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all words have potential power

Words are powerful. Spoken, written, or simply the words we use in our own minds, all words have potential power. The power of words creates magick enabling us to define a new reality. The words we use in our minds repeatedly to describe ourselves and our identity are some of the most powerful forces in our lives. They inspire us, support us, lift us up when we are lost and confused. A life can be changed forever with as little as a single phrase, an uplifting word or an act of kindness, sending a note or card for no reason other than to let someone know you care and they are in your thoughts. There are several platforms I use to share.  I hope you enjoy the messages from the unseen world.

Weave The Web

a close up of a spider web on a plant

Weave the Web Articles is intended to bring forth messages of hope by sharing the wisdom of the natural world.   I also provide insight into the celestial dance of the planetary influences that impact us on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level as these are general articles, published as free content, accessible to all visitors.

Words Can Empower Or Disempower.  A Single Life Can Be Changed Forever With A Single Phrase Or A Comforting Word

Robbyne LaPlant

Sabbat Celebrations & Moon Cycle Rituals

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Full Moon

If you would like to explore further the honoring of the cycles of the moon and turning of the wheel with a monthly New Moon, Full Moon, and Sacred Sabbat Ritual, as well as a monthly guided audio meditation dedicated to working with each moon cycle, I invite you to join our online subscription series.  By actively participating in these natural cycles, we can attune ourselves to the creative forces that flow through us and learn how to live in harmony and balance with ourselves and with the beloved Earth.  The more we can bring ritual into our lives, the richer and deeper life becomes.