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Whispers From the Willow


On my third day at Mago Retreat Center I found a quiet moment alone.  Gary was in a meeting and Pauline was having a session allowing me to walk the meditation path in silence around the lake in the healing gardens.  The temperature was perfect and there was no one around to interrupt the stillness of the moment.  I so relish those moments when I am alone in nature and can step through the veil to the unseen world.  This world feels so much more like home than the one I walk in this reality.  In the lake there is a small manmade island which is home to a glorious willow tree.


As I walked the pathway, the Willow Tree called to me to come and sit beneath her, to listen to the ancestors as they had much to share.  I crossed the bridge and the moment I sat down on one of the red rocks the wind began to blow.  So powerful was this gust of wind that my book blew open and I felt if I stood up I could easily be blown over.  I sat in awe as this beautiful tree spirit seemed to offer her hand as a welcome.  The wind began to blow her gentle branches directly to me and as I reached forward the wind changed directions ensuring I was able to touch this gentle soul.  As I reached forward I wrapped the willow branches completely around me.  It felt as though the tree embraced me.  All I could feel was the gentle and tender embrace of the earth mother surrounding me in love.

I remembered the words of the Black Madonna when she had told me that whenever human sits quietly within the nature, we would find her.  She was indeed in the lake, in the willow tree and in the flowers that surrounded the lake at the waters edge.  She was in the clouds that moved slowly across the sky.  As I wrapped more of the branches around me, I closed my eyes down to enter the unseen world.  I felt the dark mother now holding me close.


I heard the ancestors call my name through the wind.  It was so loud that I opened my eyes expecting to see either Pauline or Gary had joined me in the healing gardens but no one was there.  Instead two vibrant orange dragonflies flew over me.  I looked behind me to see if one of my companions was calling my name from the other side of the bridge and observed two doves sitting on a branch of a nearby tree.


As I looked to the right I saw two chipmunks scurry up the bank.  Everything in nature was coming to greet me in pairs, symbolizing partnership.  The message was clear; humankind must again form an alliance with nature if we were to write our future.  I had already been shown the night of the Full Moon lunar eclipse that the ancestors had given us the tools and guidance but it was our choice now.

I sat beneath the great willow tree and listened with intention to the whisper of the wind.  The Mayan ancestors were calling me to Tulum and I realized their legacy was the same as the Hopi.  We as a human race had an opportunity to ascend spiritually together with Mother Earth.  Both of these cultures speak of the time we are in.  A prophetic time when either this transcendence will be possible or we will destroy ourselves.

Since I can remember my earliest childhood days I could not wait to step outside.  I had always loved the trees, known as the Standing Tall ones to the First Nation people.  The branches of the tree always extended to the sky and this was my connection to home.  The trunk of the tree always created a safe place for me to sit and share with the unseen world.  My greatest joy came from the stillness of nature.  I grew up somewhat isolated from others and the sounds of the city never resonated with me.  But here in nature I could make that connection to God and the Goddess.


The famous time of the Mayan, December 21, 2012 is rapidly approaching.  This date signifies the beginning of a change for the earth.   A new consciousness, a new time when our planet as a whole will be aware of the damage we have done to our beloved earth and will join together to make change.  The teachings of the Mayan, the Hopi, the Dahn Guhn as well as countless other cultures that I have had the honor to explore hold the guidance based on a spiritual philosophy of choice, not a religion of structure and guilt.  They speak of a harmonious coexistence with nature.  This new earth, we have an opportunity to give birth to one where we must live in harmony with nature and truly respect every life form.  It begins with us.  We must take the time to be still in nature.  It is the only place where we can find the song of our soul once again.

I will return to the Willow Tree and I will bring those of you who desire to experience this place with me back to the sacred land of the ancestors.  I will continue to travel to the points on the cosmic web that have called the ancestors of the past to retrace their steps and as always I invite you to join me.  Some of you will be called to walk the earth in these sacred places familiar to your soul; others will hold the light as we join together all over the world with focused vision.  It will be up to us, each of us to join together to write the history of the new earth.

Please take the time to sit within nature as it will restore balance and harmony.  Everything in nature has a keynote or soul sound.  You can become part of a beautiful symphony of light when you find your key note and begin to sing in harmony with the unseen world that is supporting our journey as humans with unconditional love.  It is within our power to make change.  It always has been, we have just forgotten who we are.  We can not move forward if we do not look inward.  If anyone is interested in joining me to journey to the healing rain forests of Pura Vida in Costa Rica where we will nurture our souls in the Temple of the Dark Mother Goddess and would like more information regarding the journey at the time of the Autumn Equinox please click here. When we take the time to feel and immerse ourselves in nature, when we pause to see the reflection of the sun shimmer across a mystical lake, when we sit in stillness surrounded by countless hummingbirds then we are on a path of self discovery and have formed a partnership with the creative force of nature.

If you are receiving this from a friend or colleague and would like to become part of our ever growing spiritual community, please click here.

Wishing you magick.

Love, rainbows, and the remembrance of your harmonic keynote

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