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Align with the Dream Walker-Temecula California, April 2016

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Align with the Dream Walker

Step Into Your Full Potential

In the Year of Self Mastery

Saturday, April 9th


10:00 – 4:30pm
An Enchanted Playground of the Dream Walker
Temecula, California


The greatest school house of all is in the natural world.  In this year of Self Mastery learning to reconnect to the Dream Walker by remembering the pathways to Source will be instrumental in manifesting your dream and returning enchantment to your journey.  It is our responsibility to be expressions of joy, vessels of love and a guiding light for others.  Too often we lose our way and fall under the stress and pressure of the fast world.  We feel our light dim.  Nature is a gateway to bring the essence of source back into our being and can ignite the Starlight we carry once again.


This very special day of enchantment will take place in nature’s wonderland.  A true place of magick where the stone beings carry great wisdom when one walks the path of enchantment back to the dream walker.


As one sits within an enchanted forest beneath the great standing tall ones, you can gain insight and awareness for your journey by walking the Cloud Pathway to the center of ones truth.  Nature offers many teachings and a profound healing when one opens to the natural world.  Beneath the oak and sycamore trees much can be shared to support ones journey.


As you experience the wonder of water by sitting on the edge of the  river, known by the Native Americans as the Long One, a stillness and great sense of peace fills your being.   Reflecting into the water, one can see a glimpse of the future as they merge with the mirror of their divine self walking the pathway of the dreamer back to source.  Water holds an intelligence and serves as a conduit to connect one to the dream walker.


In a sacred fire ceremony one can discover their hidden passion and allow the creative energies to be rekindled.  Feel your body and spirit rejuvenated in sacred ceremony working with the flames of renewal.


The enchanted ones live in a secret landscape that holds the original vision of the planet.  They are far older than the human. When one learns to access this realm we are able to work with the universal life force that we call the Goddess.  The schoolhouse of our learning this day is within the enchanted world of the faery folk on land sacred to the Native American Indians.

Together we will share the sacred peace pipe as we call in the ancestors and gather the medicine of the plant beings.

Discover your connection to the moon bridge and how to work more effectively with the power of the moon cycles.

Experience the path of the Shaman  as you journey into the heart of the Earth Mother with a sacred drumming ceremony.

Open up the creative channels as you prepare your own sacred tools in natures school house.

Learn  to tap into the physical energy that nature offers in a series of movements to earth, ground and expand your enery field for strength, vitality and balance.

This is a day to experience the magick of the enchanted world, to find your joy, to experience the reconnection of the dream walker and the surface walker.  Give yourself a day to disconnect from the fast world and come into union with your own enchanted one.

The investment in this day of enchantment and Self Mastery


Includes all tools, meditations,

Rituals in nature, gifts from the enchanted world, sacred teachings,

a healthy lunch, all items for your sacred tools, and an afternoon snack

To register please contact Guy at [email protected].

Confirmation and directions will be sent upon receipt of registration and payment.  Space is limited so early registration is highly recommended.  There is so much this Year of Mastery has to offer each of us.  I look forwarded to sharing.

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