.

To learn more about Robbyne please visit www.whitewolfjourneys.com.

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