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The Wolf Of Gubbio – Tools for these challenging times

Gubbio Wolf

As I spend more time retracing the steps of Saint Francis I feel a deeper connection to this incredible man who lived hundreds of years before as an incarnation of Saint Germaine. Spending a month here in Assisi each day the wisdom of gentle compassion is shared.

francis and birds

I have gained insight how  Saint Francis was able to master the wild nature within himself while sharing the teachings of the Path of the Rose.  Nonviolence was part of his teachings and seeing the magnificence in nature.

Infinity forest

As I walked the special forest that brought him the stillness he needed living in a time when the world was in chaos, I reflected that I too am walking the same pathway asking for guidance how to be in a world of external chaos.   Suddenly a young woman appeared on my path with a wolf dog.   This beautiful animal being who looked exactly like my wolf dog Apache.  Apache had been my guardian for thirteen years and passed to the other side the night I married my husband on the October Full Moon 13 years ago.  The wolf dog came straight towards me.  When he reached me he stood on his hind legs, put both paws on my shoulders and licked my face.  We stood together for several beautiful moments looking into each others eyes.  My heart feeling a wave of love.  I could not believe what was happening.  Confirmation once again that Saint Francis was with me and the spirit of the wolf who has always been my power animal was guiding me.


I began to understand how Francis lived in harmony with nature which allowed him to embrace his shadow, not deny or fear it.  He saw himself as a brother to the moon, the sun, the stars, to all beings in the natural world, fire, water, stone, wind and to the animals.  This has always been my path.

I had known of the legend of the Wolf of Gubbio for years but  now after this incredible encounter with the wolf in the forests of Assisi,  I had to journey there myself. We set out to the village of Gubbio and two times found roads were blocked, an incident had occurred in the tunnel delaying us for 30 minutes.  We had thought about changing our plans but something so strong was pulling me there.

St Francis Wolf

We arrived and found the place of the miracle of the wolf. I was in shock as I looked at the plaque that had been created in the exact location where Francis encountered the wolf.   There was a beautiful image of Francis standing with the wolf who stood on its hind legs having placed both paws on the saint’s shoulders.  I had lived this same moment in the forest a few days before.

Andara and St Francis

I sat on the ground with the andara crystal praying for peace for our planet but also praying for inner peace for each person.  Only if we feel it inside can we express it outwardly.

St francis wolf

I want to share the legend of the wolf with you as it is timely for each of us to have a deeper understanding of our own journey.

The town of Gubbio was experiencing attacks from a wild wolf on both there livestock and then on the townspeople themselves.  They became enraged and wanted to kill the wolf.  Bands of men went in search of the wolf but did not return.  The mayor of Gubbio sent word to Francis as he knew this holy man could speak to animals and he had become desperate to protect his village.  Francis learned of the struggles of the people of Gubbio and set out to find the wolf.  Francis did not approach with violence, and did not have anger in his heart that day.  He approached with love and when he encountered the wolf, instead of attacking, the wolf sat at Francis’s feet.

When Francis spoke to the wolf of the pain he was causing the villagers, instantly the wolf was remorseful.  He was hungry and had no choice but to eat the livestock and attack the men that had come to harm him.  He himself was aggressive from fear.  Francis made a pact with the wolf that the townspeople would feed the wolf and in exchange the wolf would harm no one.  From that day forward the wolf and the towns people lived in harmony.

reflection back at you

As everything we observe in our external world is a mirror reflection of what is taking place within, I began to reflect that Saint Francis had mastered his own wild nature.  We are living in a time when we need to do the same.  Violence, judgment and hatred will only foster more of the same.  The Path of the Rose teaches that gentleness, compassion and forgiveness can tame the wild nature within each of us.

I have posted a full moon ritual for October and a guided meditation to support you on this path for those who are members of our online subscription series.  Click Here Remember you need to sign in to access the rituals and meditation.

Assisi has called deeply to my heart and I will continue to guide personal journeys and intimate group experiences here next year in this enchanted village.  This is a place of pilgrimage for those who follow the Path of the Rose.

I will be weaving the magick and teachings of this special place to Bern, Switzerland in November as well as Austin, Texas.

Wishing you an enchanted full moon full of love.

Love and wolf cuddles, Robbyne

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