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We Each Carry the Seed


For a seed to achieve its greatest expression it must be completely undone.  The shell cracks, the insides come out and everything changes.   To someone who doesn’t understand growth it would look  like complete destruction.  This is the feeling many of us are moving through as the final total lunar eclipse continues to assist us in breaking through our illusions, self doubts and fears.  The very thing that has created the hard shell around the seed of the dream we carry.  I have added an audio meditation at the bottom to support everyone with the energies of the upcoming Alchemical Full Moon.

The final part of our journey would take us  to Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the planet.  I knew the hard shell of the seed we each carry had cracked.  Emotions ran high as we began to really connect to the dream we carried inside.  Memories were returning and old wounds clearing.


The Tor positioned at a powerful intersection on the cosmic spider web is an enigma.  Here the telluric energy flows and the Michael and Mary lines cross.    In the ancient times, a stone circle had stood sacred to the Goddess.  It had been replaced with a Phallic symbol known as Saint Michael’s Tower when the veil between worlds was closing.  The Church of Rome was replacing the Earth Religion and times were changing,  we were slipping into the shadow.  This time was still imprinted in the landscape.


We would climb to the top of the sacred hill to align the chakras and release much of the emotion that people were beginning to feel.   A clear indication that the journey had indeed  cracked the seed open in all of us.


I began to notice a strange series of events would begin here.


In the tower several young men had gathered and were playing the didgeridoo.  It created an unbelievable vibration in the tower.  We had come together to thread the web once again with prayers of healing and the new vision that was gifted at the time of the total lunar eclipse.  As we each stepped through the doorway we would connect with our future self.

For me the fact that the didgeridoo was being played was confirmation that I would return to Australia next year.  The land that holds the blueprint for survival and the home of the Aborigines, keepers of the star lore and the oldest civilization that remains on the earth.


The next morning we traveled to my beloved faery trees in Avebury.    The very trees Tolkien sat beneath when he was inspired to write the Lord of the Rings.  This is always a very special place for me as it is a doorway into the other world.


A place to listen to the child inside and tap into your own creative energies.


The stone beings in the Avebury sanctuary are in direct alignment with the Temple of Isis in Egypt and unlock memories of ancient times.    They are record keepers of knowledge lost and ancient wisdom.   Each person would align with the stone being that held a memory and message for their personal journey.


In the inner circle of the sanctuary one feels the power of the Goddess.  This is the place that comes alive at the time of Beltane when the spiritual fires of fertility and creativity are ignited.  If one closes their eyes you can see the ceremonies that have taken place in this holy landscape.  I had intentionally brought our  group here to fertilize the seed that was now fully awakened.


I had another surprise for the group that I had not shared with anyone, as I was not sure if time or weather would permit.  I made the decision we would go as I had lost all sense of time in the fast world and felt the spirit of this place calling me.    We ventured to the West Kennet Long Barrow, a place of death and rebirth.  To my amazement just prior to our group going into the chambers for ceremony the same young men who had played the didgeridoo on the Tor days before were inside the chamber.   Now I understood the sense of urgency to take the group to this holy place.  The sound of the sacred instruments were releasing the wisdom the ancestors had buried in the chamber.  When the young men finished  we stepped into the chambers.


One by one we connected to the birthing stone asking for guidance.


Through the doorway you go deeper into the chamber and deeper into yourself.


Lorrie began to play her singing bowl as she began to chant an ancient language.  It was clear we were weaving the starlight into the chamber of rebirth.  The men with their didgeridoos had activated the dragon line and we would weave the starlight joining heaven and earth.  There was no way I had known the men would be there at the precise timing as our group would be guided to join.  The magick of the journey continued.


The energy was incredible and I knew as we stepped out of the birthing chamber we were giving life to the seed we carried in our hearts.


Our final morning we would travel to the ancient ones known as Gog and Magog.  Two very ancient oak trees.  The only two that remain lining the sacred pathway of the Druids.  Magog has been struck by lighting but is still alive serving as a sentinel into the doorway of the otherworld.  We climbed the fence to stand in the presence of these magnificent standing tall ones and sang to the dragonline.    You could feel them come alive.


There was such joy as our worlds came together and the faery folk came to celebrate.


Gog spoke to me of gratitude that we had remembered and had come to honor them.


There was a a beautiful exchange of love and I could feel emotion welling up inside my heart.  I remembered the ancient procession that had walked through the Avenue of the giant oak trees and visions of Avalon came into my consciousness.


There are two places in the world where the white and red spring come together.  One is here at the Chalice Well and the other is Mount Shasta where the journey of the Fire and Ice Crystals began for so many.


Our final ceremony would be at the Chalice Well.  I had gone early so I could bless each Fire and Ice crystal in the sacred waters.


We gathered together around the holy well that night and were blessed with the gentle rains, a blessing from the Goddess.   This had been a life changing journey for each of us.   We gathered a final time to give gratitude to the Goddess for all the blessings we had received.

We closed our circle committed to be of service and together we spoke the Druid Prayer.

We swear by peace and love to stand

Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand

Mark oh Spirit hear us now

Confirming this our sacred Vow

I have now returned to the mountain and will be weaving the energy of Avalon, the Isle of Skye and the dream isle of Iona back to the mountain in sacred ceremony as another group gathers for the celebration of SamHein and we continue to weave the web together.

In the Southern Hemisphere this will be Beltane.  All rituals are posted for those who are members of our online subscription and I have included an audio meditation for the Alchemical Full Moon for everyone below.   This is the first Full Moon since the eclipse and will be an excellent night to receive the high healing neutrino energy that is gifted from the stars.

Wishing you all a magickal Full Moon.

Love and celestial light from the mountain, Robbyne

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