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Life is about weaving a web, constantly creating a new reality, so I encourage you to weave that web with discovery, adventure, excitement, magick, passion and enchantment.  If you are struggling to find your passion, stop what you are doing, and in the stillness, you can hear your heart speak.  You may not know where you are going but your heart does. 

Have the courage to adventure on a new attempt of self-discovery and reinvention of yourself rather than putting your energy and effort into continuing the same old thing.  Step out of the chaos, channel it into creativity and allow yourself to connect to the unseen.  In the design of the new you there is no place for fear, judgment, anger, resentment, or jealousy. 

I offer several online courses detailed below, to take you deeper into your soul story and create a new reality as you remember the ancient earth wisdom to help you in navigating a constantly changing world. 

white rose with light sparkles

The Path Of The Rose


This is an inner journey that requires your full commitment to complete the cycle of your soul’s growth.   You may choose the timing as to how you approach the program but there must be a commitment to complete each pathway module before moving on to another.

With each pathway you will receive access to guided meditations, written tools and templates, ceremonial tools to support the journey holding the energy.  To view the details of each pathway, click the module title in the menu.

When you sign up to follow this course, Robbyne will contact you to arrange a personal video call, where together, you will set intentions and commit to the timing that works with your schedule and desire.

Robbyne will also send you a package containing the sacred artifacts and ceremonial tools prior to beginning the journey through each pathway.

This course is designed with flexibility in mind. There are seven pathway modules and you can learn at your own speed and choose the best plan that works for you financially.  You can purchase the individual pathway modules at one-off prices of $250 each – or buy the entire course at once and get a 10% discounted rate of $1500. Shipping fees are additional for the tools and materials and priced depending on your location.

Full Price: $1500

The Path of innocence

Module 1 Path Of The Rose

This journey takes you into a deep remembrance of the enchanted world, re-establishing the alliance and working with the faery folk and enchanted ones. 

A return to innocence is true mastery and you will learn to communicate with the enchanted realm and work in a symbiotic relationship with the fae.

You will experience a reconnection to the innocent child spirit that many have disconnected from restoring lost innocence.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the world of human and the world of the enchanted ones.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Geomancy known as the science of the sand and divination of foresight by the earth. The ability to receive messages and guidance form the landscape as you learn to walk between worlds.
  • Discover the herbs, foods, and plants that can be used in rituals, enchantments, and other magickal work devoted to working with the Fae
  • Learn how to offer residence to your personal Fae
  • Through a guided meditation you will be taken into the sacred realm of the enchanted ones. The mystical place of magick where one finds their heart light.

Price: $250 includes guided meditations

The Path of the Ancestral Soil Wisdom

Module 2 Path Of The Rose

This journey takes you into deep communion with ancient stone elders and the knowledge of walking in balance on the sacred blue.  Communion with the Great Standing Tall Ones as you enter the symbiotic relationship sharing the red and green breath of life.

  • Gaining the wisdom of stillness and vigilance from our stone elders.
  • Using alchemy to program stones and crystals for a higher purpose.
  • Understanding How Invisible Energies Influence Your Powers of Attraction – invisible energies that govern the Universe can be harnessed, simply by bringing our mental and emotional focus to our powerful attraction frequencies.
  • You will be gifted with a red stone from the sacred hexagram of the Sedona Vortex to be used during your training of extracting the knowledge of Ancient Soil. If you cannot journey to the sacred stones, I will create a spirit walk into the healing, teaching, balancing vortexes for you with a series of images from the Sedona landscape and guided meditations.
  • You will gain awareness as to your soul’s connection to the original dragon lines.
  • Discover the Sacred Stones of The Goddess to gain to focus, understanding and appreciation of what the Divine Feminine can contribute to our self-awareness, self- identity, and our self-knowledge.
  • Utilizing the www – world wood web to access your ancestral lineage.

Price: $250 includes guided meditations

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The Path of Joy

Module 3 Path Of The Rose

The unfoldment of your soul to enlightenment can only occur when your heart is full of joy. This is a journey that will restore childlike wonder and magick.

  • Acquire the knowledge of Floromancy – The language of flowers. Since ancient times, flowers have been associated with magical and Divine properties. Their appearance and the messages they bring, make them the perfect companion for magickal enchantment.
  • Understanding of the magickal secret meanings and uses for specific flowers
  • Rediscover and reclaim your divine essence as you tap into the gifts and talents that have been woven into your soul seed.
  • Learn to journey into the realm of Dragonfly, Hummingbird and Butterfly, carriers of otherworldly knowledge through a series of guided meditations and processes.
  • Discover how to raise your vibration to the level of your desires to manifest instantly.

