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Avalon – September 24th – 29th, 2019 – Sacred Journey to the Goddess

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Chalice Goddess

Avalon September 2019

Glastonbury, England

the heart chakra of the planet

The time to discover the self has passed

We have entered the time of Creating the New Self

As you awaken the Magickal Child Within

The Goddess always calls me back to the source of celestial light whenever there is a huge shift occurring. As we begin a new era with the birthing of the Magickal Child one may be called to experience the true ritual of baptism. The ancient ones recognized baptism as the regeneration of the soul. It was a true purification and initiation of the priestess into the teachings of the Path of the Rose   Glastonbury is a magickal place of personal pilgrimage and spiritual clarity where the veils are thinnest between invisible worlds, the inner and outer realms of the ordinary and non ordinary.   A place where the Goddess summons her child home, to rejuvenate the spirit and bring forth guidance for one’s journey.   Now hidden behind the veil, Avalon will always be there for those who seek her mystery and magick. For the spiritual pilgrim who comes with an open heart she opens the doorway to the unseen and invites one to pause, breathe and sit within her embrace. I invite you to join with others seeking to create a new paradigm to a place of magick.

Tuesday, September 24th  

Rendezvous LHR/Bristol airports and transfer to Glastonbury, Gather together our first evening in sacred ceremony to set intentions and awaken the memory of the Path of the Rose.

sunrise at henge

Wednesday, September 25th 

We begin early in the morning with private access into Stonehenge for a sunrise ceremony and activation of our own divine timing. This is a magickal experience to stand within the sacred circle of these great stone beings.   When the sun is rising at the “tween” time, the veils are thinnest. Identified as a place of great mystery, known as a galactic computer, ones personal timing can be activated as we sing to the stones with the crystal singing bowls.   We have been undergoing a complete cellular restructuring since 12:21:12. In the Year of Birthing the Magickal Child our own 11:11 code has been stepped up. Being within the stone beings as the sun is rising awakens dormant memory in our own consciousness as to our purpose of incarnation at this time. We have all felt that stirring and feelings of uncertainty. When utilizing the crystal singing bowls while stepping between worlds there is a heightened awareness to receive guidance and intuitive messages. Every time I have been within these stones I have felt a shift and my life has dramatically shifted.

fairy trees avebury

Later today we travel to Avebury and the magickal faery trees, an ancient grove of beech trees. This is truly my favorite place to just be within this sacred landscape. One can easily slip between worlds and a sense of bliss overtakes you. The faery trees exist in both the realm of human and the non-ordinary where magick exists. It is these exact trees that inspired Tolkien while sitting beneath them to write the story of the Lord of the Rings. This is a place where the magickal child comes to life and one can return to a place of innocence and joy. The maiden aspect of the Goddess is felt through the Faery Queen when one sits in stillness.

sunrise at Tor

Thursday, September 26th

Today we walk the seven-layer labyrinth carved into the hillside of the Tor.   The original name of the Tor, nys-witrin means Isle of Glass to the ancient Celts. This is a journey of great mystery. We will walk the ceremonial pathway to top where once stood a galactic temple at sunrise when the mists rise above the landscape and Avalon is visible through the seeing eye of the seeker of truth. A powerful place of remembrance and ceremony. Steeped with mystery, layers of story of times past sealed within the land, one weaves the magick into their own story and profound clarity can be found when approached in a sacred way following the Path of the Rose. It is said that Jesus traveled to these lands with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea to study with the Druids and learn of their ways.


This evening we gather together for private access into the Chalice Well for sacred ceremony.   Here the presence of the Divine Mother is felt as we perform an ancient ritual to honor the Goddess and receive her guidance at the Red Spring. Only two places in the world hold the energy of the red and white spring. The first is Glastonbury, the heart chakra and the second is found in Mount Shasta, California, the root chakra of the planet. Here one can transcend fears and doubts with the essence of unconditional love. I have spent many magickal moments in these gardens, both this lifetime and others. It is a place that lives within your heart. An etheric violet bridge joins Avalon to Telos deep within Mount Shasta. One is able to walk this bridge using alchemy and the mindful practice of the ancient ones.


Friday, September 27th.

Today we visit Gog and Magog the ancient oak trees that carry the story of the Path of the Rose. These ancient beings, one male and one female create a sacred space to nurture the magickal child and the creative inspiration one receives while reflecting and meditating on holy ground. Gog and Magog are known as the Oaks of Avalon and stand at the entrance to the Isle of Avalon. When one listens with an open heart these ancient ones have much to share. Wise elders with great knowledge of the past can assist you in remembering your own soul story. Late afternoon we visit, Cadbury the citadel known as King Arthur’s Camelot. A sacred place to the ancients where the faery presence in the surrounding woods is palpable.

white springs

Saturday, September 28th

Today we visit the white spring. One of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon is that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor. Both have healing in their flow. A series of pools have been built according to the principles of sacred geometry, and simple shrines in honour of the ancient energies and spirits of Avalon, have been created within the temple. All enhanced by the ley line known as the Michael line, which flows through this place. We honour Brigid as the guardian, Our Lady of Avalon, the King of the Realm of Faery, and their ancient presence in this sacred space.

white springs

A place touched by the Fey. In blackness or candle lit, The White Spring offers a wonderful contrast to the sunlit gardens of the Chalice Well. With its constant temperature and the sound of the perpetually flowing water, it is a unique and sacred space, serving as a doorway. Magick exists at these in-between places such as shores, the instant of the sunrise or sunset, the instant of season changes, doorways, and other places that lay instantaneously between two places while being in neither. Here we will perform sacred ceremony and you will have time to simply be in these energies. The rest of the day is free to spend in Glastonbury.  Retail therapy taken to another level. Afternoon I will be available for private sessions, Soul Life Readings or Healing and Balancing Sessions to support the energetic shifts of the new blueprint being transferred to you from the Goddess

Sunday, September 29th

Our magickal journey ends and we depart. Transfer to LHR/Bristol for onward travel. Please book your flights for after a 1:30pn departure. For those who would like a one-day extension I am offering an additional magickal experience.

merlins cave

I am offering a one-day journey to Tintagel to visit Merlin’s Cave to connect with the violet energy and the dragon lineage. At the edge of the cave entrance to the sea one steps through the doorway back into the memory of Atlantis.  It is said that Joseph of Arimathea, the guardian of Mary, was a wealthy man who traded tin. Jesus would travel with him through these lands as he knew this was a place of alchemy and magick.   We will have a very special experience as we then journey to Saint Nectan’s Glen for ceremony with the faery folk.  For more details on this extra day of magick please contact me and I will send details and cost.

st nectens glen

This magickal glen is a place where the veil between worlds is very thin. A place to make a wish and connect to the unicorn, guardian of the celestial waters and companion of the Magickal Child.

If the spirit of Avalon calls to your soul and the Divine Mother Goddess sings to your heart please contact Guy for a registration form [email protected] ***Space is limited to ensure a small and intimate experience.***

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