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They tried to dumb us down


They tried to dumb us down, to deceive us…… Then we found each other and we began to remember


An Imramma is a magickal journey back to self…a wonder journey where you cross through the veil.  One that allows you to see the road you have traveled with different eyes.  A journey where you go deeper into your own knowing.   You will be tested, but on your journey you will discover truth.   You gain wisdom, you reclaim your power and you come back to love.   When you return from an Imramma, you see yourself through the eyes of the Divine and move beyond judgment.

The moment we judge, we create a separation from the God and the Goddess  as they live within each of us.   This has been our challenge since the beginning.  When we judge ourselves, another or a situation,  the sword cuts through the golden thread that joins us together and we feel lost, alone and separate.


My personal Imramma would begin before the group would join together in Scotland.  It began on the New Moon, Solar Eclipse.   It was my birthday, the 13th of September. Significant to me as I had been born on a New Moon.  I felt my body tremble when I woke up that morning and  knew this would be a powerful day for me. I climbed to Ascension Rock, high on Mount Shasta, the Root Chakra of the planet with my daughter Chyan.   I was carrying  with me the Fire and Ice crystals to charge them in the energy of this significant day.    I needed her to help carry the crystals but more important, I wanted to share this moment with her.

I knew our generation was planting the seed for powerful change, but it was the generations to come behind, that  would allow the seed to blossom.    The elders of seven generations before who had prayed for our world came to me on the mountain to speak.   It was time for each us to accept the Sword of the Truth, the Scepter of Wisdom and step fully into our Destiny.


Legend, prophecy and knowing came together as I sat on Ascension Rock. I felt a jolt of energy move through me that would leave me in extreme pain and unable to get out of bed for several days.  I knew I had shattered a belief I had held for eons of time and needed to clear before I joined with other spiritual travelers for our  Imramma across sacred waters to Iona, the Isle of Dreams.  I carried the ancient Atlantean Seed Fear.   Only love could heal it.

Since I was a child I had been a conduit for the earth.  Always feeling the pain of a place or the pain of one who stood before me.  The stones would speak to me and the trees would guide me.  This jolt of energy on the mountain was something I had never experienced before.  It pierced through my heart and ran down my spine.  I had also never felt the mountain pulsate with such intensity.

Similar to the Fire and Ice crystal that is created through extreme heat from fire.  The trauma creates the fracture in the crystal which changes the molecular structure causing magnificent rainbows to appear and incredible light.  The same had happened to me as the light from Ascension Rock seemed to release the ancient trauma from within my spine.  The spine is where we hold our DNA and cellular memory.


Things were changing.  As I left the mountain and headed to the airport for my flight I knew I would not return to the mountain the same.


My journey to the ancient  lands would begin on the Isle of Skye, the place of Scathach, the Warrior Goddess.  She is the illusive one whose power comes through when the world bends and the veil becomes the thinnest at the time of SamHein, or All Hollows Eve.  To many this night is known as Halloween.   Her sacred symbols are the cauldron and the sword.  Her colors are silver and black.  Her companion is the dragon.

Now I understood that it was she who was calling to awaken the dragon lines.   This would not be an easy journey but she was calling me to her sacred place to gift me with her strength.  The blood of the dragon ran through my veins.  It was the gypsy blood that called me to travel the world, walking the dragon lines to holy ground where the lines that remained dormant from human ignorance, greed and violence could be awakened.

For those who are called to Mount Shasta Retreat for  SamHein  this is a night to feel her presence and celebrate the strength of the warrior.


It is said that Scathach taught the celtic warrior the skills of war.  Her teaching was not only how to master the sword but instead to master the mind.   The Templar Knights were summoned to her sacred place.  The one who held the vision, the one who walked as King Arthur had been bequeathed with her blessings and now she was calling five others and me.


We had come to the sacred place of the warrior Goddess  on the Equinox, the time when there are equal portions of light and dark upon the earth.   The land felt familiar and I knew I had walked this path before.


Scathach came in the dreamtime showing me her place of  power in the landscape along the ocean’s edge.   I knew I needed to come to her sacred lands and bring the Fire and Ice crystals.  It was raining on the island and yet when we approached the place of the Warrior Goddess the clouds cleared and the sun shone.  She gifted each of us  that morning with her strength and courage. I felt the dragon awaken and knew we were ready.  We would now join with the others in Edinburgh, and the Imramma to the Isle of Iona would begin.

Join us tomorrow as we cross through the veil to the Isle of Dreams.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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