Price: $250 includes guided meditations

The Path of Dreaming

Module 4 Path Of The Rose

Dreams are messages from the dream walker and windows to the soul. The place where all boundaries and limitations disappear as you follow your heart song.

  • You will learn to travel the timelines of your soul story, clearing and healing the ancient wounds of the collective consciousness.
  • Discover how to listen to your heart’s song.
  • Working with the dreaming time to manifest a new physical reality.
  • Create a dreamscape of possibilities.
  • Learn the 7 steps of enhancing your dreams by using the dreamtime to gain answers.
  • How to utilize sacred herbs for dreaming
  • Learn the ancient art of Walking the Sky as you enter the dream space to step outside the bonds of mundane existence and connect with a more universal consciousness.
  • Explore the four pathways of dreaming

Price: $250 includes guided meditations

The Path of Transformation

Module 5 Path Of The Rose

Developing a relationship with your own personal dragon and a deeper understanding how to work with these magnificent beings to become all you were born to be.  Dragons are magnificent deities who help us find our moral compass to help navigate through these changing times as we each have an opportunity to cosmically level up.

  • Understanding the truth of the Dragon Lineage
  • The Dragon represents the power and the transformational energies of the Elemental Kingdom. Working with Dragons is not for the light-hearted, although it offers great protection to the light worker and those who are called to follow the Path of the Rose.  It requires commitment.
  • Working with fire to activate your personal creative passion and to transcend limitation.
  • Rituals of fire magick for transformation
  • Discover the hidden magick of candles and the purpose of different colors for your magickal workings.
  • Understand your soul purpose in working with the dragon lines.
  • Remembering the Code of the Dragon and the most ancient energies of creation.
  • Working with the golden Atlantean Dragons to restore your star knowledge.
  • Working with the Pink Golden Dragons of Kuan Yin to open your heart to be a greater of expression of love.
  • Working with the powerful Athame to gain confidence and establish boundaries.

Price: $250 includes guided meditations


The Path of the Sacred Blue

Module 6 Path Of The Rose

Developing a deeper understanding of the teachings of water.  Water is life, it listens to us.  Water is alive and teaches us to flow with ease on our journey.

  • Discover the magick of water in ritual and celebration to enhance your personal journey on the sacred blue.
  • Learn to work with the long person as you open to the teachings offered by water to find balance and inner peace for your earth journey.
  • Discover the healing impact of the crystal singing bowl and water on your spiritual waters with an audio designed for meditation and sound bathing with the Ocean Blue crystal singing bowl. This can support in the leveling up of your body temple to the higher frequencies of light.
  • Activate the ancient star knowledge as you remember Poseida and the Law of Oneness.
  • Working with the energetic grid to align with the dolphin and whale energies available to us.
  • Open the lines of communication with the Nommos, the Sirian star beings working with humanity at this time.

Price: $250 includes guided meditations

The Path of Unconditional Love

Module 7 Path Of The Rose

The origin of the teachings are ancient and come from the Divine Mother, Sophia the creatrix goddess. The teachers of the Path of The Rose from the past, carried the wisdom and taught literally hundreds of different pathways, that culminate in love. Working with the rose as you feel the activation of the 33 petals of your own, mystical, cosmic heart rose.

  • A deep interdimensional journey into the vibration of self-love.
  • Weaving your connection back to your divine self through a series of processes to activate all 33 petals of the cosmic rose.
  • To journey with the rose is to awaken the wild woman and transform your life forever. You will journey to the Temple of the white rose through a guided meditation.
  • Phyllorhodomancy – working with the rose as a divination tool.
  • Discover how to make rose water for sacred ritual, enhancing your journey with the rose.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role in becoming a guardian of the Sacred Rose teachings.

Price: $250 includes guided meditations

“I found the Path Of The Rose to be magical, mystical, and beyond my expectations. It gave me permission to slow down long enough to shift with grace and ease… my child self was able to surrender and allow for some profound healing. Each pathway was so different, but all necessary. They were all my favorite paths leading up to the culmination of The Path Of Unconditional Love.

Allow yourself the pleasure of navigating through this process in your own time and space and watch what happens. Love you guys.”

Brenda E.
white rose with light sparkles

The Dragonfly Emergence


Because of their connection to water, dragonflies are tied to our emotional selves. If you are stuck in an emotional pattern or just stuck in a temporary rut, dragonfly’s transformative power can assist on a deep level to make significant change.

