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Journey to Assisi – October 8th – 13th, 2019

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Journey to Assisi

The City of Peace

Private Journey exclusively created for a smaller group

October 8th to October 13th

 Sometimes you take a journey and sometimes the journey takes you. Assisi is a place that must be experienced on a deeper level than just seen. There is so much mystery and magick available for the seeker of truth who approaches with an open heart. Something profound happens in this beautiful village, you find your self once again and return to a natural state of peace and bliss. You open to experience life through different eyes as your awareness allows you to grow into your full magnificence.

st francis

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 8th

So many secret places hold the essence of Saint Francis and the spirit of Assisi. As part of our journey, we will travel to the place where Saint Francis built a simple church, hundreds of years before known as the Porziuncola. Now housed within a great basilica, this was the site where the Franciscan movement began.   This is a place of great mystery and a very special energy.   It was here that the miracle of the rose garden took place and Saint Francis would find his faith once again.  Like each of us have experienced at some point on our journey, Saint Francis had lost his faith and was struggling with feelings of inadequacy.  He threw himself naked into the rose bushes thinking if he physically suffered his doubts would be lifted.  Legends say that on contact with the Saint’s body thorn less roses began to bloom, as they continue to this day. We have quiet time to connect with the spirit of the Divine through personal meditation.


This afternoon we begin with a journey of art, love and transformation…a sacred adventure into your Soul’s creative potential. Today we travel to Niki de Saint Phalle’s esoteric sculpture garden based on the Tarot cards. This is a magickal place of discovery as we will do a living soul life reading in the garden amongst these magickal sculptures. A place to begin to tap into your creative potential and ignite the flames of passion. We will stop for lunch in a local village and then enter the gardens as I guide you through a creative experience connecting to the Magickal Child. There will be time for reflection and meditation as I know inspiration will flow. This is really a special day and a unique treat for the senses.

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 9th

Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis (San Francesco), patron saint of animals and ecology, and its undeniable charm and appeal attracts huge numbers of visitors and religious pilgrims, who arrive here each year literally millions. A place that must be experienced on a deeper level than just seen, hidden treasures that the average tourist does not experience and yet holds a deep connection to the Path of the Rose. Today we journey to the Temple of Minerva a sanctuary once used by the Romans to connect to the Goddess. The energy is powerful when one sits in stillness and invokes the spirit of Minerva.  Also known as the Goddess of Athena, in the ancient times one would come to her temple seeking inner peace and the answer to troubling questions.

33 marys

We continue with a very special experience in the Church of Rose, built in the area of a pagan temple in the upper part of the city. Today it is the permanent home of a magnificent sanctuary where the presence of the Magdalene and the Goddess Sophia is felt. I have arranged for private access into the sanctuary for a deep meditation in the energies of Alpha and Omega. Here 33 carvings of the artists image of Mary, from 33 sacred woods around the world hold the heart essence of Sophia.  The wood represents the earth fertile with possibility and the glass containers are the light.  In this place where Alpha and Omega come together ones heart opens to receive the light, healing old hurts of the past and gifting the sight to choose the right path to embark a wondrous new journey. It is said that the goal of a spiritual journey is an invitation to explore our relationship with nature throughout the ages. After invoking the spirit of Saint Francis we journey to the San Francesco Woodland, to do some forest bathing and experience the beauty of Assisi’s forest. The paths wander the slopes of Mount Subasio behind the Basilica of Saint Francis, allowing one to experience the same beauty of the area as Saint Francis himself did. Scientific studies have shown that natural environments can have remarkable benefits for human health. They promote positive emotions as lush forests cultivate transcendent experiences, and unforgettable moments of extreme happiness. Through sacred ceremony one can gain insight for the next part of their journey. Research has shown that the emotions of pleasure and happiness are elevated with an increase in tree density We will take our time connecting on a deeper level to the natural world as we follow the Path of the Rose in the footsteps of Saint Francis.   Within the forest we will stop for lunch. A full day to commune with the spirit of Assisi and the natural world.

Day 3 Thursday, October 10th

This morning we journey up Monte Subasio to the Eremo delle Carceri. Much of this main complex was built six hundred years before Francis was born. Here we will visit the tiny cave where Francis was known to retreat and build a stronger relationship with the natural world.  We will spend some time here as the surrounding forest serves as a dimensional doorway performing sacred ceremony honoring the elements and nature spirits. To truly know the seed we carry in our heart we must penetrate the roadblocks of fears and desires that surround it. This requires developing our capacity to listen, in silence, and without judgment, to whatever is going on within or around us. When we do this, refusing to get caught in mental activity and letting go, we penetrate that barrier, and achieve a clarity and peace that then informs and illumines our thoughts and actions. We are transformed into a quality of living a life of true joy. There is time for personal reflection in this special sanctuary. We journey down the mountain back to the main village for lunch. Afternoon is free, I will be available for personal sessions in the afternoon.

nun spa

One may also choose to book appointments in the NUN, a gorgeous spa built on ancient Roman pools. The experience is not to be missed and can support integrating the powerful energies that Assisi brings. We will stop for lunch at a lovely restaurant on the hillside with stunning views of the Umbrian countryside.


Day 4 Friday, October 11th

This morning we journey to San Damiano the sanctuary dedicated to Saint Claire. There is something so beautiful about the simplicity of this sanctuary, a place where the divine feminine is strongly felt. This is a place to nurture the magickal child inside and be empowered with strength and courage to step forward in your magnificence.   Afternoon is free for personal sessions, to explore Assisi on your own or book into the NUN Spa.

francis wolf

Day 5 Saturday, October 12th

Our last day together we will travel to Gubbio, a magickal village strongly connected to the Path of the Rose and Saint Francis. It is within the village that the miracle of the wolf took place and I have a very special day planned for our time together. Gubbio holds the energy where one can face their fears and insecurities with love and compassion, a place to find wholeness within and inner peace. The town of Gubbio, in Tuscany, was being terrorized by an enormous wolf. The people of the town couldn’t go outside the city walls, for fear of the wolf. They were suffering because they could neither sow nor reap, they were beginning to starve. Saint Francis heard of their plight and went to the town, to see how he could help. The people assured him that there was nothing he could do. If he tried, the wolf would surely destroy him. Saint Francis went out to the wolf anyway. When the wolf rushed at him, he stood still, held out his hand, and spoke to him softly, addressing him as Brother Wolf. The wolf became meek and obedient. He agreed never to kill the people or their animals again, if they would agree to feed him every day for the rest of his life. The wolf and the people all kept their promises, and the wolf lived among them for another two years, before he died of old age. The people mourned Brother Wolf, who had become a friend to them. Part of our journey we will travel to the cave where the wolf lived and the towns people fed him. The wolf is buried within the cave and the spirit strongly felt. I have a deep connection to this place after having a profound experience here and know it is a place of power and forgiveness. You will have time to explore this medieval village with all its charm. Weather permitting there is a gondola ride to the top to connect with the spirit of the mountain, a place for deep reflection and intention setting.

This journey is limited to 10 to maintain the intimacy of the group experience. You are responsible for you own accommodations and transportation to Assisi. Those who are doing Damanhur this is an easy train ride form Milan to Assisi. I can assist you with the details for this as I will be traveling myself. You can also fly into Rome and take the train to Assisi.

I have recommendations for hotels in Assisi to fit all budgets. There also many Air B and B’s online.

For those who would like to do an extension I am offering a full day experience to the Isle of Maggiore.

If you are interested in this journey please contact Guy at [email protected] for further details.

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