This course is an ongoing process of (7) sessions that requires commitment and focused intention.   It includes a chakra clearing reading and review to set intentions as you begin the process of emergence. It is designed to raise your energy field from 3D limitations to 5D potential. 

This course can be undertaken via video session, or phone call.  Dragonfly wisdom will help you deal with every situation appropriately by providing tools to support the shifts and changes you will experience as you emerge into the full expression of all that you desire. 

We will begin with a video call to set intentions, identify where you currently are in life and where you wish to be. Together we navigate the pathway that leads you to the manifestation of where you wish to be.

Each session will involve some homework to support you in creating the necessary changes as you go deeper into the old beliefs and energetic trauma to change your energy signature.  The work is designed to deconstruct the ‘old you’ and birth the ‘new’ expression allowing your gifts and talents to radiate out to the world.  Remember we are here to experience beauty, joy, laughter, union and love.   The various tools and focused intention provided in this series, serve as a natural container.

This course is designed to be undertaken consecutively because each module builds on the previous, taking you deeper. There are seven pathway modules that are undertaken one after another.

Price: $1800

spiritualism, awakening, meditation

Chakra Clearing Reading

Module 1 The Dragonfly Emergence

The Grand Reset Chakra Reading provides detailed personal information to  help you navigate through the changing roads of life, as our global community continues to experience the restructuring of our human expression and integrate the fifth dimensional energies that we are experiencing.  A healthy chakra system ensures a healthy immune system. The chakra reading will allow you to focus on clearing the chakra centers so they are vibrating in optimum capacity.

  • Review Chakra Reading
  • Set Intentions for the Program
  • Make a commitment to be consistent and invest in yourself.
  • Identify negative programming.
  • Shift your inner dialogue to match the outer manifestation of your true heart expressed dreams and desires.
  • Erase your limiting beliefs could be the most important ingredient of your self-help game plan.
  • Transform internal chaos into inner peace and wholeness.
red and white mushroom in close up photography

Creative Deconstruction

Module 2 The Dragonfly Emergence

This module is designed to assist you in the process of breaking down the structure of old beliefs as you revisit the moment you accepted an illusion or self doubt.  Seeing everything through the lens of the heart allows one to heal on a deep cellular level and shift your reality.

  • Unlearn the narrative of a false belief system.
  • pinpoint limiting beliefs.
  • Align with your true purpose, power and potential.
  • If you want to change the realities you face, you first must change your story.
  • Tap into the root causes of lacking self-love.
  • Clarify your dreams and visions.
  • Release fears and insecurities.

Dragonfly Medicine

Module 3 The Dragonfly Emergence

Whether you need to adapt, see things differently, gain balance to hold your center as you navigate a tricky situation, or raise your vibration to release negative energies that are holding you back, dragonfly energy can assist.

  • Understand how Dragonfly medicine helps reveal illusions.
  • As a creature of water and the subconscious, dragonfly medicine helps identify the narrative imprinted in our subconscious.
  • Discover tools that carry a vibration of alignment and transformation.
  • Take ownership of your life and choices. 
  • Recognize that you have the power to create the life you desire. Empower yourself with positive beliefs and take inspired action.
  • Learn to utilize the dreamtime to alter your reality.

Creative Construction

Module 4 The Dragonfly Emergence

One of the main symbols of sacred geometry, the Flower of Life is seen to contain all of the patterns of creation within it. Utilizing the ancient art of working with the energetics of these sacred symbols you will be able to creatively construct a new reality and expression of self.

  • Discover neuro-linguistic programming technique that instantly evaporates your biggest limiting belief…
  • Alter your neural pathways and unlock the inner guidance and power that’s already inside of you.
  • Create a physical affirmation of the dream you wish to manifest.
  • Learn to work with sacred symbols for manifestation.
pot of gold

Achieving Abundance

Module 5 The Dragonfly Emergence

The energy of gratitude helps magnetize us to attract more abundance. A gratitude practice is a powerful way to cultivate the energy of appreciation and recognize the abundance that surrounds us, while attracting more of what we desire. This module is designed to shift your vibrational frequency from lack consciousness to abundance consciousness.

  • Enhance your mental health and wellbeing.
  • Discover Wealth Mindset
  • Discover Prosperity Mindset
  • Discover Abundance Mindset
  • Create balance in your life.
Fire Spirit

Ignite Your Fire Spirit

Module 6 The Dragonfly Emergence

Develop a practice that allows you to activate and tap into your creative spark.  Hidden in our subconscious are dormant gifts and talents that have been suppressed but can be awakened to assist in creating the life you were destined to live.

  • Ignite creative expression to live in a reality of you choosing.
  • Tools to connect with your spirit and our divine power.
  • Engage in a narrative of action, empowerment and joy
  • Balance the sacred male of action, focus and commitment with the sacred female of intuition, creativity, receptivity and flow.
sun meditation

Integration Of Self

Module 7 The Dragonfly Emergence

Air, fire, water and earth are outwardly manifested forms of the elements themselves.  Air is a detaching element and enables the co-existence of the two main elements, fire and water.  The element of earth binds fire, water and air in various proportions which makes the formation of physical manifestations. The element of fire has electrical and creative properties. Water has magnetic properties which nurtures and sustains. Working with the elements creates balance and wholeness.  

  • Embrace the wisdom of the four pathways of the four clans.  
  • Your mind becomes more stable, less reactive to outside triggers, 
  • your memory improves, you gain mental clarity and coping mechanisms during these times of uncertainty.  You know on every level that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
  • You discover your ability to manifest the life you truly desire

Our ancestors left tools to help us navigate during times of uncertainty and change.  To access the knowledge, we need stillness, the ability to see beyond what we can physically see and an open heart.

pohutakawa tree waiheke

The Four Gifts of Wisdom


Following the sharing of many cultures with particular focus on the four gifts given to the Tuatha de Dannan, (Children of Danu) this is a complex and enriching program of earth wisdom that can provide tools in this ever-changing reality to find balance.

This course will help you find a solid foundation on which to express your gifts and talents, the courage to move forward and the celebration of this life experience.    Danu is the Celtic goddess of nature and fertility.  She represents earth wisdom, magick, nature, the unseen, abundance, motherhood, and fertility. She brings to her children inspiration and wisdom.   It is said the noblest of deeds we can do is to fulfil our destiny as an earth walker and walk a path of peace and beauty. 

The wisdom keepers in the Southern Hemisphere believe that the Pohutukawa tree is the Tree of Life sitting in a great circle of wisdom keepers known as the four clans.  The Tuatha de Dannan from the Northern Hemisphere were given gifts from the ancient ones which has created powerful tools of earth wisdom to assist the land dwellers in finding their way.  These are the teachings I offer to share with you to support your journey.

This program requires commitment and dedication.  It is an intensive four month program where you will receive guided meditations, sacred rituals, tools to support the journey.  We will work together via zoom or skype.

Price: $1800

The Awakening – The Sacred Sword

Module 1 The Four Gifts of Wisdom

The gift of the unfolding where you discover the truth of who you were born to be and the power of the sunrise.  During this series of wisdom sharing you discover the potential within the dream you carry.

  • Illumination – find the courage to pursue your bliss
  • Renewal – Gather the excitement of the journey born from the death of the old aspect of you
  • Focused Vision – the power that shifts within to set you free as see the world through the lens of the heart
  • Look outward for inspiration and inward for insight – reshape the expression of you.
  • Discover the sacred place of the dream weaver

The Activation – The Sacred Spear

Module 2 The Four Gifts of Wisdom

The gift of passion where the heart opens joining mind and heart, wisdom and action together in a sacred union.  You remember your heart song as it becomes a navigational tool serving as your soul compass.  You are living the dream, as you follow your passion discovering the beauty of this earth walk.

  • Ignite the seed within
  • Create the foundation to bring your gifts out into the world
  • Reclaim your power
  • Align with the dream 
  • Find the courage to reach for the light

The Reflection – Sacred Cauldron

Module 3 The Four Gifts of Wisdom

The gift of rejuvenation and healing is one where we honor the journey that has brought us to this place of our choosing.  A place to pause, to nurture and remember.  As you align with the dream you align with the natural cycles and rhythms of your own soul journey.

  • The insight to see into the dark waters of Great Mystery
  • Empty the cauldron of the past to fill again with the dream
  • As the seer find the magick that is within your knowing
  • Recognize the wonder of the rainbow that lives within you
  • Find the flow of your journey as you allow yourself to be carried by the tides
  • Discover the magick of the moon wisdom
  • Integrate your birthright as you bring into balance, the shadow and the light

The Grounding – Stone of Destiny

Module 4 The Four Gifts of Wisdom

The gift of knowing is one where you face your fears and step forward without hesitation, trusting there is a grand journey that lies ahead as your remember the grandness of who you are.

  • Allow the wisdom of the ancestors to flow through you
  • Develop your practice of balance as a wisdom keeper
  • Ground the dream you carry into physical manifestation with practical tools for a modern day shaman
  • Think less and Be More as you become an earth listener
  • Focus on your greater purpose